How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text ( What Does Flirting Mean?)

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Flirting with a girl over text can be really hard if you haven’t yet learned how to do it.

It is pretty easy to text the girl wrong things that can make her to ignore your texts or get you ghosted.

It is pretty easy to text a girl and get friendzoned instead of building romantic interest.

So bro! count today as your blessed day because am going to teach how to flirt with a girl over text.

Am going to teach pretty simple things that you will implement as early as today to improve your flirting game over text significantly.

I have read a lot of articles on the internet but the majority are doing a pretty bad job.


You are asking yourself “what does flirting with a girl actually mean?”

Well that is very good question to ask yourself.

Flirting means sparking sexual attraction in a playful and light hearted way. When flirting with a girl, you show your romantic interest in a girl using subtle but playful ways like teasing which involves playfully messing with her, misinterpreting her text messages, pretending like she is chasing you, exaggerating her statements and things like that.

Why Is Flirting with a girl over text Important

Flirting with a girl over text builds sexual attraction because it shows the girl that you are a confident and strong guy who isn’t afraid of her.

It shows that you are different from so many guys that suck up to her.

Flirting over text in such away shows that you are a guy with a sense of humor and witness. All traits that are super attractive to girls.

But as usual first things first….

There are things you must consider while flirting with a girl.

Flirting with a girl over text simply involves sending the girl texts that are fun, witty and not too serious.

Flirting over text with a girl will help you to build a connection with a girl as well as comfort.

It is this comfort and emotional connection that will turn her into your girlfriend.

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

1. Tease Her Over Text.

A girl smiling over text

Basically, teasing means making fun or messing up with the girl but in a playful and light hearted way.

Flirting with a girl over text through playful teasing is so important at sparking sexual attraction because it shows the girl that you are a confident guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

This helps to build sexual attraction. Remember all those stupid, little and playful statements you used to say to your sisters while you were 13.

It is the same way to tease a girl over text. Now a lot guys never do these little things because they think dating is complicated.

Attracting girls is so simple and not meant to be complicated.

Instead of flirting with the girl, it is easy to just try to impress her if you are placing the girl on a pedestal.

Putting a girl on a pedestal means that you are treating a girl you have just met special. Not like anyone else.

That is why you might think that flirting is hard. It’s because you put girls on a pedestal.

You can’t flirt with a girl (by teasing her) and, at the same time, be putting her on a pedestal.

So learning how to tease a girl will place you in your own league when it comes to dating.

Most guys never tease girls. You will have an unfair advantage

Teasing A Girl Over Text Can Come In Three Different Ways.

I will abbreviate it as REM.

• R = Repeating what she says.

• E = Exaggerating her statements.

• M = Misinterpreting her texts.

Let’s start with……

i) Repeating Her Statements.

This is the simplest way of teasing the girl. The only thing you have to do is to simply repeat her statement.

For example, let’s say she sends you a message trying to test you with something like……

“You’re not my type”.

Instead of getting defensive and upset by her statement, you will just have to type back the exact same thing like…..

” You’re not my type 😏” .

The emoji shows that you aren’t taking anything so seriously.

Repeating the girl’s statement shows the girl that you are emotionally strong and not phased by what she thinks of you.

This will build attraction because girls easily fall for confident guys.

ii) Misinterpreting Her Statement

Instead of always replying to the girl’s texts literally which makes you look boring, misunderstand some of her statements by turning them into jokes or phrase her messages as though she is trying to chase you.

Assuming a girl texts you something like……

“Where do you stay?”.

Instead of being predictable by telling her where you stay right away, instead of replying like how any other guy would, you can respond with something like…..

“I can’t tell you. Whenever I tell girls my residence, they start stalking me”.

Again, as I said, you will need to send it with a emoji to show her that you are just messing with her.

Now why is Misinterpretation important?

It’s simple…..

Misinterpretation is super important because it helps you phrase the interaction with the girl as though she is the one meant to chase you.

You can use misinterpretation to phrase your interactions with girls as sexual ones from the start.

This prevents you from getting friendzoned because of sending a lot of neutral and friendly messages to girls.

iii) Exaggerating What She Texts You

By this I mean, you take what the girl texts you and turn it into something ridiculous.

This is more important when responding to girls’ shit tests. Let’s say a girl texts you something like “Do you say that to all girls?”.

Instead trying to come up with a logical response, you can exaggerate it by replying with something like “Yeah, I told it to 1000 girls yesterday and you are the 300th today”.

This is a good way of flirting with a girl by showing her that you are confident and aren’t phased by her statements.

2. Compliment Her.

Compliments are a good way to flirt because you will be showing your sexual interest in a girl in a subtle and joking way.

However, you should compliment the girl on something she has placed effort into like what she is wearing.

You should avoid direct and overt compliments like you are hot or your eyes are cute.

These compliments are the worst because they are so overused and not genuine.

These are the kind compliments that beta guys who stalk girls on social media use.

So if you go ahead and use them, she will immediately drop you in that beta male category.

3. Make A Guess.

If you want to ask a girl a question, instead of asking it directly you can instead make an assumption or a guess.

Making playful guesses will evoke emotions of curiosity in the girl which will help you to spark sexual interest.

Remember eliciting emotions in a girl is so crucial for building sexual tension and romantic attraction.

An example of guessing…..

Instead of asking the girl “Do you like cats?”

You can instead say “You like cats, right!”

This will help to build curiosity. It also shows the girl that are unpredictable and fun.

How does it build curiosity?

If your assumption is right, she will be curious about how you came to know about her interest.

Again, if your guess was wrong she will still be curious and start to wonder “why would he be thinking that?”

By making assumptions about girls, you will build sexual attraction because you are being unpredictable and mysterious. You will be evoking emotions in girls.

4. Use texts that are casual and light.

Remember flirting with a girl over text should involve messages that are light and fun.

So you must avoid complicated and heavy topics or discussions. Your texts with girls should be about topics that are light and emotional.

Topics like

• Entertainment

• Gossip

• Fashion

• Music

• Travel

Heavy topics to avoid

• Religion

• Science

• Business

• Politics

The Don’ts While Flirting With A Girl Over Text.

These are the mistakes you must avoid while flirting with a girl over text.

1. DON’T text her every time.

Texting the girl every time will kill your flirting game big time. Remember while you are flirting, you need to be building tension at the same time.

You build that tension by giving the girl some space to think and wonder about you.

Your flirtatious messages won’t work if you are texting the girl minute after minute because she will eventually get bored and then ignore your texts.

2. But Text her Enough To Keep Her Interested

You shouldn’t misunderstand me. Not texting her all the time doesn’t mean that you should spend weeks without texting her.

You need to keep up the momentum. If you take long without texting her, the momentum will die and she will lose interest.

3. DON’T Reply To Her Texts Immediately.

You do not want to be always sitting there waiting to reply to the girl’s text messages.

A guy waiting for a girl to reply to his text

When most girls start to feel like you have nothing else to do besides texting her, they will lose attraction for you.

“Is this guy having a life?”, she thinks.

There is no amount of flirting that can compensate for the fact that you are being easy to get.

One way of solving this problem is making sure that you text several girls at the same time.

It will give you some options so that you will no longer need to just sit there and wait to reply to this one girl’s messages.

If a girl isn’t your official girlfriend, there is no reason as to why you should be texting her alone.

This will also help you from coming off as needy and desperate, the two reasons as to why guys text girls immediately.

Neediness is much worse than not flirting with the girl at all.

4. DON’T Send Her A lot of Emojis

Though I have emphasised that you should use emojis like the smirking face emoji, to show girls that you aren’t too serious.

You shouldn’t use a lot of emojis.

Avoid a lot of those smiling and hugging faces. It makes you look girly. It isn’t masculine.

Above All, Remember…..

Texting is for setting up dates.

Never be carried away by texting.

You are flirting with a girl so that she can get comfortable and intrigued so that she can easily meet up with you in person.

You are not looking for a text buddy. You are looking for a chic to date.

Final Thoughts

Flirting with girls over text has more to do with not taking yourself too seriously.

Now let me make it simple for you, while texting girls, you should focus on having fun.

When you do this, you will have the care free vibe that will make flirting with girls over text effortless.

I hope this article has helped you    (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share on social media.)

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