Aside from being able to love them for the rest of your life (which is obviously the best) there are also so many other great things that come along with having a husband or wife. While there may be too many to count, here are our six favorites.

Snuggle Buddy for Life
Let’s face it — having someone to cuddle with for the rest of your life is probably the best thing, ever. While it can often be taken for granted, once you become accustomed to sharing a bed with the person you love, you’ll deeply miss them when they’re not around. Sure, morning breath and body heat can be annoying at times, but whether you’re the big spoon or the little spoon — you have a snuggle buddy for life.

A Built in Best Friend
You’ll never have to face the loneliness of spending too much time alone, having nothing to do, or nobody to talk to. A spouse is a built in best friend for life. A husband and wife are always just a phone call (or room) away from one another after a bad day, consistently around to brighten your mood, can read your mind when something is wrong, and are a built in sidekick on all of life’s adventures.

In Sickness and in Health
Being sick is never fun, but having some TLC waiting for you at home, or by your side in more serious situations can make all the difference. While of course you’ll always prefer the “in health” part of the vow, unfortunately illness (however serious) is often inevitable. Having a partner with you to weather any health-related storm is invaluable.

There’s something so special and secure about forever being able to make love to your partner. Being able to consistently, spontaneously and continually hop in the bedroom at will eliminates any stress, loneliness, and even risks of non-monogamy.

Financial Perks

Okay, it’s a bit practical and less romantic, but being married has some financial perks, too. Aside from tackling larger bills, expenses and savings goals together as one instead of alone as one, is a huge help. There are also often significant tax breaks for married couples, healthcare benefits, and other perks that come into play once it’s official.

While you may marry the individual, you gain an entire family, too. Whether you’re from a small family and marry into a large one, vice versa, or your families are evenly matched — learning and embracing new people, traditions, and celebrations is a real bonus to marriage. Families make life richer and more meaningful — okay, and maybe a little bit more complicated too, but it’s all for a great reason: love.


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