obtain sex and also be in overall control

Proper Safety With the Lesbian Sex

There is little information about safe female sex, and there are two reasons for this. First, the scientific community for a long time did not consider sex between women “significant” and therefore, did not pay special attention to its study. Secondly, women themselves could hide their orientation from doctors and other specialists because of fear of condemnation. All this contributed not only to the silence of the topic of female sex (and specific practices) and related problems, but also made it impossible to collect adequate statistics. So, among fem and LGBT activists there is an opinion that the data on the frequency of STI transmission among women are greatly underestimated. And since there is no real statistics, the problem is easy to underestimate.

  • For example, American journalist and LGBT activist Katie Belge believes that the Centers for Disease Control in the United States often ignore the factor of HIV infection through a woman’s homosexual relationships. According to Katie, in cases where the same woman had heterosexual contact or she took drugs, these factors will be indicated as the cause of the infection.

Nevertheless, STIs are transmitted in female sex, as in any other. For example, as stated in the study of the Lesbian AIDS Project, “WSW who believe that their orientation does not have a small risk are especially at risk of getting HIV.” Taking care of safety is worthwhile for all women leading a sex life: ordinary microbes that live on their hands, such as staphylococcus, can disrupt the balanced vaginal flora and cause inflammation. When you go for the lesbian escort for women then surely it offers the best results.

What is WSF sex safe?

It is considered safe sex, in which the risks of contracting an STI are minimized. This can be done through “biological fluids”: saliva, breast milk, and most often – blood, vaginal and rectal secretions. It is easy to exchange the latter: there may be imperceptible sores on the hands (for example, burrs or microcracks under the nails), and the edges of the shortly cropped nails can be damaged by the vaginal mucosa. It should be understood that both sides are at risk: for example, during cunnilingus, HPV can be transmitted to someone who touches the genitals with the mouth; during a fingering, you can infect a partner with a virus through microranes on the fingers and genitals; imperceptible scratches can be dangerous even with tribadism.

No Infection

So, in order to reduce the possibility of infection, it is necessary to use barrier protection means: latex gloves, fingertips and napkins, and condoms for sex toys. Each remedy can only be used individually. Gynecologist Kristina Potareyeva notes that a common mistake in WSW sex is to transfer a sex toy from one partner to another without changing the condom. This negates the whole point of protection. Of course, the condom in this case should be replaced, and even better use different toys for different partners. And finally, you need to follow basic rules, thoroughly wash and disinfect hands and sex toys (before, after and during), regularly visit a gynecologist and do tests.