11 Signs A Girlfriend Loves You So Much, And Afraid Of Losing You

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Unsure of the signs if your girlfriend is afraid of losing you?

Are you unsure whether your girlfriend still likes you so much as she used to at the beginning of your relationship?

Well, that is what this article is going to be all about.

Are you ready?

Let’s do it!

Signs Your Girlfriend Loves You So Much And Is Afraid Of Losing You.

#1. She is so affectionate to you.

She wants to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible so that you won’t even have the idea of walking away from her.

She does this by being so affectionate.

If your girlfriend is so much in love with you and scared of losing you, she will find every opportunity to take care of you like you are her child.

This is partly due to her motherly instincts.

She will do anything she can to make you happy.

Sometimes she might get mad at you, but this will not stop her from doing nice things for you.

Your girlfriend will have a strong emotional connection with you.

So whenever she is around you;

• she is always leaning into you.

• her eyes glitter.

• her eyelids widen.

• she is super playful, almost like a five-year-old.

• she talks to you with excitement.

• she finds it easy opening up to you.

• she feels excited so much even by simple compliments you give her.

• she will often want to be physically close to you like giving you full-body hugs now and then, and sitting on your lap.

• she frequently tells you how much she loves you.

#2. She craves your attention.

If a girlfriend has so much love for you, and afraid of you walking away from her….

She will always try hard to keep your attention locked unto her.

Your girlfriend will do whatever she can to keep you always thinking about her.

She can do this by;

• calling you every time, and all day.

• texting you all the time.

• checking on you with whatever means she can get.

• always setting updates

Probably, she thinks that if she doesn’t reach out to you so often, you might think that she doesn’t care about you enough.

Whenever you spend time apart, she will start to miss you so much like you’ve spent centuries without seeing each other.

#3. She shows feelings of jealousy.

When she sees you around other girls, she will feel bothered.

And if your girlfriend is confident and assertive she will let you know.

Whenever she sees other girls flirt hard with you, your girlfriend may go ahead and confront them.


If she is close, your girlfriend may get closer to you like hugging you or sitting on your lap just to guard her territory, and let other girls know ….

that you’re taken.

#4. Your girlfriend invests in your relationship.

If your girlfriend loves you so much, she will always find ways of investing in you and your relationship.

She will always be working hard to see that your relationship with her is working, and moving in a positive direction.

She will invest in you, and the relationship (emotionally, financially, with her energy and time) by;

• surprising you with expensive gifts.

• paying for your dates whenever you hang out.

• buying stuff for the house/home.

• cooking for you.

• cleaning the house, and doing laundry.

• always thinking about you.

• including you in her plans.

Since she will have done so much investment in you, and the relationship your girlfriend will always be afraid of losing you.

It is simple human psychology….

We are afraid of losing our investments.

On the other hand.

If your girlfriend is less interested in you

She will invest less in you, and the relationship, if at all.

So she won’t find it hard dumping you or leaving the relationship.

That means you should always let your girlfriend invest in you, and never stop her from investing in the relationship.

Nice guys are guilty of that mistake.

5. Your girlfriend prioritizes you over everything, and everyone else.

When your girlfriend is afraid of losing you and likes you so much she will give you her attention more than anything else.

So that;

• whenever you ask her to hang out, she will drop her plans, or cancel hanging out with friends to spend time with you.

• if you call her, and she is talking to someone else. She will hang up on the other person to talk to her boyfriend.

• when you text her, she will leave whatever she is doing to reply to your text.

Shot of a young businesswoman using a cellphone in an office

• if you call her, your girlfriend will leave whatever she is doing to pick your call.

Your girlfriend does all that because she loves you so much, and wants to take every opportunity to spend time with you and reach out to you.

6. Apologizes on everything.

If your girlfriend is afraid of losing you, she will not want you to feel offended by her behaviour, actions, and statements.

So, she will apologize quickly whenever she feels like she has done something that might offend you.

So, she won’t risk losing your attention.

She will apologize whenever;

• she misses your call.

• she delays replying to your texts.

• she makes a simple joke but later thinks that it might be offensive.

• she comes late from work.

• she spends time away from you.

7. She wants to introduce you to her family, and friends.

This shows that your girlfriend is proud of you.

It shows that she wants to take your relationship with her to the next level because your girlfriend loves you so much.

Sometimes, you will find that some of her close relatives and friends already know about you.

If your girlfriend is afraid of losing you and loves you so much she will keep posting your pics, or pics of you and her all over social media.

She will post your pics on her Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Your girlfriend can also go-ahead to use your pic or a pic of you and her as her status pic on social media.

She does this because she is proud of you, loves you so much, and wants to let everyone know that you are her boyfriend.

Your girlfriend wants to let her competition know that you are her boyfriend.

She wants to impress everyone like how she has an awesome boyfriend.

So she will always be afraid of losing you not to look like a failure.

8. She includes you in her plans.

Whenever your girlfriend loves you so much, she would want to spend the rest of her life with you.

So whenever she talks about her future, like a couple of years from the present, she will always include you.

She will also start to ask questions like “where is this heading?”

It simply shows that she wants you to officially commit to her, and spend the future together.

It’s because….

Your girlfriend doesn’t want to lose you, your affections, and attention.

9. She won’t even notice other guys.

If your girlfriend loves you so much, she will have all her attention on you.

She will not give any attention to other guys.

Even when you two are around other guys, she won’t even notice their presence.

She will ignore any guy who would want to flirt with her.

Even if you aren’t around.

Sometimes your girlfriend will completely ignore all other guys around not to make you feel jealousy.

She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

10. She is loyal.

Your girlfriend will always be loyal to you so that she won’t lose your attention and affections.

Being loyal means that your girlfriend will be respectful of your values. You will be able to trust her and count on her.

So, your girlfriend will;

• never try to cheat on you.

• try hard not to lie to you. If it happens, she will quickly apologize.

• support your goals and encourage you.

• be true to her word. She will do whatever she promises. And won’t do what she says she won’t.

• avoid creating petty drama. Communicates her grievance in a mature, and understanding way.

• always be respectful.

11. She will be submissive.

Women are naturally super submissive to guys they are attracted to.

So this means that if your girlfriend is afraid of losing you, and likes you so much…

She will always follow your lead by;

• hanging out with you whenever you decide.

• often seeking permission from you whenever she wants to do something.

• going along with your opinion at the expense of hers.

• arguing with you less often, if at all.

• she questions your leadership, and decisions less often, if at all.

• your girlfriend starts to enjoy the same things you love. She will take on your hobbies, and passions.

A man having fun with a girl

• she will do some activities with you even if she finds them boring.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend is losing attraction, and becoming less interested in you, she will start being less submissive to you by always questioning your decisions.


Even though your girlfriend is showing you all that attention, and affection you need to show her that you appreciate what she does for you.

If you don’t, she might get discouraged.

You should also never get comfortable, and let your guard down.

You need to keep doing all the things that let your girlfriend fall for you that way in the first place.

I have seen so many guys get into relationships, become comfortable, and let their guard down.

They stop focusing on their goals, and improving themselves….

And put all their focus on their girlfriend and the relationship.

This makes their girlfriend lose attraction to them.


Let me explain…..

The guy stopped doing what made him look attractive, and high value to his girlfriend in the first place.

He stopped improving himself, and/or gave his girlfriend too much attention.

So, you shouldn’t fall in the same trap!

Never get carried away because your girlfriend is giving you a lot of attention, and affections.

All that attention and love can disappear in no time. Keep working to achieve your goals. Keep improving yourself.

So that’s it, my friend!

In summary.

Signs that your girlfriend loves you so much and, she is afraid of losing you.

• She is so affectionate to you.

• She craves your attention.

• She shows feelings of jealousy.

• Your girlfriend invests a lot in your relationship.

• Your girlfriend prioritizes you over everything, and everyone else.

• She apologizes a lot.

• She wants to introduce you to her family, and friends.

• Your girlfriend will always include you in her plans.

• She doesn’t notice other guys.

• She is loyal.

• She is super submissive.

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