11 Signs She’s Playing You And Doesnt Like You: How To Respond

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Does she like you or just playing games?

Hi bro, you’ve been dating and hanging out with a girl for a while. She is hot and attractive. She has most of the qualities that you’ll ever need in a girlfriend.

So you’re doing everything to make her yours. Heck, maybe you think she’s your girlfriend.

Every time you take a step forward, she takes a step backwards.

In this article, I’m going to be showing you how to tell if a girl is playing you and what you have to do about it.

What are the signs she’s playing you?

But, let’s first ask ourselves…

Why Do Women Play Games With Guys?

#1. She craves male attention.

Almost any woman wants male attention.

Women, on average, post way more pics of themselves on social media than guys. Have you ever noticed that?

The number one reason for that behaviour is to get male attention. It gives the woman a dopamine rush whenever guys reply to her posts with “beautiful” or “you look hot”.

That’s why I always caution you guys from giving women your free attention: essentially one of your most powerful assets on the dating market.

Every time you give her free validation by complimenting her looks, it takes away some of your power and leverage.

Nonetheless, some women CRAVE male attention. Partly because they have a ton of insecurities and low self-esteem.

So the girl could be playing you because she’s just an attention wh*re.

#2. They just want to keep leading men on.

A man standing close to a woman with flowers

A girl who plays you is never really attracted to you. But she’ll keep you around just in case she fails to meet and/or get the kind of guy she likes.

So should you keep waiting until she finally fails to get one? The only person to answer that question is you.

The truth is, any guy with self-confidence and high value doesn’t want to be a backup. No matter how attractive the woman might be. He simply has no time for that.

You want to be her priority, not her second option.

And the moment you realize that she’s just keeping you as a backup – by reading the signs am going to he showing you – you’ll have to move on as quickly as possible.

The problem with hovering around a woman who isn’t that interested in you is it kills time you would have spent meeting other awesome, attractive women.

It all comes down to having an abundance mentality- believing you go out there and meet the plenty of wonderful women whom you can date.

Even when you manage to lock down a woman who has been leading you on, she will most likely control the relationship: and that’s another huge problem right there!

Why would she control the relationship? Because she will have more power than you. You weren’t her best option. She knows you are interested in her way more than she is in you.

#3. They want a provider without being accountable.

Women who play guys most often do it as a way of obtaining resources, or whatever she wants from the man.

It’s just a manipulative tactic they mastered. They aren’t interested in a relationship and commitment.

The only thing they want is what they can get from the man.

So a female player will make you think that you’re her boyfriend just to obtain resources from you.

Signs The Girl Is Playing You.

A woman receiving a gift

#1. The woman never reaches out to you first.

Have you ever taken time to ask yourself how many times she calls you first, or how often she texts first?

If you didn’t know, a girl who really likes you will take time to call and text you because she misses you. And she’s always wondering about you.

A female player will rarely call you because, as I said, she isn’t interested in you. Even when she calls or texts first, it’s super brief. It isn’t genuine.

She calls you just to make you think she cares. It’s one of her manipulative techniques to keep you following her around.

#2. She reaches out when she wants something.

What if she calls you first sometimes? Congratulations! She’s interested in you.

But before you act cocky…

first, ask yourself…

“How many times has she ever called me to find out how my life was going without asking for a favour?”

If she often texts or calls you only when she has bills to pay, bro you’ve got the answer…

you’re being played.

What if you don’t mind being her sugar daddy? I have no hate for you.

But don’t be deluded into thinking that she cares about you because she doesn’t!

Realizing that will protect you from getting emotionally hurt the moment she decides to move on to another “big better deal”

#3. Declining any opportunity to hang out with you.

A man waiting for a woman on a date

The girl accepted your request to hang out, but never showed up for the date or told you she couldn’t manage a few minutes towards the date.

Wait, does that mean she’s playing you?

Not when she has a genuine reason. Let’s face it, shit happens. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned.

How about flaking for the second time?

What should I tell you, my friend?

Honestly, she’s playing you! That’s never a coincidence.

A woman who is interested in you will do whatever it takes to spend time with you.

So if “your girl” flakes for the second time…

Don’t listen to her excuses fool! Just walk away. Let her be a problem to the other guys, not you.

Not you bro, not you!

#4. Pays you less attention during the date.

Ok, maybe she managed to show up for the date for whatever reason. And you thought “well this girl likes me.”

And that can’t be far from the truth. But you had to note a few things here and there.

Because the girl never really felt attracted to you, she paid less attention to you while you two were hanging out.

Whenever you’re hanging out with a woman, but she’s always…

constantly checking her phone and looking distracted, it could be a huge sign that you’re being manipulated into thinking she’s interested in you.

News flash, not any girl who goes on a date with you is truly interested to hang out with you.

It happened to me and a few friends of mine, I know!

#5. She’s active on dating sites.

Honestly, take time and think about it…

why would a car owned by a person have a for sale sign? Because it is looking for a buyer, right? Of course, yes!

Similarly, why would your girl be active on tinder or bumble? Because she’s single.

But you’ve been thinking that she was your girlfriend all along.

If that’s what you’ve been thinking, I hate it that I might break your heart bro…

you were being played 101 for all that time.

The same might be true of a woman who is always posting pics of herself on social media.

Whenever your “girlfriend” is posting her nice-looking pics on social media or putting on skimpy clothes every time she goes out to buy anything small…

it’s her telling all the other dudes that “hey guys, I’m available!” The point is, those are often habits of single women looking for men to date.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman doing that once in a while (though you shouldn’t count on it)…


ideally, putting on a miniskirt whenever you hang out or posting pics of her with you on her social media. That’s totally fine.


 it’s a huge red flag whenever a woman – whom you think is your girlfriend – is always seeking male attention.

#6. She exploits her male friends.

There is no problem with a female having lots of male friends. Especially when most of her coworkers are male.

However, the problem arises when…

a good number (two or more) of her male friends are constantly doing things for her!

She may be in what is called the “pimping mode”

If she’s attractive, there is a greater chance they are interested in her. As men, we know that happens a lot of times.

So she uses those men’s desires for her to her advantage and gets what she wants.

That’s not to say there aren’t platonic female-male platonic relationships, but the majority of them aren’t.

Obviously, those guys are waiting for an opportunity to get the girl in bed or make her their girlfriend.

And females know that, but a player one will use it to her advantage to solicit whatever she wants from the poor dudes.

Here’s the question: Does she have male friends doing a lot of things for her?

If the answer is yes, that’s a huge sign you’re being played too. Don’t be among the poor dudes.

#7. She gets way more than you give her.

You may want to take time and notice what she does for you versus what you get from her. If the gap is big, that’s a good sign.

Some female players are kinda smart. She’ll bring you a $50 gift, but expect you to foot her $1000 birthday bill.

She buys you simple gifts just to make you think that she cares about you.

To the female player, her gift is simply an investment – expecting something much more in return.

#8. She’s emotionally detached.

These girls understand they have to protect themselves from vulnerability. All they focus on is getting the benefits and what they want.

Emotional detachment enables a female player to get along with a variety of men.

If what she’s getting from you is a lot, she may go ahead and have sex with you. But there will be nothing more. No intimacy- just sex!

And that’s after a long time of pleading and chasing.

She may keep having sex with you, but not taking any effort to make you commit to her.

Why? Because she isn’t interested in you.

#9. She will get upset when you don’t get her what she wants.

A woman feeling upset by a man

Women who are experienced with playing men know that anger is a great manipulation tactic. And the anger tactic works well if she’s dealing with a nice guy.

When she asks you to pay her bills, and you decline or fail she’ll get her message across that…

that’s what you need to do if you want to keep her attention.

She can do that directly or indirectly.

Directly – by being dramatic, or verbally saying it to you. Some girls will shame you for not being “a man enough” to take care of them.

She can also withdraw her attention indirectly – by avoiding to pick your calls, not texting back, or withdrawing sex.

A woman who is genuinely interested in you will never be quick to get mad if you don’t give her what she wants.

Why should you walk away from such women? Only you can answer that question.

Whenever a girl pressurizes me to get her something very expensive, I walk away from her immediately because that’s a sign of a narcissistic and entitled woman.

All she cares about is what she can get from me: even if that means leaving me dry.

Whenever such a girl threatens to leave you because you failed to her what she wanted, let her leave! Don’t strain your budget not to lose her. As I said, she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

So there is nothing to lose.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t provide for your woman. But don’t feel like you need to do things for her just to win her validation and attention.

It’s actually a very good idea to not give her what she wants to see her reaction- to test and see if she genuinely likes you.

A woman who is interested in you will never mind if you fail to get her what she wants.

#10. She’s very flirtatious.

Females who play men are very flirtatious. They know that flirting is one of the men’s weaknesses.

So she will always smile at men, caress them, make flirtatious eye contact, among others just to manipulate them to do what she wants.

Most men will confuse that as her liking them. A good number of dudes fall for those traps especially when the woman is attractive.

You shouldn’t misunderstand me, though. Some women will flirt with you because they are genuinely interested in you.

But if she keeps flirting with every other guy then you have a good reason to question her behaviour.

Again if a woman is in a ‘relationship’ with you, why would she flirt with other men?

#11. She withholds sex.

Women love sex. Just like, if not more than, us. A woman who is interested in you will never take long to have sex with you.

Any attractive woman knows that any man interested in her wants to bed her.


some women use sex to keep leading men on. Because it is a manipulative tactic to keep getting things like male attention and money from the man.

Surely, why would a woman not have sex with a guy she likes for over six months while dating or after three or more dates?

The answer is- she simply doesn’t find the man attractive.

As I said earlier, you must realize that women love having sex too.

Just because it is a man’s role to pursue sex doesn’t mean that women aren’t interested in having sex.

Unfortunately, most guys feel like that’s true- they think women are innocent princesses who don’t like sex!

Realizing that women love sex will protect you from getting manipulated by women using sex.

You should also never show women that you’re thirsty for it. It will give them power over you.


You want to look at several of the above signs before you draw any conclusions.

When you notice a number of the above red flags, and everything seems to be off, it will be in your best interest to cut the losses and move on.

It will save you time and energy. Then use those resources to meet women who are interested in you.

Never think of changing her behaviour, neither should you call her out for it. If you do, she’ll dismiss you, get defensive or make you feel guilty.

The only thing you need to do is one – walk away! That is easier said than done, though.

But it will spare you from getting broken.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “11 Signs She’s Playing You And Doesnt Like You: How To Respond”

  1. This is spot on . I’ve been saying this to my buddies for years, regarding how many women are . The gold diggers , narcissists etc etc …
    Knowledge is power . If more dudes know this stuff, there will be much more healthier happier relationships . It’s the fact that men are willing to be doormats , which is the root of most of their issues . Thanks for posting this relevant , valuable info .

  2. I have made friendship with a girl who made me realise that she is my girl friend just by using dirty talks. However thanks a lot for the tips that you have provided me.


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