The Most Powerful Weapon That You Have As A Man. (How To Get It)

What if you knew one psychological trick that can make you attract most hot girls effortlessly?

A psychological trick that can help you keep your hot girlfriend always attracted to you?

With this psychological trick, you don’t need to have a ton of money neither do you need to be the hottest guy.


You and your ideal girl have decided to commit to each other.

Your girl has moved in with you and you are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend or even planning to get married.

Things seem to be fun but after a few weeks, months or years pass….

you start to notice that the more you start compromising with your girlfriend, the more you try to please her, the more power you give her in the relationship….

the less she starts to respect you and the more attraction she loses for you.

You can tell that your relationship is in trouble if your girlfriend is;

• Not treating you right.

• Disrespectful

• Treating you with low value

• Not appreciating you

• Always challenging your leadership.

• No longer willing to cook or clean.

• Getting too dramatic even on the small things.

• She starts to feel less excited about spending time with you.

So, what should you do to keep your girlfriend always attracted to you?

Be genuinely willing to walk away from the relationship…

Having the willingness to genuinely walk away from a woman is the number one weapon that you have as a man.

A man pushing a woman away

When a girl knows that you can walk away from her at any time, she will value you a lot.

Your girlfriend will have a lot of respect for you and her love for you will always be high.

The problem is most guys don’t have the power and willingness to walk away from a girl.

Most guys have a scarcity mindset, that whenever a hot girl likes them they become super terrified of losing her affection and attention.

Whether you are dating her casually, out on a date and especially when you are in a long term relationship with her…..

you have to always demonstrate the willingness to walk away if a girl starts disrespecting you.

The thing you have to understand about women is that, when she knows that she is your only option and you can’t go out there to attract other women, that’s when she will treat you the absolute worst.

That’s when she will start doing all sorts of bitchy and nasty things.


i) She no longer considers you as a badass, strong, confident and independent man.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be putting up with her bitchy behaviours and not willing to leave her.

ii) She takes you as a boring, low-value guy who other beautiful women are not attracted to.

She thinks you have no options and you can’t walk away from her.

Don’t let her get away with it. Stand up for yourself.

Show her that you can actually go out there and attract other women just like, (if not better than) her.

So, How Can You Get The Willingness To Walk Away From A Girl?

Here are the ways you can develop the willingness to walk away from a girl.

• Develop an abundance mentality

• Never compromise your core values

• Never try proving your value to any girl

• Do not develop oneitis

Let’s get straight to the details….

Shall we?

1. You must develop an abundance mentality

You should realise that there are a lot of beautiful and young girls out there.

You should realise that you can walk out and get hot girls.

Many guys simply believe that if their girlfriend left them, they may fail to replace her causing them to be clingy and needy.

You will easily compromise your values if you are not willing to walk away from a girl.

The last thing you want to do is reward a girl for her bad behaviour.

For example, if go out on a date and the girl isn’t putting any effort to talk to you or she is always checking her phone.

You can call her on her bad behaviour or else you leave the date.

Some guys will make a mistake of doing the exact opposite.

They will instead try hard to impress the girl and be nice to get more of the girl’s attention.

Always punish her for bad behaviour by withdrawing your attention.

Then reward her good behaviour by giving more attention like taking her for an expensive date, surprising her with a gift.

Unfortunately, for many guys when a girl misbehaves like being super dramatic on small staff they just do the reverse.

They give her more attention which encourages the girl to even misbehave more.

Most times, a girl will disrespect you just to test your boundaries.

She wants to see whether the man she is dating is a strong, high-value man.

She wants to see whether you can stand up for your values and what you believe in.

This brings me to the next point

#2. Never compromise your core values

Values are the things you believe in and are important in your life. Things that help you provide guidelines for your actions and key decisions.

Here is a list of a few values.

• Honesty

• Authenticity

• Humor

• Kindness

• Loyalty

• Determination

• Religion

• Respect

Your core values are values that rank above the rest.

When a girl does something that goes against your values, be willing to call her on it.

For example, if you value honesty and your girlfriend keeps on lying to you and cheating….

it’s time for you to move on to other girls who shall respect your values.

Another example, if you are a guy who is humorous and doesn’t take himself so seriously.

You approach a girl and tease her but takes your joke too seriously, it means she doesn’t match up to your values.

It means you have to leave her and go for other girls no matter how beautiful she may be.

Basically, always communicate your core values to your girlfriend. Show her that you won’t tolerate her if she disrespects them from time to time.

If you are willing to choose to lose a beautiful girl over your values, it will show your girlfriend that you are a strong, high-value man who doesn’t put her on a pedestal.

She will love you more for it in the long run.

It will show her that you are a rare commodity since too many guys can’t stand up for their values in attempts of trying to impress a girl and fear of losing her affections.

This will also help you attract beautiful girls so that walking away from her will be super easy.

#3. You do not need to prove your value to any girl.

A girl ignoring a man

I always see a lot of guys who try to throw shitty witty lines to girls trying to show her how clever and smart they are.

Such guys always try to talk to girls into attraction.

They try to show girls how they are perfect boyfriend material.

They try to impress girls by revealing their earning potential, buying girls expensive gifts which they have not even earned.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy your girlfriend expensive gifts….

but, you should do it after her having earned it.

You shouldn’t do it after she has disrespected you or because you think you need to earn her affections.

Unfortunately, many guys buy expensive gifts for girls in attempts of winning their attention and affection.

When you do a lot of good things for your girlfriend when she has not earned it, it shows that her value is higher than yours.

It implies that you are investing in the relationship more than she doing.

So this makes it hard for you to walk away from your girlfriend considering the time, energy, emotions and money you have invested in her.

So you should always consider yourself as a high-value guy.

Anything you do for her and, the attention you give her is on the condition for her having earned it.

This will protect you from over-investing in the girl.

So that when you finally decide to walk away from her after failing to meet your standards, you won’t have much to lose.

Over investing in girls is what makes it hard for the majority of guys to walk away from their girlfriends and get over them.

4. Do not get oneitis

Oneitis is an unhealthy attraction towards one girl excluding other potential girlfriends.

The main cause of oneitis is thinking that you and the girl are soul mates. Never think that your girlfriend is so special.

There are millions of young and pretty girls outside there just like her.

Never put all your happiness in your girl. I see so many guys doing this mistake.

When they get into a relationship with a woman they love, they stop doing all the fun things they were doing before and put all their happiness in the woman.

They stop hanging out with friends, they throw away their hobbies and start focusing less on their business and their purpose in life.

You must realise that a woman should be part of your happiness, not the whole thing.

When you get into a relationship, keep doing all the fun things you were doing before.

This way, when your girl misbehaves and not willing to change, you can easily walk away and get over her quickly.


Walking away from your girlfriend really sucks and so painful.

But it will get you huge benefits in the long run.

When you are willing to walk genuinely walk away from a girl, it will make her chase you.

Girls like to chase a guy. If she chases you, she will treat you like a high-value guy.

With that said, however, make sure that you add value to the girl’s life.

So, continue working on your career and goals.

This will keep you as a high-value guy who will have something to add to your girlfriend’s life.

If you have nothing to add to her life, you might as well walk away from her without her feeling any loss.

And this doesn’t mean only buying her expensive physical staff or taking her for expensive trips and vacations.

You can provide her value by being an exciting boyfriend who is unpredictable and giving her good sex which can make her addicted to you.

Whatever you do, never become a leech to your girlfriend. Have your own life.

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