Want To Grab Her Attention? Top three secrets to attract hot girls

You talk to a girl and when you call her later she has no idea who you are.


You go out on a first date with a beautiful and awesome girl. But, she isn’t excited and interested in meeting you again.


There are a ton of hot girls in your social circle but none seems to pay any sort of attention to you.

You are left wondering what happened to you.

“Am I cursed?” “What am doing wrong?”, you keep asking yourself.

Well, you have come to the right place because am going to show you simple psychological tricks that will help you to grab the attention of cute girls in no time.

First and foremost……

If you want beautiful girls begging you to hang out, and you are not Brad Pitt or George Clooney or any famous music artist.

If are an ordinary guy like me, then you need to up your game.

That begins with asking yourself the right questions…..

If you ask yourself the wrong questions, the results you will get with girls will be pretty bad.


The next time you meet a hot chic that you would want to date, become your girlfriend or simply hook up with her, instead of asking yourself how to impress her, ask yourself…

“how can I grab her attention?”

Attention is the number one thing you are competing for in the dating game.

If you don’t have a girl’s attention, it will be extremely hard for you to get the girl.

The more girl’s attention you get, the more she starts to think about you in her head and, the more she likes you.

If you get the attention of girls, you shall be able to;

• Get laid effortlessly

• Get into a relationship with your ideal girl

• Have your girlfriend become so attracted to you.

• Easily get dates with attractive girls.

If the girl you are attracted to is gorgeous and beautiful, that’s where problems come in.

Hot girls always have so much competition for their attention and the one who grabs her attention always scores with her.

Now you don’t have to worry because by reading this article you have hit a jackpot.

Am going to explain the three most important psychological tricks you can pull off that shall separate you from all those other dudes that are interested in that hot girl that caught your attention.

Let me stress more on the importance of attention when it comes to seduction.

Ever gone to a nightclub or party, with a ton of other dudes and distractions like drinks, friends and loud music in the background.

In an environment like this, getting a woman’s attention is extremely difficult yet i always see too many guys going to clubs and bars to approach girls.

On that note, i would always discourage you from trying to approach or pick up girls from nightclubs and bars.

Let me give you another example where many guys who do not know the value of attention continue to screw up.

Ever tried to hook up with a girl who has a boyfriend? Your chances of winning in that situation are almost zero.

It’s simply because she has her attention on some one else.

The girl has decided that her boyfriend is going to get the majority of her attention.

So to hook up with her, you need to break the attention which is nearly impossible and a waste of your precious time.

It is a waste of your precious time because she has already decided not to give other guys attention.

So hooking up with that gorgeous girl you are interested in is about maximizing your ability to get and keep her attention on you.

If you can master the following psychological techniques am about to give you, you will be able to approach and date most girls you want with ease.

Here are the top three secrets to get a girl’s attention and attract her.

Always assume attraction

Always make and maintain strong eye contact

Do not filter yourself during your interactions with girls.

Top Three Secrets Of Attracting Girls With Attention

#1. Always assume that the girl attracted to you

Treat her like the girl you have dated in the past, treat her like a girl you have hooked up with a dozen times.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill

Not only does assuming attraction build an insane amounts comfort on your end and her end, but also shows that you are not putting her on a pedestal like those other dudes you are competing with for the girl’s attention.

Assuming that a girl is already attracted to you puts you in a higher position and status than the girl you are trying to get.

If the girl is really hot, then she is used to being able to push guys around since most are too nervous and scared of her good looks.

She is not used to guys assuming that she already likes them. She’s used to guys bending over backwards to get her to like them.

So, assuming attraction will prevent you from trying to win her approval and increases your confidence on a subconscious level.

When you assume she is already into you, you will make her perceive you as more confident, assertive and dominant.

All qualities that make a girl sexually attracted to you will come to you effortlessly. So you will worry no more about seeing the girl again.

Because you will always have the girl’s attention since you have a rare, confident attitude.


#2. Always make and maintain a strong eye contact with the girl.

Maintaining eye contact immediately grabs her attention and gives you opportunity to get noticed.

Before I approach a girl, I make sure I get her attention first.


Well, it isn’t rocket science….

I approach her from the front, not from the back. Then, I make strong eye contact with her without breaking it.

This starts to build intrigue and curiosity in the girl so that when i finally go up to her, she will have already given me attention.

This way, i always increase the chances of getting something positive from her like getting her number.

When you maintain a strong eye contact with the opposite sex, it is assumed to be sexual and romantic.

A girl starts to associate you with sexual intentions in her head.

It’s a simple yet highly effective way of telling a girl that you find her sexually attractive without you even opening your mouth.

It also shows the girl that you are very confident, one of the few traits that rank highest in attracting girls.

So as a rule of thumb, always make strong eye contact with the girl when you are talking to her.

It indicates that what you are saying is important. Only break eye contact when she breaks it first.

To practice your eye contact skills, from now on, always try to make strong eye contact with any random person you interact with like…

• your sisters

• relatives

• friends

• classmates

• supermarket attendants

Do not break eye contact until the other person breaks eye contact first.

This is how i managed to horn the skill and get used to making strong eye contact with any girl i approach.

Another point you need to note about eye contact is that you should always relax your eyelids.

Widening your eyelids is feminine and a sign of nervousness.

#3. Do not filter yourself when talking to the girl.

Not filtering yourself simply means saying whatever crosses your mind without too much self analysis.

Now this is very important, always speak your mind when you are interacting with any girl.

Say whatever crosses your mind. Do the self analysis later when you are no longer talking to a girl.

This shows that you are a confident guy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him.

This is one of the top traits that get girls attracted to bad boys.

It is extremely rare for hot girls to have guys who are willing to say whatever they feel like without worrying whether they are going to offend her or make her not to like them.

It builds intense attraction.

So if you are willing to interact with a beautiful girl without filtering yourself, you will have separated yourself from 99% of the guys out there.

You will have her attention immediately locked onto you because you are different.

You will look attractive if you stop doing a lot of self analysis infront of a hot girl because;

• You look confident

• You will improve your sense of humor which girls find super attractive.

• You won’t feel intimidated by the girl’s looks.

• You will have fun interacting with girls. Girls want to spend time around guys who are fun to be around.

• You won’t be placing the girl on a pedestal. Placing a girl pedestal means that you think that a girl has a higher value than you so you feel super lucky to be with her.


Getting a girl’s attention and attracting hot girls is about doing what 95% of the guys aren’t doing.

Getting a woman’s attention will make her to keep thinking about you.

And if she keeps thinking about you, thaThat is when she will want to meet up with you for another date.

That is when she would want you to be her boyfriend. That

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