11 Attractive Body Language Cues To Pull Hot Girls Today

The impression that you are a dominant guy is the one thing that will make you instantly attractive to girls.

And you don’t have to show to girls that you are dominant by slapping or barking at them.

You convey your dominance to hot girls by behaving like the way dominant men do.

That is, by sending out certain attractive body language cues that show girls that you are hot stuff.

Look at men who are popular and high status. CEOs and actors like Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt.

These men give off body language cues that make them so attractive to the opposite sex.

So, in this article, I will point out specific attractive body language cues that will make you attractive to girls without even saying a word.

Hot girls will start associating you with actors and alpha males in society.

And most importantly, these attractive body language cues will help you become more confident on the inside which will improve your interactions with people in general.

You will become more likeable and more people will respect you a lot.

Attractive Body Language Cues That Pull Hot Girls.

#1. Maintain strong eye contact.

Strong eye contact

If you are to master only one attractive body language cue from this article, it has to be mastering eye contact.

This is by far one of the MOST important attractive body language cues that will make you incredibly attractive to girls.

If you master the rest of the attractive body language cues, but still can’t maintain strong eye contact when interacting with a hot girl, they will never count.

Maintaining strong eye contact is crucial because;

• It shows confidence and strength. One of the most important traits that are so attractive to girls.

• It signals sexual interest to a girl without saying a word.

• Girls will perceive you to be more intelligent. And which girl doesn’t find an intelligent guy attractive?.

• You will separate yourself from 95% of the guys out there. Trust me, so many guys get timid when a hot girl looks in their eyes.

• It grabs the girl’s attention because it shows her that what you are saying is very important. Ever wondered why parents tell their children “hey, look at me when am talking to you?”

• Eye contact commands respect. So, she will treat you like a high-value guy.

One way of practising strong eye contact is to try to make eye contact with random people.

You can practice strong eye contact by making eye contact with people walking on the street or it can be with relatives, for example.

And while making eye contact, don’t break it until the other person does.

While making eye contact;

• You must maintain eye contact 95 to 100% of the time whenever you are talking to an attractive girl.

• You can break eye contact once in a while when the girl is doing the talking to build some comfort.

• While breaking eye contact, you have to look to the side not down. Looking down is a sign of submissiveness. And strong guys who are attracted to girls aren’t submissive.

This guy broke down when the girl kept making eye contact during the moment of silence (around the 17th second). He started shifting his eyes and back and forth. You must always maintain eye contact with a girl during moments of silence in the conversation. Most girls will use this as a way of testing your confidence levels.

• When you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can look at the bridge of her nose.

#2. Touching girls.

A man touching a woman
Touching a girl can create sexual tension. But it has to be gentle and not too aggressive.

Dominant men are unafraid to touch women. While touching an attractive girl, you should consider the following.

• You can touch the girl during high points in your conversations like when you say something funny or witty and both of you are laughing. She will start associating your touch with good feelings.

• While trying to touch her, don’t hesitate.

• You shouldn’t look at your hands when touching the girl. You want your touch to feel natural.

• Your touch should be slow and gentle. Not too aggressive. Otherwise, if you come off as too aggressive, it may turn into sexual assault.

• Touch areas of her body that aren’t that sexual. You can touch her hand, the back of her arm, her lower back, her shoulders.

You must never touch her sexual parts like breasts or butt in public. Otherwise you will turn into a horny douche bug who must be jailed.

Besides, guys who are so attractive to girls are sexual but respectful.

• Take away touch before the girl feels uncomfortable not to spoil the sexual tension.

Touch is so important because it shows that your interactions are sexual.

Touch helps to create sexual tension.

Sexual tension increases your chances of having sex on the first date. If that is what you want.

Touch makes your interactions with a girl seem the man to woman. Touching the girl, therefore, prevents the girl from pushing you into the friendzone.

#3. Take up space with your body.

A man taking up space with his body while seated

Most of the time, you have to take up space when sitting, standing or even walking.

You must avoid your body from becoming small. Taking up a small space shows that you are weak, timid, and hiding from the world.

When you have an open body, girls will feel your strength and dominance on a primal level.

This makes sense because only a strong guy will allow himself to become vulnerable.

He can deal with any problem that comes his way.

However, you may want to consider the kind environment around you.

You don’t want to come across as over-dominant otherwise you may turn into a weirdo.

For example, if you are sitting on a crowded train, you don’t want to be putting arms around people.

But if you are sitting alone on a chair, then you must take up as much space as you want.

How can you take up much space?

》 Avoid hunching your shoulders

》 Put hands out of your pockets. If you are to put your hands into the pockets, you keep your thumbs out of your pockets as this will make you look a bit wider.

》 Hold your head up and expose your neck. No one is going to choke you.

》 While sitting down, spread your arms and legs.

》 Hold your shoulders back and expose your chest.

》 If you are at a party, do not hold bottles of drinks in front of your chest. You have to let your chest be exposed. You are a strong guy and not hiding from anything. So many guys will do this mistake and keep wondering why girls seem to be attracted to a few guys.

#4. Slow down your movements.

Slowing your movements will make you calm down. Let your movements be purposeful and deliberate.

While sitting, try to sit still most of the time. Avoid playing with things in your hands.

Let your hands be free if you are not doing anything important.

Take time to notice how male lions walk.

You may want to imitate the way it walks. It is always not in a rush because it ain’t intimidated by nothing.

Let movements be fluid and in control. You will be having relaxed confidence that is super attractive to girls.

When people, in general, are nervous and less confident, we tend to give off unattractive body language cues like making hurried and jerky movements.

When walking, walk slowly by taking long shoulder-wide steps.

Have you ever taken time notice how chics walk?

They take short and fast steps.

Then I also want you to notice how Dwayne Johnson walks.

#5. Do not always mirror her actions.

You shouldn’t try to mirror the behaviour of a girl like matching her voice tonality, the volume of her voice, and her posture.

Women are passive by nature. So when you become passive and follow her lead, it just turns the girl off. It is an approval-seeking behaviour.

#6. Smile. With a smirk.

A sexy smirk

When you smile it shows the girl that your life is awesome, fun, and happy.

However, I don’t mean that you should go out on the streets with your teeth outside.

You just have to smile with your eyes while your mouth is closed. You can also tilt your mouth to one side a little.

This is called a smirk…..

You can look out for how a smirk from actors like George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Some guys who are working on their nice guy syndrome make a mistake of thinking that being aloof and not smiling will make them look like bad boys.

They don’t smile to impress or not to look threatening as most nice guys do. You can simply develop a smirk by practising in the mirror.

But they just end up looking weird.

Dominant men smile because they feel good and awesome on the inside.

A smirk coupled with strong eye contact will improve your dating success immediately.

#7. Pause when talking, and talk slow.

This will help you to calm down and be in control.

Have you ever noticed the speed at which women talk while chatting in a group?.

They speak fast and rarely pause between statements. Talking fast is feminine but talking slow is masculine and girls find masculinity so attractive.

When talking, you need to pause in between sentences. It will put the girl at ease, you will look confident and sexy which will make you attractive to girls.

#8. Orient part of your body towards her at the start.

When you are meeting a girl for the first time, you should not orient your whole body (head, shoulders, waist, feet) towards her.

This prevents you from coming off too strong and too invested.

Guys who are attractive to hot girls do not give all their attention to girls who are not invested in them.

You can give her your full body language when she has started to invest in you like when you are out on a date, and…..

she is laughing at your jokes, accepting your touches or answering your questions.

Many guys when they are talking to an attractive girl they have just met, they immediately give the girl their full attention…

by directly orienting their body towards her as the girl is pointing part of their body towards them.

In a perfect scenario, you want the girl to be the first one to give you her full attention with her body language before you give her your full attention.

She will value you more if she sees that she has to first work to get your full attention.

#9. Do not always lean in.

A man standing close to a woman
If you notice, she is leaning away, and he is leaning in. You only have to lean in when she is leaning in.

Instead, you should let the girl be the one to lean into you first. This is another attractive body language cue that a lot of guys mess up.

When they are out for their first date, they are always leaning in when the girl is leaning back.

Leaning back while the girl is leaning in, is an attractive body language signal because

• It shows that she is more invested in you than you are in her. When she invests in you, her attraction in you also increases.

• It shows that she is more attracted to you than you are in her

• A girl will see you as a catch.

#10. Relax your eyelids.

When we are nervous, we tend to hold our eyelids wide open. So, you always want to relax your eyelids.

It will make you feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time. And widened eyelids are associated with femininity.

So when you show feminine traits, the hot girl will feel turned off.

You can look out for celebrity actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt (In the pic above) on how relaxed eyelids look like.

You can also notice a ton of other attractive body language cues the above male celebrities possess.

#11. Walk with a girl like you are her protector

When walking, walk on the outside and let her walk on the inside or when crossing the road you should move into the road first.

This will make her feel secure and girly.


Those are the attractive body language cues that you can implement and will increase your attractiveness scale by 5.

Research shows that body language is 10× more important than verbal communication.

So, forget about all those pickup routines you crammed because even if you tell a perfect pick up line, but when your body language is sucking, it will never work.

Most of these attractive body language cues are implemented right now and see yourself become attractive to hot girls immediately.

I suggest you start with 2 or 3.

When you come short on any of the attractive body language cues, do not beat yourself up.

Just keep going because even when you improve in a few of them, you will be way ahead of the most guys out there.

These body language cues can also improve many other aspects of your life besides dating.

11 Attractive Body Language Cues, in summary.

1. Maintain strong eye contact.

2. Touch.

3. Take up space

4. Slow down your movements.

5. Do not always mirror her.

6. Smile

7. Pause when talking, and talk slow.

8. Face girls with part of your body the first time you meet.

9. Do not always lean in.

10. Relax your eyelids.

11. Walk with her like you her protector.

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