4 Reasons Girls Pull Away. 4 Ways To Re-attract Her

You have been seeing this girl for a while, spending a lot of time together, seeing each other every weekend.

You have been having a fun time together, going to the beach, hiking, or camping.

You were having a lot of great sex, and the chemistry was good.

But over the past few weeks, you noticed that she is becoming distant.

You call her, but she doesn’t pick or call back, you text her but she takes longer to respond. Days have past, and she has not replied to your last text.

You are getting frustrated and asking yourself

• “what did I do wrong?”

• “why is she acting cold?”

• “we enjoyed each other’s company”,

• “how can i get her back?”

• “I really ‘need’ her”.

How you respond to such a situation makes all the difference.

If you follow your instincts by chasing the forl and trying to her back.

She will lose attraction for you. She will pull away even further.

But if you realise why she is pulling away and respond the right way, she will come back to you. Even more attracted to you than before.

Like I said, the last thing you want to do when your girlfriend pulls away, is trying to actively get back her attention.

Because your actions will be coming from the wrong place. A place of neediness, low value and insecurity.

Why Do Women Pull Away?

#1. To test your confidence.

In the initial stages of dating, a girl may not be so sure about your confidence and strength even when she likes you.

Women want to get into relationships with guys who are strong and confident. How an average guy can pull hot girls.

So a girl will pull away to be sure that the guy she is dating is not weak and insecure.

When a girl pulls away and you react emotionally by chasing her, pleading, getting angry, and anxious, it shows lack of emotional strength.

A guy who is independent, confident and high value will never get emotionally unstable when his girlfriend pulls away.

An attractive guy who other girls find attractive will never get angry and anxious because his girlfriend has stopped picking his calls or replying to his texts.

#2. You became too available.

During the initial stages of dating, it is always easy to make a mistake of trying to spend a lot of time with an attractive girl.

When you spend too much time with your attractive girlfriend, it makes you look less valuable which kills the girl’s attraction.

When the girl’s attraction for you falls, she will always pull away. Attraction grows in space.

So whenever you suffocate the girl with too much attention it kills her attraction to you.

You need to always give a girl space to miss you and keep her wondering about you.

#3. You tried to rush the girl into a relationship.

Man trying to give the girl flowers

When a man becomes focused on a relationship, it kills a girl’s attraction to him.

A man is supposed to focus on his career. Back in history, women needed relationships to be protected and supported by men.

A man who is confident, assertive and emotionally strong had high chances of obtaining resources.

He was independent and didn’t need a woman to survive.

Over thousands of years, women evolved to find confidence and independence in men so attractive.

So when you show a woman that you want a relationship more than her, she instinctively feels that you are weak, insecure and less confident.

Are you in a relationship for the right reasons?

#4. You developed oneitis.

Oneitis is when a guy feels like his girlfriend is so special and doesn’t find any other girl attractive.

When a guy develops oneitis, he feels like he will never find any other girls like his girlfriend.

The quickest way to kill a girl’s attraction is getting feelings of neediness.

It is a terrible mistake if you think that your girlfriend is a one in a million because you will become needy by default.

When you think that your girl is so different, you can easily develop oneitis.

And oneitis is bad. Oneitis is unhealthy.

It is bad for you and your girl. It bad for a girl because you are burdening her when you make her the ultimate source of your happiness.

Girls don’t like guys who have developed oneitis because they are so controlling and can easily turn violent.

It is bad for your life because you can easily lose focus of your life.

Instead of developing oneitis for the girl, develop oneitis for career, job or purpose in life. The girl will respect you and love you a lot for it.

When a man falls in love more than the woman, he loses most of the qualities that make him masculine and looks more feminine.

He gives his power away to please his girl and always insecure because some guy may take away his main source of happiness.

So What Should You Do?

#1. Do not chase her.

Guy trying to convince a girl with flowers

This is emotionally hard to pull off if you enjoyed the attractive girl’s attention.

But this is also a good thing because it helps you improve on your internal strength.

Instead of chasing the girl, you should let her come to you when she is ready.

When a girl pulls away, it could be because she has lost some attraction for you.

If you do not chase her, she will start thinking about you, she will start wondering what you are up to and intrigue will develop.

This will cause her attraction for you to grow and eventually, if she is worth staying with, she will re-engage you.

However, if you chase her

》 you will be removing the space where attraction would have grown.

》 it will make you look needy, insecure, and less confident. So, the girl will pull away further.

》 you will lose your self-esteem and self-confidence

》 you will waste time and emotions which you would have spent on making your life better.

#2. Develop an abundance mentality.

You must realise that you can move out there and attract other girls just like your girlfriend.

You can find women here for free.

This will help you to deal with oneitis. It is very hard to get back a girl who acting cold when you still believe that she is so special.

It is nearly impossible to chase after a girl when you know that there are so many attractive girls out there.

When you develop an abundance mentality, girls will always find you attractive.

Because you will always be willing to walk away from a girl, she will always see you as a challenge.

And girls love guys who are a challenge since most guys aren’t.

But when you show a girl that you have no options by showing her how you are so lucky to be with her, she will lose attraction for you.

She will think that other girls are not interested in you. Remember girls are attracted to preselection.

She feels special if she is with a guy who other girls find you attractive.

And you can pull this off by developing an abundance mentality.

#3. Focus more on improving your life.

If you focus on your life like a career, passions, improving your mental and physical health, you will not have too much time to spend with a girl.

If you want to keep a girl’s attraction, then you need things that pull you away from her time to time.

This will create space for the girl to miss you.

And that is what you want. You want your girl to be thinking about you because it is what keeps her attracted to you.

Unfortunately, when most guys get a girl they are so attracted to, they put most of their focus on the girl.

They want to text her, call her, have sex with her and hangout with her all the time.

But this lowers your value and, it will cause the girl to act distant.

Even if it’s your girlfriend always reaching out to you first like asking you to hang out or have sex, you must not accept all the time.

If you really like a girl and want to keep her always attracted to you, then you need to create space before the girl needs it.

You must resist the urge to always be available to your girlfriend.

#4. Never try to rush a girl into a relationship.

You will always put a girl on a pedestal when you try to get her to commit. You will, most of the times, always try to impress her.

When most girls realise that you want her to be your girlfriend before she wants it, the girl will naturally play hard to get. For example, by pulling away from you.

So, you want the girl to be the one to bring up the idea of being exclusive first, for example, she might say something like “where is our relationship heading?”.

At this point, you can try to make her your official girlfriend.

Chances are that when you are dating or in a relationship with a girl, she will pull away at anytime.


It usually happens whether you are rich or poor ,popular or not. She can go cold and act distant all of a sudden.

You should know how to respond the right way without completely killing the woman’s attraction for you.

If you respond with strength, patience and confidence, the woman will come back to you.

In summary

Why do girls pull away?

1. To test you

2. You became too available

3. You rushed her into a relationship

4. Developed oneitis

What should you do?

1. Never chase when she pulls away

2. Develop an abundance mentality

3. Focus more on improving your life

4. Never try to rush her into a relationship.

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