4 Ways Girls Test You And How To Respond

Do not touch me?

We are not going back to your place!

Pay for my drinks?

Do not get close to me?

We are not having sex?

Have you ever heard such or similar statements from a girl?

How did you feel?

Come on bro!

Say the truth.

You felt disappointed, right!

Probably, pissed.


And most importantly…..

how did you respond?

You felt discouraged and walked away!

But you don’t need to feel bad friend…

because we’ve all been there.

So, today am going to show you;

• what a shit tests mean.

• why girls give shit tests to guys.

• how to respond whenever a girl gives you a shit test.

How you respond to the girl’s shit test is important because…

It will determine whether a girl will find you attractive, exciting, confident, insecure, boring or weak.

What Is A Shit test?

Confidence is so attractive to girls on a primal level.

Because if a guy is strong and confident, he is more likely to obtain status and resources to take care of the woman and her offspring.

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If a woman meets any guy and asks him, “are you confident?”

Any guy would probably lie and say yes.

By indirectly testing your self-confidence and composure.

So how can a girl find out if you are confident or not?

Girls will do this by asking you questions, saying statements, and carrying out actions to screw you up.

These actions, statements, and questions are shit tests.

Why Do Girls Test Men?

When a girl meets you for the first time, she isn’t sure whether you are

• weak or strong (Emotionally)

• stable or unstable

• secure or insecure.

She has to find out all these qualities by indirectly testing you.

Even when the woman likes you and finds you physically attractive, she will still test you.

She will test you because she isn’t so sure if you are truly confident and strong.

That is why you should never get frustrated when a girl tests you.

When a woman tests you, it shows that she has some interest in you.

If a woman is not interested in you, she will not even bother talking to you.

She will ignore you.

Every time you pass her tests, you will be a step closer to proving your high value, and her interest in you will increase.

Unfortunately, when many guys get a shit test from a woman, they lose their cool and get emotionally reactive.

They think that a woman is not interested in them.

So how do you tell if a girl has given you shit test?

Whenever she says or does something that tries to screw with your emotions.

Because girls will test you even if they like you, every guy must learn how to respond to shit tests.

So that whenever a girl says something that screws with you, instead of reacting emotionally, and getting angry you just keep your cool.

And, always remember…..

A woman’s tests can come at any time.

For example,

• during your first date

• in a relationship.

• when approaching her

So How Can A Girl Test You?

#1. She tries to make you feel jealousy.

Most men are so insecure when they see a girl, they like with some other dude.

So girls use jealousy to test whether you just pretend or you are secure and confident.

For example, she might say something like “last night, I was hanging out with my male workmates.”

You may respond to this by nonchalantly saying something like “ooooh, hope it was super fun?”.

The most common way girls use a jealousy test, most especially when she has just met you or just started dating you, is by talking to other guys when you are around.

This can happen like when you are at a party or a bar.

In such a situation…

Like I said, the last thing you want to do is walking up to her and stop her from talking to other guys or try to argue with her about it.

This would be a huge sign of insecurity.

It shows that you feel inferior to those other guys she is talking to.

What you can do is go talk to other girls.

#2. Using direct verbal statements.

These are the common tests that girls give.

She will give you a verbal challenge to see if you will lose your cool and get frustrated.

How can you respond to direct verbal tests from girls?

i) Agree and exaggerate her statement.

For example, you approach a girl who is sitting by herself or in your social circle.

Then you decide to ask for her contact after some small talk.

Instead of ignoring you completely or saying simply “no! I can’t give you my contact” (which both show you that she isn’t interested in you at all)…

she simply says something like “I do not give my contact to shorter guys”.

Most guys will react to this emotionally, for example, by getting upset, offended and insulting the girl.

Most guys may say something like “you’re such a bitch” or “who the hell do you think you are?”.

Some guys will try to brag by saying something like “but I have a huge d!ck” or “I drive a cool car” or whatever he thinks can make him look cool.

Whenever you show that you are phased by what a girl says or what she thinks about you, it indicates that you are not secure in yourself.

It shows that you care a lot about what other people think of you.

It shows that you lack self-confidence and emotional strength.

Instead of getting offended and acting defensive, you can instead agree and exaggerate her statement by saying something like…

“Yeah. You are right! I even need a ladder to get out of a coca-cola bottle top.”

This takes away the power of a woman’s shit test.

It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and not phased by what people think of you.

ii) Ignore the shit test.

When she says something to screw with you, shrug it off like you didn’t even hear what she said.

For example, if she says something like “you are a player!” or “we are not going to have sex”.

iii) misinterpret her verbal challenge.

When a woman says something to get a reaction out of you, respond by playfully misinterpreting what she has said and turn it into a joke.

For example, if she says, “you are a player!” you can misinterpret her statement by saying something like…

“oooh, how did you know? Am a good quarterback”.

Or if she says something like “your shirt looks weird.”

Now you don’t want to get defensive or try to show her how stylish your shirt is.

Instead, you can say “I can’t believe you are already crushing on me like that.”

This is also a very good way of flirting with a girl by showing your playful and witty side.

A girl will be so attracted to you.

You will be hitting two birds with a single stone because you are being fun and confident at the same time.

#3. She asks you for a favour.

A girl can test you by asking you to do her a favour.

For example, a girl at the bar may ask you to buy her an expensive drink, or she might ask you to take her for an expensive first dinner date.

When a girl is really hot, she will always have a lot of guys who chase after her and are always eager to do anything for her to win her approval.

See; how to keep a hot girl’s attention.

So whenever a hot woman asks you to buy her something without her having earned it when you go ahead and do it, you will have lost the test, and she will lose attraction to you.

You will become less attractive because you are like all the other losers who kiss her ass just to get into her pants.

You become less attractive because you were trying to impress her which shows that her value is higher than yours.

So whenever a girl asks you to do her a favour, you should ask yourself this question.

“If any random person asked me to do for him/her such a favour, would I do it?.”

If the answer to that question is a yes, then go ahead and do what she has asked you to do. If the answer is no, which in most cases will, then don’t.

If you go ahead and do it, then you will have failed the test.

It shows that you put her on a pedestal.

If you were not trying to impress her, you would not have done her a favour which was an inconvenience to you.

If you were not trying to impress the girl, you would do the same thing to some other random person.

There is no problem with doing nice things for women.

It should come from the right mindset.

I do nice things for women from the mindset of trying to impress them, they will resent you.

Women don’t like being put on a pedestal by guys they are attracted to.

She wants a guy who will treat her like anybody else.

So the only time you should do nice things for a woman is on condition of her having earned it like when she is an official girlfriend or if she was superb in bed.

If you do this, the woman will value everything you give her. She will value you and your relationship more.

As people, we naturally don’t value things that come to us without earning them no matter how important they are to us.

You want an attractive girl to value you.

Because if she values you, and your relationship, it will be so hard for her to leave.

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So I want you to find out the price of an equivalent amount of water and gold or diamond.

Then you also find out the importance of gold and water.

When you get the answers to those two questions, you will get to know how an attractive girl values you when you buy her nice things without having earned them.

#4. She flakes on you.

As I said, girls are attracted to confidence. And confident guys have boundaries.

One way a girl tests to see whether you have boundaries by cancelling out your meet up.

A girl will not meet up with you for three reasons;

• testing you.

• if she has little interest in you.

• she had an emergency.

However, the girl might have had an emergency (which is rare) or she isn’t interested in you.

Unless you ascertain that she had an emergency, you should respond the same way.

That is, by not texting her again or ask her out the second time…

until she re-engages you.

If she was just testing you, she will try to re-engage you after she sees that you were willing to walk away and move on.

If she wasn’t interested in you in the first place, she will not re-engage you. So, you move on in such a situation.

If she had an emergency, she will let you know or, at least apologise. Then, you set up a second date.

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Again, if she flakes for the second time, you move on and never try to go out with her again.

If you get mad because she flaked, it shows her that you are so reactive and easily moved by other people’s actions.

And if you try to ask her out again before she re-engages you, it shows her that you are low value.

It shows her that you have weak boundaries.

Here are some common shit tests

》 do you say that to all the girls.

》 I don’t go to a guy’s place on a first date.

》 I have a boyfriend

》 she dances with other guys at a party or bar.

》 Aww, are you upset?

》 we are not going to have sex

》 I don’t give my number to guys I just met.

》pay for drink or food

》 you have a girlfriend!

》 I don’t date guys below 6 feet.

》 what are you up to (when you invite her to come over to your place)

》 we are just friends or let’s just be friends first.


Women will always test you anytime and every time.

When you are approaching them when you are out on a date and during a relationship.

You must learn how to recognize shit tests and respond to them in a masculine way.

If you react to an attractive girl’s shit tests with weakness and insecurity, she will pull away a bit.

The girl will keep testing you and if you continue failing her tests she will lose all the attraction altogether and break up with you.

You better have an attractive girl give you a shit test other than not testing you. Because it shows that she has some bit of interest in you.

If you master how to recognize shit tests and respond to them with humour and witty, interacting with attractive girls will become fun.

Do not hesitate to share this article with your friends so that they can learn how to respond to those shit tests.

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