Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend: 7 Signs She’s The Right One

When most guys meet a physically attractive woman, they think…

“Ohh gosh! she’s hot. She would make a good girlfriend.”

If you do not look out for other qualities that make a good partner…

You’ll easily end up in a wrong relationship that you’ll live to regret.

I have dated a couple of women. Some were hot and fun, but weren’t worth a long term relationship.

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Potential girlfriend-qualities to look out for in a woman;

• Monogamous/ Not promiscuous.

• Physically attractive or gorgeous.

• Highly attracted to you.

• Loyal to you.

• Emotionally stable/ Not a drama queen.

• Submissive.

• Youthfulness. 

Most men end up in unsatisfying relationships because they get girlfriends for completely the wrong reasons.

Honestly – and from experience – you might not be ready for a long term relationship with a woman.

Have you ever taken time to think about that?

You Should Ditch Getting A Girlfriend If These Are Your Reasons

• To please your parents

• To fit in society or for social proof

• Need for attention from a girl because you are lonely as fu*k and you need someone around.

• Need to have regular sex.

• Pressure from the woman for commitment.

The Right Reasons Why You Should Get Into A Relationship

• The woman has the qualities that you need in a girlfriend.

• You have found the woman who supports your dreams.

• You want to have kids and start a family.

• You have found your purpose in life so you need to settle down.

Why Do You Need To Filter Out Certain Qualities In Women.

You want to choose a woman who you can be happy with for so many years.

A woman with whom you can build a satisfying relationship.

And you don’t have to stay with someone if the relationship is not giving what you want.

You want to build a relationship for both of you.

Look out for long term qualities whenever you go out on a date with a woman. 

That’s if you’re interested in a long term relationship.  

If you’re only interested in casual sex, then you won’t necessarily need to look out for these qualities. 

Unfortunately, most guys rely mostly on superficial qualities like a woman’s looks when trying to choose a partner.

To have a satisfying relationship, you need to learn on how to look for certain qualities in a girl.

Most men get trapped in bad relationships  because our bodies naturally drive us to look for qualities in girls that indicate reproductive health…

like nice boobs, nice butt, big hips among others.

Our bodies drive us to look for women who can successfully give birth to our children.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

However, having a girl who can give birth doesn’t necessarily lead to a satisfying relationship.

You can have a shitty relationship but still, be able to have children.

So when it comes to looking for a potential partner, following your manly instincts will always lead to a bad relationship.

Building a satisfying relationship is something that doesn’t come naturally to the majority of us.

It is something that has to be learnt.


So What Are Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend?

1. She Has To Be Beautiful/hot:

A shot of a beautiful woman
Photo Taken In Belgrade, Serbia

Never be ashamed of going after girls who you find physically attractive.

This is something a lot of guys struggle with.

Be true to your emotions.

And you should also let girls who you physically attractive know, straight up.

A lot of women love it and I have had many chase me because I let them know that I find them attractive.

Why did they chase me?

It’s simple…….

A lot of guys never do it.

It also shows the girl that you are a confident guy who knows and, goes after what he wants.

A lot of guys are nice guys who think that being straight about your sexual interest in a woman is not cool.

When most guys are interested in a girl, what do they do?

They beat around the bush by trying to be friends with the girl.

This puts the guy in a position that I do not want to find any bro of mine in.

It is called the dreaded friend zone.

However, while showing your desire in a woman, it shouldn’t be something so direct like “I love you”

Neither should you compliment on her looks by saying anything like “you have cute eyes”.

You can DM her, for example, if it is a girl in your social circle, something like…

“hey, you looked hot/amazing in that short dress/skirt you were putting on yesterday”

Many girls will respond positively to this because very few guys do it.

As I said, so many guys fear to express their sexual interest in women for fear of being socially awkward and rejection.

So when you go ahead and do it, you will have separated your self from 95% of the guys out there.

Because you are simply following your masculine primal instincts.

When a woman is physically attractive, on the primal level, it means that the she can easily give birth to healthy children.

However, what men find physically attractive in women tends to vary among individuals, so it’s only you who can determine which group of women you find physically appealing.

When it comes to physical attractiveness in women, there is no standard of beauty.

What I’m trying to point out is that, you shouldn’t settle for a particular type of woman just because of what society considers as beautiful or hot.

But you should also not choose a woman to become your girlfriend or wife solely because of her looks.

This is a dating mistake I see a lot of guys make.

These guys end up in relationships with beautiful women, but with messed up traits like being so dramatic, dishonest and argumentative.

2. Highly Attracted To You.

If a woman is highly attracted to you, it increases the chances of you having a satisfying relationship.

While still dating you have to always look out for the signals and levels of a woman’s interest in you.

When a girl is highly interested in you, it helps you to maintain a higher power in your relationship.

The woman will always be submissive to you and she’ll readily support your goals and dreams.

A girlfriend who loves you so much will never nag and disrespect you.

Even when she does something disrespectful, she’ll be quick to apologize when you call her out.

I have seen so many guys make a huge mistake of moving into relationships where they more attracted to a woman than she is in them.

How is this even a problem? Such men tend to pedestalise these women by default: they give their women too much value.

This causes such women to eventually lose respect and attraction for their men.

That causes the relationship to eventually break or the man continues to stay in the unsatisfying relationship (because the guy will have over-invested in the woman).

The main cause of this is the lack of an abundance mentality.

Never make yourself think that you can’t easily find beautiful women or even get them attracted to you.

And never get so invested in a girl who is less attracted to you.

It is a very weak position that you don’t want to find yourself in.

Don’t be fooled by your emotions because she’s got a cute face and nice hips.

Find a girl who’s attracted to you.

Believe me, you’ll feel way happier in the relationship. 

3. Loyalty.

You are much likely to stay in a happy and comfortable long term relationship with a loyal woman.

That gets easier the more your girlfriend feels attracted to you.

You have to take some quality time with a girl before committing to figure out her loyalty and some other qualities.

So it is always better to not rush into a committed relationship with a woman until you have seen her for at least 6 months.

And more is better. Like… she can’t pretend for longer. 

How to find out whether she’s loyal or not?

You can find out about her loyalty by looking at her past relationships.

You should ask yourself questions like…

Why did her past relationships fail, was it because she cheated on her exes?

Did she have relationships with married men in her past?

If the answer is yes, then chances are she’s got a problem with being loyal.

You can also determine a woman’s loyalty depending on the number of her past relationships.

If they are several (three or more) and short, that’s a huge red flag! 

“What if she left all those guys because they were narcissists?”, you ask.

And that’s is likely to be possible. 

But, I’ll answer that with a question.

Why does she seem to attract narcissistic men?

Is it because that’s all she meets? Is it just a coincidence?

Nope. Don’t get fooled, bro!

Then why? It’s because she’s a narcissist herself. Narcissistic girls find good guys boring.

So they naturally end up attracting and dating the kind of guys who posses their traits: narcissistic men.

Another red flag could be if she’s kind of older (26 years+), but has never been in a long term relationship. 

When a woman you are dating shows a pattern of disloyalty, it is to your advantage ending such a relationship.

Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement by thinking…

“oohh she will change” or “maybe there was a problem with her exes” or “I’m a nice and loving guy, so she will never cheat on me”.

Such women have underlying emotional issues which are hard to deal with and solve.

Now that’s kinda judgmental, but it’s the reality.

And it’s not your responsibility and problem to put her in the right shape. 

4. Emotionally Stable or Not Too Dramatic.

A woman yelling at her boyfriend

Emotional stability means expressing emotions that are relevant to a particular situation.

You need to look out on how she responds to frustrations.

Most women have some sort of drama, but you should always avoid those who are too dramatic.

Women who are so dramatic lack self-esteem.

Emotionally stable women will not bring you negative energy in a relationship.

5. Submissive Or Willing To Follow Your Lead.

You always need a woman who is not going to be stubborn and not willing to follow your lead.

If a woman is submissive, she will always be happy to support your goals and mission in life.

6. Youthfulness. 

By that I mean a woman who is under 30 years of age.

Preferably, below 26.

The youthfulness of a woman is crucial more so if you want to raise a family with more kids (four or more)

So you don’t want a woman who will have to first visit a gynaecologist everytime she’s got to conceive…

Or …

a woman who won’t be able to conceive anymore after having one kid.

Younger women also tend to be;

• More submissive. 

• In shape. More physically attractive. 

• Give birth to more healthy babies. Have less or no huge complications during pregnancy like miscarriages. 

• Are virgins. Though it’s rare for modern, western girls and girls who reside in big towns and cities if they are above 18 years. 

• Have a very low notch count. Like – who wants to ride in an old, used car?

• Ooh, and lastly, younger women are tighter 😊 Hell! I almost forgot this one.

7. Low Promiscuity.

I know it is kinda hard to find a virgin girl these days, but you also do not want to commit to a girl who has slept with a dozen men.

You can tell the promiscuity of a woman by looking at the number of dates you had gone to before she was willing to have sex with you.

If the girl was very willing to have sex with you on your first date, then chances are she is very promiscuous.

You can also use your instincts on this.

But like I said, you need to have spent some amount of time with the woman before committing to find out this one.

You may also ask the woman about her notch count. However, you shouldn’t rely on it because a lot of women lie on this one.

The number they tell you is usually way lower than the actual one. Nonetheless, a few will tell you the truth (usually if it’s very high). 

Final Thoughts

When trying to make a girl become a girlfriend, do not try to change her so that she can fit the qualities that you want in a woman.

If she doesn’t show them, then you must look for these qualities in other women.

And never get into any relationship because of infatuation.

You need to have spent some time with the woman before committing into a relationship.

At least six months. And the more you wait, the better.


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