9 Ways An Average Guy Can Pull Hot Girls (A clear helpful guide)

No one should ever lie you that hot girls will chase you only if you spend a ton of money in them.

What if I told you that attracting the woman of your dreams has nothing to do with where you were born, how popular you are, and how much money you make.

Having hot girls chasing you is all about you, and it has nothing to do with anything outside you.

We have all come across that normal guy in high school, college, community, or even at our work place….

who seemed to have almost every hot chic getting wet around him.


Who had a super hot girlfriend.

You kept asking yourself….

“How does that guy do it?”

• He isn’t rich. (Probably, you even earn much more money than him!)

• He isn’t popular.

• He leaves an average, and normal life.

“What makes that dude special”?, you asked yourself.

Well bro!

Today is your lucky because I am going to be revealing to you exactly what you need to do, and get hot girls attracted to you just like that dude above!

Before I get to that…


Confidence is highly attractive to girls. But not kind of confidence you think.

Having confidence seems to be conventional knowledge when it comes to attracting women.

Unfortunately, many guys understand confidence in a completely wrong way.

There are two kinds of confidence.

• True/inner confidence

• False confidence.

However, the kind of confidence that truly attracts high value hot girls over the long run is the true/inner confidence.

Here is an example…..

All of us have ever come across that guy who always tried hard to win any argument.

He showed every one how he was the smartest guy by seeming to know everything about anything.

And most seemed to see him as a truly confident person.

Most guys confuse true confidence (which attracts women) with false confidence (which pushes women away).

The main thing that distinguishes true confidence from false confidence is that…..

guys with false confidence always try hard to show people how confident they are, but a person with true confidence doesn’t have the need to show others that he is confident.

Guys who try to show everyone how confident they actually do it out of insecurity.

Inside them, they feel they are not good enough.

These are guys who always try hard to impress people to compensate for their insecurities.

They have loud ass voices, always working hard to win pointless arguments, try to outsmart everyone because they are seeking validation and care too much about what everyone thinks of them.

On the other side, if you are truly confident, your validation comes from the inside rather than the outside.

You do and say what you want without needing anyone’s approval.

You are not willing to sacrifice your thoughts and beliefs just to get any girl to become your girlfriend.

Women are often desperate for a man who is secure in his identity, and masculine strength. A man who wants her but doesn’t need her.

This is the kind of man you need to become….

A man who is truly confident.

A man who girls find super attractive regardless of whether he has a ton of money or not.

But if you become truly confident, you will earn a lot anyway….

Women have a natural primal instinct that can feel your confidence levels.

A woman who isn't interested chatting with a man
Nature and evolution has enabled women to detect your confidence levels without even without consciously thinking about it. A girl can effortlessly smell your hesitation, insecurity, fear, low self-esteem, and it will make her lose attraction.

Over the past millions of years of human history, women were physically weaker and more vulnerable.

So a woman needed a man who was capable of providing food, and protection for her and her children.

Over human history, women have evolved instincts that enable them find qualities that make a man a potential provider.

Women have retained these instincts up to date even when some of them have careers and can support themselves.

So, if you are in front of a girl and you are acting with decisiveness, boldness, and dominance…..

she will feel your confidence and become more attracted to you.

How does she see that you are fit to support her and her offspring?

Is it?

• Always begging her to hang out with her OR giving her a chance to chase you?

• Always desperate for her affection and validation OR simply investing in your health and finances.?

• Always phased by what people are saying about you OR simply not caring too much about what people think of you but instead go after the things you want.?

Have you ever wondered why a guy may have a ton of money and still struggle with women.?

And I mean women who are high value that have a lot of things going in their lives.

Like I said, girls find confident qualities in a guy so irresistible.

Some of them are….

》caring less about what people think of you.

》not putting her on a pedestal.

》making strong eye contact.

》willing to walk away from her.

》walking slow and talking slow.

》not putting up with her bad behaviour.

》teasing the girl.

》going after the things you want without seeking anyone’s validation.

We as men tend to have confident qualities by default when we have lots of money, high status or success.

So, you will find attracting hot girls easier not directly because of the money or success but because of the confidence that comes with money, success, and fame.

However, if you show low value behaviors like bragging, insecurity, and putting hot girls on a pedestal…

you will still struggle with attracting hot women even when you have a ton of money.

I’m not saying that being rich is bad, but what I mean is most guys think that you must have to first work hard become rich and, then attract your dream girl friend.

That is why you can be an average guy but have a hot girlfriend who loves and adores you if you are not pedestalizing her, you have confidence, you are not always trying hard to please her and living a life you enjoy.

In simple terms, having money makes attracting hot girls easier but not a one answer fits all like most guys think.

How Can You Increase Your Confidence And Become Attractive To Hot Girls

1. Look for knowledge on dating.

Attracting women does not come naturally to the majority of guys so sometimes you need to seek for knowledge.

Confidence comes from knowledge.

For example, if you approach a girl with a mindset there are so many other hot girls (you learn’t the importance of having an abundance mentality.).

Will you feel nervous for fear that the girl will reject you.?

Of course not!

You will approach her with a lot of confidence which will increase your chances of succeeding.

One of the easiest ways of gaining knowledge in dating is making friendship and hanging out with guys who always attract the kind of girls you find attractive.

You need to look out for how they carry themselves, how they act around girls, and their body language.

Take action on the knowledge you gained until everything you learn’t starts to come naturally.

2. Invest in yourself.

Successful guys

Success in your career can give you a boost in your confidence

This will make you feel genuinely good about yourself and your life in general.

Set goals and achieve them. Invest in your mind, body and your financial business, and it will help you raise your value.

If you invest in yourself and live a life you truly want, you will become confident because you will be happy whether any kind of woman wants you or not.

You will get into a relationship with a woman for the right reasons not simply because you need the woman.

When you invest in yourself, you will have a lot of things going in your life, you will become scarce and high value.

So when you meet any woman, you will be confident because women will be chasing you to be a part of your awesome life and not the other way round.

Unfortunately, many guys don’t have a lot of good staff going on in their lives, so that, when any beautiful woman comes in their lives, she becomes the best thing in their lives.

If you are a loser, having a hot girlfriend does not make you a winner, you just become a loser with the hot girl.

When you think that your girlfriend is a one in a million, and that you are very lucky to be with her, you will always feel insecure and jealous because you think that someone might come and take away your best source of happiness.

When you show jealousy, it shows the girl that you feel inferior to those other guys she is talking to and this causes your girlfriend to lose confidence in you.

When I say invest in yourself and be successful, i don’t mean that you should be a millionaire or very rich.

I mean you should focus more on achieving your goals, and improving your career no matter how small it might seem.

• Exercise to improve your health

• Meditate to improve your mental awareness

• Make new friends

• Hangout with friends

• Create new hobbies.

Creating an awesome life doesn’t mean you only need to be rich. Actually some rich people’s is life full of drug and alcohol abuse.

And remember, you don’t want to drop your goals and hobbies after committing to a girl. This is a very huge mistake a lot of guys make.

You want to keep your value even when you move into the relationship because this will keep your girlfriend attracted to you.

So, you should always be investing in yourself not girls. That way, you will increase your value and almost any girl would want to date you.

3. Realise that you are interested in girls, but you do not need them.

Attractive women taking selfies
Always show sexual desire in women without being needy

You will become confident and interact with girls without fearing that you will get rejected. And when they do, you just laugh it off and move on.

You won’t keep chasing girls who are not interested in you.

You won’t hang up on a girl who is ignoring you. All these behaviours will tell your subconscious that you are confident.

The reason guys are needy is due to lack of self-confidence. Because they lack self-confidence, they seek validation from external sources.

They text and call the girl every time every day because they need the girl’s validation to feel good about themselves.

But if you show your sexual desire to a woman like asking her to hang out, complimenting her and at the same time showing that you don’t need her…..

she will have nothing to do but to fall for you.

If you don’t chase a beautiful woman by always texting her, calling her every time, buying her expensive things she has not earned …..

she will think, “why isn’t he chasing me? It seems he has other hot girls interested in him.”

So, she will start to chase instead.

Have you ever tried to download an app with very few downloads, what do you always think about the app?.

Probably, you think it’s not a nice app.



It’s the same feeling girls get when you start chasing them. They think that no other girls are interested in you.

It is human psychology to always want things that other people want.

If you realise that you don’t need girls in your life to make it worth living, you will start attract a hot girlfriend into your life without even doing any work.

4. Be decisive and assertive.

If you always act fast it makes you confident.

Always strive to make your decisions fast. And after making up your mind, don’t reverse it, or at least take long to change your mind.

For example, if you see a hot girl standing at the magazine section of the supermarket, you always have five seconds to approach her…..

If you want to ask a girl out or going for your first kiss or asking a girl back to your place….

Always act very fast and girls will respect you more because it shows strength and confidence.

you don’t have to wait for three or four or five dates to take action.

If are always second guessing yourself around girls, they will see it as you being unsure of yourself and lacking self-confidence.

Go for what you want as soon as possible then adapt as you move on.

If you keep procrastinating things, you will feel less confident and less attractive.

5. Do not filter yourself.

You should always be willing to speak your mind. Do not be afraid to speak what you believe in just because you will offend someone.

This doesn’t mean that you should walk around being an asshole.

It simply means that you shouldn’t spend your entire life walking on eggshells simply because someone who doesn’t even matter may feel offended by what you say.

Even when you decide to shut your mouth for your entire life, someone somewhere will be offended by it.

If you speak your mind, girls and people in general shall like you more because you are being authentic.

You will be more confident and attractive to girls because you will have separated yourself from so many guys who are always afraid to look silly or offend the girl.

Not filtering yourself means not putting too much thought on how people think of you or your opinions.

How can you develop the attitude of caring less about what others think of you?

You can do this by avoiding engaging in pointless arguments.

If no one is going to pay you for winning an argument, then you better spend your time and energy pursuing your goals.

Otherwise, you will look like a loser who has nothing to do with his time, your subconscious will pickup on your loser actions which will make you feel less confident.

Not filtering yourself shows the girl that you do not pedestalize her and that you are high a value guy.

6. Assume attraction.

Handsome man Placing his arms around two attractive women
When you assume that women are already attracted to you, you won’t feel nervous around girls, you will take more risks and your positive attitude will increase your odds of winning.

Whenever you treat girls like they are already into you, you will increase your confidence levels subconsciously.

You will be flirty, aggressive and more playful.

If you assume that a girl is already attracted into you, you will approach girls with a positive attitude.

This will stop you from giving off a needy vibe to girls like over texting her, giving the girl too much attention and seeking her validation since you are confident that she already likes you.

Most guys when they meet a hot girl who likes them, everything seems to go well at first.

But the mistake comes when they become a lot more interested in her than she is in them.

They end up giving the girl too much attention, seeking her validation and, end up pushing their girlfriend away.

However, when you assume attraction, you become more confident that she is more interested, so you become less likely to seek her approval and become needy.

7. Look good.

Men with an attractive body after working out
Dress well, work out and be in shape, Eat healthy and you will increase your confidence.

Looking good will help a lot of you guys who are a bit older (35 and above) and guys who want to get a lot of matches on dating sites.

Check out for this page to help you on how to improve on your looks. I highly recommend it.

Your confidence will have boost when you look good in so many ways.

When you enter a room and you are looking better than most guys, girls will start to check you out.

However, you should know that your looks won’t matter a lot to women like their looks matter to men.

For example, if you want to date 8s and 9s but you are a 6, you can become an 8 or a 9 if you work on your looks.

But a girl can be an 8 or a 9 solely because of her looks which can’t be true for a man.

So looks matter in men. At least to some extent, but….

don’t be carried away by your looks.

Here are some ways you can improve your looks.

i) Workout regularly and, a lot if you are overweight. This will improve your health in addition to improving your looks.

Exercise will also increase your natural testosterone hormone levels which will also increase your confidence.

This will improve your health in so many ways and prevent you from being obese, overweight, and lazy which can make you feel less confident.

Focus on compound exercises since they cause the body to release lots of testosterone. Like I said, testosterone is associated with dominance.

ii) Eat healthy. Avoid junk processed foods and, take whole carbs. Avoid trans fats. Eat a lot of vegetables and take a lot of water.

ii) Dress well. Start with tight-fitting and matching clothes. Fitting clothes will bring out the ideal masculine body, wide shoulders, and a narrow waist.

8. Have a hobby or create new hobbies.

Practice your hobbies and be good at them. This is will increase your confidence due to a sense of success.

When a girl rejects you and you know that you will later go and practice playing a guitar, will you be phased?


when a girl doesn’t reply your text or if she refuses to go out with you?

Ofcourse not!

You will respond with confidence and unphased.

It will also help you not to be needy even when you have beautiful woman in your life.

Even when you are in a relationship, your hobbies will keep pulling you away from your girlfriend from time to time.

You will always be scarce, and it will make you more attractive.

And if you’re still single, never neglect your hobbies just because you’ve gotten into a relationship.

They will help you not to lose your self when she decides to leave you or pull away from you.

9. Have a decent amount of sleep.

This is supported by research. You need to have 7-8 hours of night sleep per day.

In the 1900s, it used to be a norm that, to be successful you had to work hard and have a night sleep of 4-5 hours.

But recent studies have shown that this is bad. It just increases the risk of depression and obesity all of which will make you less confident.

Studies by The Johns Hopkins medicine has shown that a person who is having night sleep of less than 6 hours will indirectly reduce your confidence. It increases the risk of getting depressed and overweight.

Testosterone is synthesized at night, so its levels will increase in your body.

Since testosterone is associated with confidence, your confidence levels will have a boost.

10. Get rid of negative people in your life.

Surrounding yourself with the negative people will automatically make you to absorb their negative energy.

Your life will feel miserable, and you will end up losing your confidence. Always strive to surround yourself with people who inspire you to become a better person.

If you don’t have them, then you would rather spend your time alone working to improve yourself.

Final Thoughts.

Confidence is universally attractive to girls.

So, if you develop your confidence over time, as a normal guy, you will start to attract hot girls into your life.

Above all, developing an inner confidence will help you to achieve success that will, again, make you look more attractive.

You will live a life you love and proud of.

And my friends, that is it!

In summary.

1. Look for knowledge on dating.

2. Invest in yourself.

4. Be decisive and assertive.

3. Realise that you are interested in women, but you do not need them.

5. Do not filter yourself.

6. Assume attraction.

7. Look good.

8. Have a hobby or create new hobbies.

9. Get rid of negative people in your life.

10. Have a decent amount of sleep.

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