How To Be A Bad Boy Over Text

A guy on text

Hey bro! You are tired of texting girls and leaving you on red aka no response.


You want to get dates fast with attractive girls!

Well in this article, you will learn how to text like a bad boy so that attractive girls stop ignoring your texts.

Being a bad boy over text will lead to either one or more of the following things happening

• Getting more dates over text

• Getting more responses from attractive girls

• Attractive girls starting to chase you

• Your conversations with gorgeous girls over text will be fun and flow effortlessly.

But, hey bro! First things first……

Texting Is for Setting Up Dates

You MUST always remember this. The whole reason you are texting the girl is to get her on a date so that you can get to know her more.

Never get caught up and start texting the girl back and forth because she is giving you attention.

If you want to end up in the dreaded friendzone, then you keep texting her all the time.

You need to set up a date as soon as possible.

A bad boy will never waste time beating around the bush. Besides, you will never get laid or kiss the girl over text.

How To Be a Bad Boy Over Text

#1. Create Scarcity.

Scarcity means being in short supply. Creating scarcity is the number one thing that will get most girls to start chasing you.

As a bad boy you should make sure that you have a lot of cool things going on in your life.

You should be working out, working hard to achieve your goals, hanging out with friends or family and working on other things that will make your life awesome.

You should never spend a lot of time texting back and forth with the girl. When a girl texts you, take some time before you respond.

Do not respond right away.

A bad boy has no time to just sit there and anxiously wait for the girl to reply to his text.

A guy waiting a girl to text him back

He has a lot of other cool things going on in his life.

If the girl doesn’t reply to your text immediately, do not sweat it.

You are bad boy remember!

One thing you always remember is that as humans, we put more value on things that are scarce.

Look at gold and water. Water is way more important than gold. But gold being more scarce, it is much more valuable than water.

So when you text the girl everytime and every day or if you reply to her texts immediately, you become less valuable in her eyes. Just like water.

If you signal scarcity to the girl by giving her less attention, she will go out of her way and start to chase you.

Her attraction for you will increase. You will have no issues of getting ghosted (not replying to your text)

Girls chase bad boys not because bad boys are “bad”or send abusive texts to girls. Girls chase bad boys because the bad boy’s attention is in short supply.

#2. Send Playful And Emotional Texts To Girls

A bad boy never takes himself and life too seriously.

So you this should reflect this in the texts you send girls. You should send girls witty and funny texts.

Girls love guys who are fun.

So when you send her funny texts , she will be much more likely to respond and say yes when you finally ask her to hangout.

Another thing is that your texts shouldn’t be logical. They should be able to elicit emotions in the girl.

#3. Texts Should Be Short And Straight To The Point

As I said, texting is not for conversations. You are bad boy who finds the girl attractive and wants to be with her.

You have to save your conversations for the date. So your texts should be short and straight to the point.

Just imagine you were James Bond, texting an attractive girl you met at the casino.

Would you text her something like…..

“You looked lovely in that pink dress back at the casino”

or anything like…..

“Hey Christine, I just wanted to let you know that I really like you as a person. And I actually liked your dress you were wearing back at the casino”.

The later is sad man!

But let me break it down for a second.

When you text a girl or get her contact she will already know that you like her because women have a super social intelligence.

So by you beating around the bush, it shows her that you lack confidence in yourself and you are not sure of yourself.

When a bad boy likes a girl he lets the girl know straight up.

You shouldn’t misunderstand me, though.

Being straight up with a girl about your sexual interest doesn’t mean that you have to pour all the emotions you feel for her on the table.

By saying things like “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” to a girl you’ve just met will not make you look like a bad boy.

It will make you like a desperate loser who no girl finds attractive. Atleast that’s what you will make the girl to think.

Being straight up means that you show your interest in a straight yet indirect or subtle way.

#4. Do Not Over Think It

When texting a girl you shouldn’t over think about what you need to text her. Do not take texting a girl too seriously.

It is not an exam and you are not on an interview for christ’s sake.

As a bad boy, you shouldn’t try too hard to come up with the right thing to text a girl.

Whenever you try to come up with the right thing to say to a girl, it signals that you are trying to win the girl’s approval and that you care about what she thinks of you.

A bad boy cares less about what others think of him and doesn’t try to seek the girls’ approval.

#5. Text Several Girls.

If a girl isn’t your girlfriend, there is no reason as to why you should be texting her alone.

A bad boy will always be texting several girls. So his texts won’t be showing neediness and desperation.

This also helps the bad boy to signal an abundance mentality which is crucial if you want to get attractive girls to chase you.

Final Thoughts

Being a bad boy over text will help in a ton of several ways and the most important being that you will have attractive girls start to chase you.

The ultimate way of being a bad boy over text is signaling scarcity to girls and willing to text a girl whatever you want without seeming desperate.

So, if you want to be a bad boy over text;

• Create scarcity

• Send girls playful and emotional texts

• Texts should be short and straight to the point

• Do not over think texting

• Text several girls

I hope this article has helped you    (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share on social media.)

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