7 Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You On A First Date-What You Need To Do!

A girl who isn't liking a guy on a first date.

Yo bro! You met a beautiful girl whom you liked.

And she accepted to come out when you asked her out on a date.

Which is good!

But, that’s not the end.

Your end goal is hooking up with her, or starting a relationship….”I’m thinking.”

So, you will still have to look out for signals if she still has interest in you.

Just like you did before you asked her out!


You want to make sure that she worth your time.

Whether you should take more effort to turn the date into a relationship, or a hook up.

Signs The Girl Has Not Liked You On A First Date.

If you notice a good number of the following signs, it could a clear signal that the girl will likely not want to (And won’t) meet up with you for a second date.

And it will be in your best interest not to continue pursuing her.


She is most likely not to feel any more attraction to you.

It will be a waste of your time.

Pursuing a girl who isn’t interested in you shows desperateness, and neediness.

And the girl will pull away even further.

You would rather spend your time pursuing your goals, and girls who are showing interest in you.

Let’s get started…..

1. The girl avoids physical contact.

If the girl avoids physical contact with you at the start of your first date, it could mean;

• She’s still shy.

• She hasn’t felt comfortable, yet.

• The girl hasn’t, yet developed much interest in you.

• She is still feeling nervous.

However, you will need to persist to break the physical barrier.

Because you must, and need to break it.

But if the girl keeps avoiding physical contact with you throughout your first date….

It’s a red flag bro!

It’s a huge sign she isn’t interested in you, and she won’t likely be interested in meeting up with you for a second date.

Your first date is mostly likely never going to turn into a relationship.

Because you can’t hook up with a girl who won’t even allow you to touch her.

During your first date, the girl will try to avoid physical contact by;

• Awkwardly pull her arm away whenever you try holding her hand.

• Extends away from you whenever you try sitting close to her.

• Avoids giving you a hug, or gives you those awkward, and friendly half-body hugs.

• Pulls away whenever you try placing your arm around her shoulder or waist.

• Won’t stand close to you while walking with her.

• Pulls away very fast from hand shakes, and hugs.

2. She isn’t smiling.

This shows that the girl isn’t having a good time on your first date.


If she smiles, the smile isn’t genuine.

It’s forced.

Again, this could be because the girl is feeling nervous or not yet, comfortable.

But if she continues putting on forced smiles as the date progresses….

She will clearly not be interested in you.

3. The girl doesn’t give you attention.

Girls never give attention to guys they aren’t attracted to.

So if she isn’t giving you her full attention, it’s a clear sign that she’s putting her attention somewhere else.

So during your first date, she will;

• Keep checking on her phone from time to time.

• Avoids looking at you while you are talking. She’s always looking away.

• Avoids facing you with her body. She turns her body away whenever you try to face her.

4. Seems less excited, and less energetic on your date.

A girl who isn't liking a guy on a first date

If the girl isn’t having fun, and feels like leaving your first date Immediately…

She will;

• Not be laughing at your jokes.

• Only engage in small talk. Replying to your questions with statements like good, ok, not much!

• Speak with no gestures.

• Always closing off her body like folding her arms in front of her chest.

5. She avoids eye contact.

Prolonged eye contact from the opposite sex is often perceived by our brains to be sexual.

So, if she avoids eye contact, it will be a clear sign that she doesn’t want anything sexual to happen between the two of you.

It’s a sign that your first date may never turn into a relationship because she doesn’t find you sexually attractive.

A girl who finds you sexually attractive will always be making strong and prolonged eye contact with you.

A sign that she’s giving you her attention.

6. The girl never opens up to you.

A girl who doesn’t like you will never give you a chance to build an emotional connection with her.

So, she will not open up to you.

And this is what you want if anything intimate is to happen between you and the girl.

You want the girl to open up to you, and build an emotional connection with her…..

That will enable you to easily hook up, and start a relationship with the girl.

So, during the date;

• The girl will reply to your questions with one word answers.

• She will use a lot of road block phrases like awesome, cool, ok that will kill the flow of your conversations, and any chance of her opening up shall be gone.

• She hesitates talking about herself like her passions, hobbies, and goals.

7. She lets you know.

If the girl is super assertive, she will tell you straight away or indirectly that she isn’t interested in you.

The girl will do this because she doesn’t want to spend anytime with you. She wants to cut the date short.

She can say things like;

• I have enjoyed the date but I really need to get going to meet some friends.

• You’re such a nice guy but am not feeling any chemistry between us.

• Why don’t we just be friends?

A girl who has liked you during your first date will never try to cut your date short because she will be having fun hanging out with you.


If a girl has zero interest in you, it will be super hard to raise her attraction to you.

Actually, trying to do so will just push her away even further.

So, if a girl shows a good number of the above signals on your first date, it will be in your best interest….

Not to reach out to her again unless (which is less likely) she reaches out to you first!

Sometimes, a few guys succeed at pursuing girls who have no interest in them.

But that’s called….

Getting lucky!

It’s an exception, not a rule.

That being said, you may need to persist if the girl shows any of the above signals at the start of your first date.

If you keep displaying attractive trait like;

• Being confident

• Challenging

• NOT putting the girl on a pedestal.

• NOT showering the girl with compliments.

• Above all, having fun.

She will start to respond positively.

But if she keeps showing the same signs throughout the date, it will be the right time to….

move on, and don’t try to set up a second date.

You can create an excuse and leave the date.

In conclusion.

Before you draw any conclusions, you will need to look out for several of the above signals.

Never take things personal because girls give out these signals subconsciously.

They never have to think about it.

So, don’t think that she was being mean.

And that’s why she will never tell you directly that she has not liked you on your first date.

Girls will rarely tell you things like;

• I haven’t liked you

• The date is boring me.

• I want to leave now. I am not interested in you.

Because she wants to be polite, and not hurt your feelings because the last guy she rejected out right didn’t take it well.

It won’t be bad if she lets know, verbally.

Because, you won’t waste your time.


That’s it, friend!

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