7 Accessories To Get You Attention From Hot Chics In 2021

What’s the worst thing that could ever happen to you?

It’s trying out an outfit when you’re ready to go out and find out that it sucks. It’s missing something.

You look alright, but nothing special and nothing eye-catching about your outfit.

Well, I’m pretty sure I know why and how to fix it!

So what’s that one thing you’re missing to spice up your outfit?

You’re missing the right accessories!

Accessories are a good way of adding dimension to your style. There are accessories to every single scenario and situation which is what we’ll be going over today.

Today, I’m going to go over 7 accessories that you should have in your arsenal. They’ll surely get you attention and compliments from attractive women.

7 Accessories To Spice Up Your Outfits

1. Sunglasses and specs

A shot of sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those things that you can incorporate and instantly look amazing.

“But my vision is ok?” Congratulations! You’re a lucky guy.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock them.

Wearing the right ones can make you look mysterious, elegant and smart. It all depends on what you’re trying to go for.

The right sunglasses can also change the vibe of your outfit completely.

They will not only protect your eyes from ageing and damage due to dangerous ultraviolet radiations from the sun and developing wrinkles, but also style up your look.

2. A Slim wallet.

A shot of a slim wallet

So you’re hanging out with that hot chic on a coffee date. When you’re about to pay the bill for your coffee, you pull out a spider man wallet.

Come on dude, are you that boring and nerdy? I hope not!

You want to get a nice, slim wallet – preferably a leather wallet with no marvel characters on it – that’s going to look amazing for you several years to come.

I love slim wallets because not only do they look better, they’re also easier.

Like – you don’t want a wallet that bulges your pants and make you feel uncomfortable.

So you’ll feel good when you invest in a nice, slim, nice-looking wallet that will carry all the essentials that you need.

3. A classy looking watch.

A watch

But you can tell time from your phone, right?

I do feel you!

And who doesn’t own a phone? Everyone has a phone.

But guess what?

It doesn’t look as good. It doesn’t look as appealing as a watch.

And I don’t mean those super expensive $5000 watches. Actually, they’ll most likely make you look like you’re trying hard to look cool.

If you’re going for your first watch ever, a black or brown Vincero watch will work wonders for you. They will match with almost any outfit and clothing in your closet.

They look good, long-lasting and affordable.

Whatever brand you choose (so long as it isn’t super expensive and very cheap)…

A watch just shows that you’re classy. It shows you’re a professional who values his time.

So I think it’s really important to wear a watch because it will make you look cool, and attractive women will perceive you as a high-status guy.

Vincero Luxury Men’s Bellwether Wrist Watch – Black/Red dial with Black Leather Watch Band – 43mm Chronograph Watch.

4. A nice looking cell phone case.

A phone case is perhaps one of the most important accessories that you have. Everyone sees it and everyone will know how it looks like.

If you’re smart, you probably have a case on your phone.

If you don’t, I pray for you that you don’t drop your phone because that’s probably what you’re asking for.

You don’t have to buy any case just because it fits your phone. You should play around with the style.

If you want a clean, classy case, for example, go with leather.

Like… a black, chocolate brown that’s incredible, super manly and gentle.

Again, you don’t want to place a lot of designs like sparkles because that’s girly.

5. A key organizer.

A key organizer

Let’s face it, you probably use your keys several times a day. I do and I hate it when they are loose and making all that noise.

A cool key organizer will keep all your keys organized in a key patch. Your keys will look so much better with a key organizer.

One of the outstanding factors for me is the fact that it keeps the sharp edges of the key inside.

So it stops scratches on surfaces when you place them down or in your pocket with your phone. You should definitely get yourself a key organizer.

6. A nice looking bag.

A do think every guy needs a nice carry – on bag.

Unlike the suitcase, you can easily take care of your carry-on bag because you’ll be moving it with you to wherever you’re travelling to.

You guys should get a nice carry-on bag because you’ll look amazing and classy with it while travelling.

7. A nice toiletry bag.

A toiletry bag

So you’re planning to go to your girlfriend’s house to hang out or sleepover


You’re planning to travel for a weekend.

It doesn’t really matter!

Either way, you need a toiletry bag.

Why? Because you want hair safely carry your simple stuff and products like your toothbrush, your shampoo, hair conditioner and other hair styling products.

Feel free to go with a cheap plastic bag, but it’ll make you look weird and amateurish.

If that doesn’t sound like you, get yourself a nice toiletry bag!

Let’s wrap things up.

If you’re single and looking for girls to date, getting yourself some cool accessories and dressing up well will be a super-easy way to separate yourself from the pack.

Why? Because most guys never accessorize well and have a poor clothing style.

There’s a ton of accessories to choose from. So long as they make you stand out from other guys.

Try to avoid things that most other guys have. Be unique.

You also want to avoid coming off as a try-hard: by buying super expensive accessories, for example.

If you’ve learnt anything from this article – which I hope you did – don’t hesitate to share it with your buddies.

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