The 5 Pants You’ll Ever Need In Your Closet In 2021

I don’t get it.

I have a ton of friends and I see so many guys who want to look good. And you could be among them, right?

That’s why you checked out this article in the first place.

As soon as you feel like buying some pants, what do you do? You buy whatever pants that you want without putting any thought.

A ton of guys wear the same pants pretty much anywhere with totally different outfits and think that’s going to look good.

But guess what? It doesn’t – that’s pretty obvious.

So that’s what we are going to fix today.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the only five pants that every dude needs in his closet to be good for any occasion, any situation, anywhere and anytime.

Let’s get the show started, shall we?

But first, you may want to look through the top five types of shoes every guy needs in his closet.

5 Pants That Every Guy Needs In His Closet.

1. Chinos.

Chino trousers

These can work well for you in the summertime because you need pants that your legs can breathe in.

You can also wear chinos to a formal event if you have to.

If you do want to go formal trousers, but you want to wear something stylish – like a pair of jeans, for example, then chinos are the perfect solution.

However, there is one thing that you need to always remember about chinos: they have to fit you perfectly to get the classiest look possible.

“But aren’t they meant to be completely formal?”

Yeah! But you want to look formal and stylish at the same time.

And who doesn’t want to have hot chics always checking him out? I bet you do – especially if you’re single.

“What if buy them when they don’t fit?”

Just get them tailored. Most pants – and clothes in general – you buy will not fit.

An extra 15 – 20 bucks that you’re going to spend is going to go a long way for your outfit. It will make a huge difference.

One cool thing I love so much about chinos is they can easily match with a variety of shoessneakers, dress shoes, boots.

The possibilities here are really endless with this which is why they are the top five must-have for any cool guy.

Chinos also come in different colours: green, black, Navy, Grey. They’re are so versatile. You guys definitely should look into chinos.

2. Ripped Jeans.

You’re going to meet the boys, for a drink, watch a game or maybe hang out at a night club.

It doesn’t matter, right? It’s irrelevant.

The fact is, there are going to be hot women there and you want to look dangerous and dynamite.

See this:

Ripped Jeans give you one look: an edgy one. They’ll surely get you more eyeballs.

You’re going to get a little bit more attitude with these.

My favourite look is when a ripped jean is dressed up with a leather jacket. It’s such a sick look. It says I’m dangerous and a bad boy. It’s a look any guy can pull off.

There are so many crazy jeans – with blown-out knees – that could be hard for you to pull off.

You may want to stick with a minimum amount of rips (Knee slits seem to be enough).

There is no need to have so many slits all over the jeans like you’ve just wrestled with a bear. It’s just a little bit too much for so many men.

You’ll also look great with distressed denim if you match it with Chelsea boots.

Any man will always look good with a classy look. It will always work.

But if you want to be different, if you want to be noticed, if you want to step out of your comfort zone

then go with an edgy look by rocking a ripped jean – mostly for a fun night time.

3. Dark jeans.

Do you know what else you need in your closet?

It’s the dark wash denim! It’s just gold.

Dark jeans are a must-have for school or work, and for casual. You can match them with pretty much anything.

Like honestly… a white t-shirt or black shirt can rock with dark jeans. It doesn’t really matter. An office shirt, or something a little bit formal can also work.

You can go for a hoody, you can go for something edgy like a leather jacket. There are literally thousands of ways of styling them.

Dark jeans are one of the first – if not the first – item that you need to put in your suitcase in case you think about travelling.

Why? Because wherever you go, as a matter of fact, it won’t matter since you’ll be sure and able to put together a dope outfit with those dark jeans.

You can wear something as simple as a shirt, dark jeans and white shoes. So everything fits you well.

In terms of fit, go for slim or skinny jeans. You’ll get the best look possible. They make you look fit and taller. So it’s an awesome way to go.

4. Formal trousers.

This is what is gonna separate you from the casual guys in the room. And trust me, when it comes to style you want to be the most casual guy in the room.

As much as dark jeans are great, they never work the same as for a more dressy look. You have to rock formal trousers when the time is right.

If you’re going to be wearing a nice sports jacket or a full suit or definitely a tux, there is no chance that you’re going to rock dark jeans.

You need the real deal. You need the big guns – Black formal trousers.

You may also want to opt for cropped trousers. They are so sick in my opinion.

Cropped trousers

They are classy, respectful, but – at the same time – modern and cool. You know… they’re fun and show some little bit of skin.

They show women and people in general that you have some personality, you’re a fun guy and not a stuffy, suit guy.

They also come in different colours.

In terms of colour, I’d go with dark, grey, and Navy. You’ll get the most use out of these. It’s crazy!

5. Joggers.

Joggers or sweat pants

I’m talking about sweat pants. I love sweat pants. And you should too.

Why do I love them?

Not only are they extremely comfortable, but also look cool and sick.

With joggers, you can get both worlds – style and comfort.

But remember, you don’t want to rock those oversized pyjamas that your mum got you on boxing day. That’s a no go.

I’m talking about some nice slim fit sweat pants.

First of all, these bad boys are just super hot right now and very trendy. There is no better time to pick up some.

And here’s why: they go with almost anything in your closet. They’re great for casual wear, jogging, playing around and going to the gym.

To get the coolest look out of your joggers, you have to get ones that hug your legs properly. This is very important especially around your ankles.

You don’t want your joggers to be too long. You never want them to be bugging at the ankles.

Wrap up.

In addition to style, you look best if you develop a strong masculine body.

That means having a healthy diet and working out.

So, friends, that’s it.

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