Upgrade Your Style In 7 Ways: Look Like A Real Bad Boy In 2021

Sometimes we think that upgrading our style to look like bad boys can be difficult, confusing and expensive.

So what do we do?

We stick to the same outfits over and over again. A bad boy style doesn’t have to be intimidating at all.

It can be easy.

It can be fun and even very affordable if you do it right.

Today, we’re going over seven ways to upgrade your style and pull off that bad boy look that will have girls dropping wet around you.

So let’s get the show down the road.

How To Upgrade Your Style And Achieve A Bad Boy Look.

1. Swap your sneakers for some boots

Chelsea boots of a bad boy

“Ohh, I can’t wear boots?”, you think.

Of course, you can wear boots. You just have to try once or twice. That’s all it takes.

Sneakers can be awesome of course, but changing things up is where the magic happens.

Go for something different. Boots are perfect because they’re easy to pull off, giving you an extra inch or two high. Plus, they’re masculine.

They’re pretty perfect for shorter guys.

You should definitely grab yourself a pair.

2. Fit is Key.

A bad boy in a fitting outfit

Fit is the most important when it comes to style. I just can’t emphasize that enough.

“But most of the pants I shop aren’t fit?”, I feel you ask.

And that’s true – most of the clothes you buy won’t fit.

So should you just throw them on the way they are?

Of course not!

Then what should you do to get them fit?

Here’s the thing: Get them tailored. $10 to $20 spent on tailoring will go along way to improving your outfit.

To make sure that you’re getting the best out of your tailoring efforts… two ways;

  • Get your pants hammed so that they aren’t extremely long and falling over your shoes.
  • You can also get your pants tapered so that they’re snug around your legs. That makes you look taller and slimmer.

As for the t-shirts, they need to fit you perfectly.

Essentials have tees that will make you look your best. They’re stretchy, very comfortable and will fit most of you guys regardless of your body shape.

Essentials also have joggers and hoodies for you that are super soft and comfortable. They’ll keep you warm and are great for layering.

3. Don’t forget to accessorize.

Accessories of bad boys

Accessories change your look completely.

Get a cool, leather watch. You don’t have to wear it all the time, but when you’re rocking a basic outfit, it’s such a great way of making you look put together.

If you’re going for an edgier look, like when you’re going to the bar or club, glasses can make you look dominant, sophisticated and a bad boy.

You can also opt for metal cuffs, chains and rings to add some bit of sleekness to your outfit.

4. Add your own twist.

You can start with the basics, but again go on to add your own creativity.

This pretty much ties back to the accessories we just talked about earlier.

But not just accessories, you can tuck in your shirt, for example, to change up your look completely.

How much easier can that get?

You can cuff your jeans to add a little defect to your look.

When can you do that?

Good question! You can do it when you’re in sneakers or even when you’re in boots. It looks really good.

Surely… those are free upgrades that you can even make to your style right now and see an instant improvement.

No extra money needed because you don’t need to buy anything.

5. Get rid of things you don’t like out of your closet.

Why do you need to have so many ugly shorts and shirts in your closet?

Well, maybe you’ll throw them on one day while chilling at home doing nothing.

If that sounds like you, I’ve got one question for you.

What if you’re at home and all of a sudden you have to get up and take the trash out or answer the door?

You’ll look like crap, right? Like – it’s embarrassing and unnecessary.

Get yourself some decent sweat pants and basic t-shirts. Not ugly basketball shorts and ugly tees because true bad boys are always looking their best.

Get rid of anything that has got holes in it, stains and any cloth that has ugly faded colours. There’s no need to keep them around.

6. Upgrade your hairstyle.

Different hair styles of bad boys

You can look different with a simple hair cut.

If you’ve had the same hair cut for years, it’s time to change. Try new haircuts and experiment with different haircut styles.

You can decide to ask a qualified and experienced hairstylist to tell you the style that perfectly fits the shape of your head.

7. Consider layering.

Layering can be a game-changer. You simply take something basic and then add mentions to it.

For example, you can take two pieces you’ve never worn together and try them together. And then see whether it works or not.

Sometimes it not going to work and that’s ok. Then try different pieces to see what you can come up with.

You can simply do that with coats, hoodies, leather jackets, among others.

Have fun with it. Get a little bit crazy and see if it will work for you.


It goes without saying that a leather jacket is one of the perfect ways of looking like a bad boy.

Black distressed denim and boots will also give you a bold look.

That being said, you should never forget to work on your mindset. That’s what fundamentally makes you a bad boy whom hot chics want.

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