4 Steps To Turn An Attractive Woman Into Your Girlfriend.

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You met a beautiful woman and, hit it well with her.

She was interested in you and you were interested in her as well.

The attractive woman had all the qualities you would ever need in a girlfriend or wife.

Everything seemed to be moving in a positive direction at the start.

After some time, the woman seemed to be losing interest.

She started taking longer to reply to your texts and whenever you called her, she seemed not to be excited talking to you like she used to.

You kept asking yourself what made her lose interest. Everything seemed to be moving on well.

“What did I do wrong? is she playing games with me?”, you asked yourself.

Has that ever happened to you?

If no, that is never going to happen to you.

If yes, no worries! Because in today’s post, I’m going to show you;

  • Why the woman you had just started dating lost interest and how to never let that happen to you again.
  • A step-by-step guide to turning a woman you like into your girlfriend.

Let’s get started!

How To Turn An Attractive Girl Into Your Girlfriend: Step-by-step

Step #1. Lead your interactions with a woman.

As a man, you must always lead your interactions with women. You have to always make the first move.

It is your role to initiate interactions that lead to sex.

A woman will show that she is interested in you but, she will never lead and make the first move.

No matter how outgoing and assertive she may be.

Even if the woman is a president or the CEO of a very big company, she will not take the responsibility for sex.

Some men are guilty of wanting to let women lead to sexual interactions.

This is especially true for shy and nice guys.

Letting a woman lead an interaction will turn her off.

It will turn the woman off because women are attracted to men who possess leadership traits like being decisive and having a plan.

Never believe in some things you see in movies when it comes to dating.

They rarely happen in real life.

For example, in a movie, you watch a shy guy who is interested in a girl but scared to make a move.

The girl goes on and makes the first move on the guy by going for the kiss or initiating sex.

Am not saying that being shy is a very bad thing nor should you beat yourself up for being shy.

I’m naturally shy and introverted as well.

However, you can be shy and, at the same time, be confident, bold and go after you want without seeking anyone’s approval.

If you wait for a woman to lead or take initiative, you may have to wait for a very long time.

If a woman shows interest in you and does not make a move, she will just assume that you are simply not interested in her.

Women don’t like to take responsibility for sex. If you let her take the lead, she will be turned off.

Another reason women don’t make a move on guys they find attractive is that they fear rejection. Women fear rejection more than men.

She won’t ask you out because she will be risking rejection.

She avoids feelings of disappointment and failure like any other person.

As a man, you should always expect yourself to lead your interactions with women who show interest in you.

Women, especially those who are a bit more assertive, also avoid initiating interactions that lead to sex because they want to avoid being labelled as sl&ts.

They fear being judged by society. Any average girl will do whatever it takes not to be labelled a sl&t.

Women love sex just like, if not more than, men.

That’s why if you want to easily have sex with a woman, never judge her sexual behaviours.

This is one of the top reasons why nice guys always finish last when it comes to dating attractive women.

They judge sexually assertive women. They judge women who go after their sexual desires.

They never realise that women do love sex, a lot.

Nice guys make the mistake of treating attractive women like innocent princesses that do not like sex.

Beautiful women do not delay having sex with an alpha male because he treats her like a normal human who loves sex as he does.

And the woman acts accordingly.

How do you lead your interactions with women?

If a woman indicates signals of interest, let’s say, she is seated by herself, makes eye contact with you and then smiles, you have to walk up to her start a short conversation.

Ask her out right there and then or you take her contact if she has no time.

After taking her number, you will have to plan a date and then ask her out to join you for a specific activity, at a specific time, place and day.

Another example can be a girl in your social circle who shows signals of interest like touching you very often, laughing at your normal statements as if they are the funniest in the world, paying the most attention when you are talking to a group of friends.

If you are interested in the woman too, then you will have to make a move by, for example, asking her to hang out.

If you delay making a move, her interest in you will fall. You need to hit the iron while it’s still hot.

As I said, women do not want to take responsibility for sex.

Even if she is interested in you, she is most likely not to make any move on you.

When you do not make a move on her, she will likely be typing into google or bing and even asking her friends something like “how can I make my crush ask me out?”

Got the point? She won’t type “how can I ask my crush out?”

If you are interested in a woman who is also interested in you but, you delay making a move you may end up in the friend zone at best.

Later on, after gathering the guts to make a move, it will become so hard for you to move out of the friend zone.

So when you are interested in making a girl become your girlfriend, then you need to take initiative and lead her.

Even if she is so interested in you she will never take the initiative.

The best thing she can do is to show you signals of interest.

Step #2. Let the woman chase you.

A woman texting

A woman who is chasing will never leave you because she can’t chase you and, at the same time, leave you.

This seems to contradict because it is hard for the majority of men to distinguish pursuing a woman from chasing.

Pursuing a woman simply involves actions that lead your interactions with women towards the bedroom or a relationship.

Chasing involves behaviours where you are over pursuing a woman, seeking her validation and approval.

The thing is, the woman started to chase you the moment she started showing signs of interest in you.

She was chasing by wanting you to make a move on her.

Women love chasing men and they are turned off by men who are constantly chasing after them.

And this is something that most women wouldn’t verbally agree with.

When it comes to attracting women, you have to look out for a woman’s behaviour not what she says she wants.

When a woman starts to chase you, it will raise your value in her eyes.

She will respect you and love you a lot when she knows that she had to put in some work to get your affections.

Here are some examples of how you can encourage a woman to chase you;

  • Leaving conversations on a high note.
  • Not leaning in when standing or sitting beside her. You should let her be the one to lean into you.
  • Not always being the first one to contact her by text or phone call.
  • After your first or second date, you have to let the woman reach out to you first.
  • Giving the woman space to miss you.
  • When talking to a woman you have just met, you have to point only part of your body towards her and let her do the opposite.
  • Letting/encouraging her to do favours for you.

So how do you get an attractive woman to become your girlfriend?

You should encourage the woman to chase you. When she chases you, she will subconsciously feel like you are an attractive guy.

When a woman is chasing you, she can easily commit to you and become your girlfriend.

Step #3. When she chases you, reward her.

 a young couple sharing a romoment

When some guys learn that a woman becomes more attracted to you when you push her away, they make the mistake of overdoing it.

They keep on pushing the woman away.

This doesn’t work because any woman with healthy self-esteem will give up and walk away.

When a woman starts to chase you, reward her by giving her more of your attention.

This is a concept known as the push-pull.

You push her away by letting her chase you and pull her when you give her more attention.

Examples of rewarding her for chasing you;

When you approach a girl and she is answering your questions in detail or laughing at your jokes you can now give her more of your attention by starting to lean into her sometimes.

When she initiates conversations over text or by calling you first after your first date, you can set up a second date (leading) or invite her back to your place.

When she does something for you (chasing you), let her do it and show her that you genuinely appreciate her efforts (reward).

Many guys are guilty of belittling good things women do for them.

Never say things like “Noo, you did not need to buy that”.

This shows that you are unworthy of the very good things a woman is doing for you.

This will discourage a woman from doing good things for you and chasing you.

Remember, you want a woman to be always doing good things for you.

That is when she will value you more and become more attracted to you.

Unfortunately, many guys think that the reverse is true.

Many guys think that a woman will love them more if they are the ones doing more good things for the woman.

The more good things a woman does for you, the more she likes you.

The more you invest in a woman, the more you value her not the other way around.

When she compliments you (chasing you), accept the compliment (reward). Never ignore a woman’s compliment.

When you reward a woman for chasing you by giving her more of your attention, she will feel like she has earned your affections.

This will make her value you more. She will easily commit to you as your girlfriend because she will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Step #4. Do not chase her.

You should never get too interested in a woman if you do not want her to pull away or start chasing her.

Even when you feel like your interest in her is soaring never let your emotions get the better of you.

Never think that by pouring out all your emotions on the girl, she will like you more.

It will just make you look unattractive in the woman’s eyes. This is where so many guys lose with beautiful women!

They become much more interested and invested in the woman than she is in them.

It is ok to feel like the woman you are dating is exciting, attractive and lovely.

The problem comes when you start over-investing in her, making her think that she so special, becoming needy and insecure.

As I said, you should learn to control your emotions.

The moment you start letting all your emotions out, it will mark the beginning of the woman’s loss of attraction to you.

A woman became attracted to you because of your attractive traits like confidence, strength and emotional stability.

She didn’t decide to be with you just because you thought she was very special or simply because you were so interested in her.

And chances are, she left other guys who were so attracted to her and who thought she was exceedingly special.

The problem with becoming too interested in a woman than she is in you is that you often become needy, insecure and always needing a woman’s validation.

  • All these traits make any man look less attractive to any woman.

And she will often leave you the moment you start displaying all those unattractive behaviours.

You never want to show a woman that you are so interested in her, otherwise, she may pull away.

You have to always lead your interactions with women but not chasing.

Leading a woman is attractive but chasing a woman is unattractive.

So how can you tell whether you are chasing or leading a woman?

I’m going to illustrate this using examples.

  • Asking a woman out for a date is leading but continuing to ask a woman out again and again, after declining your first request, is chasing.
  • When you are leaning in and a woman is leaning away, you are chasing.
  • Asking a woman open-ended questions on a date is leading but bragging, talking too much and trying to impress her is chasing.
  • Asking a woman back to your place is leading but begging and pleading to have sex with her is chasing.
  • Buying your girlfriend an expensive dinner is leading but buying an expensive dinner on your first date is chasing.
  • Talking to a woman who shows interest in you is leading but trying to come up with the perfect word to say to a woman is chasing.
  • Bragging is chasing.
  • Wanting to spend all the time with a woman when she isn’t interested, is chasing.
  • Asking a girl, verbally, to become your girlfriend is chasing but being exciting, fun, confident, assertive and focusing on achieving your goals until the woman brings up the idea of a relationship is leading.

When you start chasing a woman, she will often lose attraction to you.

When you practice the above four steps in their order, you will have more success with attractive women.

Other forms of chasing a woman

• Texting the woman all day.

• Always looking for proof that the girl loves you.

• Craving to hang out with the girl all the time: Even when she doesn’t feel like it, a worst-case scenario!

• Contacting the woman all day, and every day. She needs space to miss you.

• Showing feelings of jealousy whenever she converses or hangs out with her guy colleagues.

Some of you might be thinking that it’s “love”…

News flash bro, that’s NEEDINESS!

Any gorgeous girl with plenty of options will feel turned off 98% of the time.

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To Recap.

You will stop driving away women who are interested in you because you developed so much interest in the woman and you ended up chasing her.

It will prevent you from entering the dreaded friend zone and you’ll instead turn that woman you llike into your girlfriend.

In summary,

If you want to take your interactions with women to another level, and easily turn the attractive woman into your girlfriend;

#1. Lead your interactions with a woman.

#2. Let the woman chase you.

#3. Reward the woman when she chases you.

#4. Do not chase her.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to effectively get an attractive woman who is interested in you to become your girlfriend without trying hard and pushing her away.

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That’s it, friend.


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