4 Ways To Flip a Girl’s Frame And Be More Attractive.

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It is often natural for men to think that the qualities they want in a woman are the same traits women want in a man.

For example, most men think that simply being nice, submissive or doing whatever a woman wants, or be direct with women would make them attractive to women.

After all, that’s what they would want in a woman. But that just does the exact opposite.

Unless the beautiful girl is so interested in you when you first meet – which can be rare – being nice and buying her a lot of gifts will make you look less attractive in the girl’s eyes.

If you have some interest in a woman, and she becomes nice, submissive, buy you gifts or does things to impress you, your interest in her will skyrocket.

Whenever a woman becomes too interested in the man too early on, it rarely repels men.

But, if a man shows so much interest in a girl too early, most girls will be repelled by such behaviours.

If you want to flip a girl’s frame and become attractive, then you need to have standards, communicate indirectly with the girl, playfully tease the girl and always have the girl do good things for you.

Remember it takes longer for a woman’s interest in a man to peak because women are attracted mainly to a man’s internal and non-physical traits.

It usually takes longer for a woman to see whether the man she likes has those internal traits. This is where shit tests girls give men come from.

However, a man’s interest in a woman will peak in a matter of seconds because we are more attracted to a girl’s looks more than anything else.

A girl who is depressed, insecure and lacking confidence will easily attract men if she’s got good looks.

But a handsome man who lacks confidence and who is insecure will repel any attractive woman.

So it will usually take longer for a woman to decide if she wants to get into a long term relationship with you, but it will take a shorter time for a man to decide if he wants to get into a committed relationship with a pretty woman.

Therefore, you may have to give a woman more time for her interest levels to match yours.

However, when your game is above average, you can get there faster.

If you know how to display internal traits that attract women, her interest levels will match yours in a shorter time.

If you try to rush things with a girl whose interest levels are still low, she will often lose all the interest she had developed.

Being so nice to girls by buying them gifts, taking them for expensive shopping or doing whatever a girl likes will rarely make girls who aren’t interested in you to like you.

But it never makes you sexually attractive.

Now when some guys learn that they will not attract girls by simply being nice, they mistakenly start doing the exact opposite.

They start acting aloof and disinterested in women and this never works.

Girls want to be sexually desired and, at the same time, not being put on a pedestal.

If you do not show any interest in a girl, you will never get her.

If you show desire in a woman and, at the same time, show her that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy even at the expense of your happiness, you will push her away.

You will push her away because your behaviours show desperation and neediness.

How do you become attractive by flipping a girl’s frame?

If you want to attract women, you should give them what they respond to not what you think they want or what you think will make you look nice.

You can simply do this by flipping the girl’s frame.

How? Let’s get to it.

#1. Have standards.

When you are interacting with a girl, she will be instinctively screening you to see whether you are confident, strong and secure.

You also need to screen girls to see if they can meet your standards.

Women will become more attracted to you if you show them that you have standards and you are willing to stand by them.

Most men do not have standards besides a girl’s looks.

When you are dating a woman, you should always check out the qualities that you need in a girl.

You should always be trying to get the woman to qualify herself to you.

Most men, when they are dating a woman, do the reverse.

They are always qualifying themselves to the woman by trying to impress the girl. 

Never be so sure about a girl because she’s got good looks.

Always filter her to see if she has other qualities that you need in a woman.

When a girl feels like you are trying to filter her, she will automatically start to impress you.

Now you can see that you will have flipped the tables: she is the one now trying to impress you.

Not the other way around.

Now you are the one having the higher value. So she will be much more attracted to you.

She will be more attracted to you because high-value men are rare.

When a girl is hot, she will be used to guys who become too interested in her too early on and, are always trying to impress her.

She will be used to guys who have no other standards besides the girl’s good looks.

Here are some of the qualities you can look out for besides her looking good.

  • Cooperative and submissive.
  • Feminine.
  • Not a drama queen.
  • She is confident.
  • She’s secure.
  • Has healthy self-esteem.
  • Has a career.
  • Comes from the good family background.
  • Can cook and/or clean.

#2. Communicate indirectly.

We make the huge mistake of trying to communicate with girls directly.

When it comes to dating and sexual attraction, girls love indirect communications.

Because we are very logical we make the mistake of communicating our sexual interest directly or verbally.

Girls will love it when you show your sexual desire for her indirectly.

For example, when you meet a girl who you find attractive and you would want to have sex with her, instead of telling her, directly, something like “hey, I want to have sex with you” you can indirectly tell her something like “hey, looked so sexy in that dress, I had to come and say hi”


when you are hanging out with a girl, saying something like “hey, there is this nice movie let’s go check it out at my place” will work a million times better than saying “hey, let’s go back to my place and have sex”

When you communicate your sexual desires to a girl directly, you engage her logical part of the brain.

But when you communicate indirectly, you engage the subconscious part of her brain.

When you want to easily have sex with a girl, you need to engage her illogical part of the brain.

It’s the illogical part of her brain that says “it’s ok to have sex with a man fast”

The logical part of her brain tells her that she should have sex after going out on so many dates or after marriage.

Here are some ways you can indirectly communicate your sexual desire to a girl;

#3. Playful teasing.

Teasing means sending mixed signals.

Teasing is something that comes naturally to girls.

And girls tease men all the time, by for example, putting on short dresses, by having the top buttons of their tops unbuttoned.

They use all kinds of outfits that reveal something but not so much. (This skill has been mastered well by strip dancers.)

So when you go ahead and tease girls, they will become attracted to you.

Girls respond positively to teasing because it creates uncertainty in her mind.

You show her that “well I like you, but am not 100% sold”. Teasing is a form of flirting.

And most men are guilty of not teasing girls. They do not tease girls because they fear offending them.

So when you go ahead and playfully tease girls, you will have separated yourself from most men out there.

One way of teasing girls is by misinterpreting their statements. You can even frame your interactions like is she trying to chase you.

#4. Get the girl to do things for you.

Girls are often used to men doing things for them.

But you should always flip the tables by having the girl do good things for you from time to time.

She will become more attracted to you because she will value you more.

It’s just simple psychology: people like and value things more if they invest in them not the other way round. 

A girl will easily leave when she knows she didn’t invest so much in you.

On the other hand, you will feel depressed and disappointed when a girl whom you invested in so much, leaves you.

If you want to keep a girl always attracted to you, then you should always let her invest in you.

The investment can be emotional, financial or even time.


When you learn to flip the girl frame by doing things that you would expect the girl to do, you will have turned the tables.

You will have her become attracted to you and start to chase you.

That’s it, friends.

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