5 Proven Tips To Keep Your New Hot Woman Always Interested In You

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Hi bro, so you met a girl who is pretty and you like her. You want her to become your girlfriend or have kids with her someday.

You are hanging out all the time, she seems to like you and you like her too.

She has all the qualities you’ll ever need in a girlfriend.

But, guess what…

There is no guarantee that this girl will always feel attracted to you.

I have seen so many guys who start dating a beautiful woman but become complacent because the girl is interested in them.

If you do, she will be walking away from you in no time. So you need to up your game!

When you’ve just met a girl, and hasn’t invested much in you, she can easily walk away from you. If you ever want to keep her interested, you’ll need to do some work.

And that is what I’m going to be showing you in this article.

In this article, I’m going to give you killer tips on how to keep a girl you’ve just started dating interested in you.

A lot of tips you read on this topic out there are basic- fulfil her needs, be a gentleman, respect her, be creative, among others. Those are good ideas and you should follow them!

But to keep a hot girl interested in you, a girl who has cool things going on in her life, an attractive girl whose phone is blown up with messages from a ton of other guys…

you need more than simple basic tips, friends!

You need no bs tips that will keep her always thinking about you, and I mean only you.

I looked through my dating arsenal and did some research.

Here are the killer tips on how I keep hot girls interested in me, and how you can do the same.

1. I never let her get away with bad behaviour.

When a girl I’ve just started dating does something I don’t like, I let her know straight up. I never beat around the bush.

I call her on it, and you should also do the same.

Women feel attracted to alpha males and bad boys.

And you guessed it right- it’s because alpha males never let women cross their boundaries.

I see a lot of guys do a fatal mistake of letting girls walk all over them. This is so true in relationships where a guy is dating a girl who is kinda good looking.

They are afraid of offending the girl for fear of the fact that she might dump them for another guy.

But that ends up happening in the long run.

Why? Because it shows the girl that you are a weak dude who can’t stand up for himself.

A woman might indeed feel offended when you call her on her bad behaviour, but she will feel respect for you in the long run.

Bro, remember a girl will never love you if she doesn’t respect you. A woman’s sign of love for her man is demonstrated by showing respect to him.

And you need to earn that respect by not allowing her to walk all over you.

Another thing to note is the woman might push your boundaries, whether consciously or unconsciously, just to test you to see if you won’t stand up for what you believe in.

If you don’t, she will keep pushing and pushing until she loses all the romantic feelings she may have had.

Women simply get turned off by spineless men.

Most especially if she’s young, hot and can attract high-value guys who won’t tolerate her sh!tty manners!

The top bad behaviours I hate are dishonesty (lying, flaking, cheating e.t.c) and petty drama.

That being said while calling a girl out for her bad behaviours you want to do it in a way that is calm, cool and collected.

Don’t insult or act violently. Those are reactive and beta behaviours. You’re a high-value guy, remember!

Beta males are the ones that argue or act violently to women. That’s because they never stand up for themselves in time.

They let the girl walk all over them until they can’t take it anymore then turn extremely aggressive all of a sudden.

It’s called passive-aggressiveness. Women are passive-aggressive themselves so they feel turned off if a man does it.

Let her know immediately she does something you don’t like or anything that goes against your values.

When you’ve just started dating, you can also let her know of your values and boundaries. Again in a way that is calm and non-bossy!

So bro, stop being a pushover. When a girl does something you don’t like, don’t compromise your values for her attention.

When she doesn’t like it, she isn’t the right girl for you.

If she’s the right girl for you, she will respect you: and love you more for it.

2. I never give her too much attention.

A woman getting a man's attention over text

I’m a huge believer in the old saying “Familiarity breeds contempt”.

Not giving a new girl too much attention increases my value in her eyes.

Sometimes you will need to not be available for a date or any other meet up to raise your value.

Not always being available is very crucial to keep the girl you’ve just started dating attracted to you, but a lot of guys do the reverse.

They think that if the girl doesn’t get a lot of their attention, she may forget about them and go with other guys.

But that will never happen because it will keep the girl thinking about you. She’ll start to wonder why you aren’t texting her all the time.

If the girl is hot, the better!

When the girl likes you she would want to spend most of the time with you, but don’t get tempted.

It will be a trap. She will eventually resent you for it.

Remember what I said earlier, your value in the girl’s eyes will start to fall the moment you become too available.

Sooner or later, if you give her too much attention, she will start to;

• Avoid picking up your calls.

Take longer to reply to your texts.

• Flake on you.

• Create petty drama.

Stop replying to your texts.

• Get less and less interested in hanging out with you.

That’s when you realize that she’s losing interest in you.

And you shouldn’t blame the girl for pulling away from you in such situations because it is just human psychology: we don’t value readily available things!

No matter how gentle you are, the number of her needs you fulfil, how much you respect her, no matter how nice you are, if you give her too much attention all that will never count.

Thus, friends, no matter how beautiful, smart she is if you’ve just started dating, don’t;

Hang out with her all the time.

Text her all day and every day.

• Reach out to her all the time.

• Flake on the boys and family just to be with her.

Throw your passions and goals (working out, studies, business) out of the window for her attention!

3. I don’t act desperate for her attention and validation.

If she likes me, well and good. If she doesn’t, who cares?

Let me be honest with you, I struggled a lot when I had just started dating.

I used to lose sleep and even stopped functioning normally whenever the girl I liked didn’t give me the amount of attention I felt I needed.

Women resent any sort neediness. It’s a huge turnoff.

Especially if she’s attractive and used to guys throwing themselves at her.

When a girl is below average in terms of looks, she will feel thrilled when you need her attention because she isn’t used to that.

But not an attractive girl receiving 100s of messages a week from other men.

That seems obvious, but unfortunately, a lot of guys do it.

Some men mistakenly think by showing the girl how much they love her and how special she is, the girl will feel the same.

You need to realize that the girl you’ve just met probably has so many guys who think she is very special. But she decided to give you a shot.

A woman feels attracted to you not because you like her so much.

So being desperate for her affections won’t cut it since she has so many guys doing exactly that.

I’m trying to place you in a single, attractive woman’s shoes here.

The moment you start feeling desperate for that new girl’s affections and attention will mark the beginning of the loss of her attraction to you.

That’s the price you pay for needing an attractive woman’s affections- you’ll never have them!

But let me give you some words of encouragement…

you don’t need her attention and affections!

I know that is easier said than done. It takes a lot of practice and self-discipline.

It took me a long time and hard work in terms of changing my whole mindset when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

But it was a game-changer.

As I said, I’m here to give you killer hacks that will change your dating life forever.


• Don’t blow up her phone when she doesn’t text back.

• Don’t chase her when she pulls away.

• Don’t confront her for not picking your call.

• When you get feelings of jealousy, let them go.

• If she’s not ready to hang out don’t force it or show her that you’re bothered.

• Don’t try so hard to turn her into your girlfriend.

Therefore, always remember that you want her feminine attention, but you don’t need it.

Never act desperate for her attention if you ever want to keep her interested in you.

This nicely brings me to my next point.

4. I give her space to chase me.

A girl texting her new guy.
Closeup shot of a businesswoman using a cellphone in the city

This tip may not work all the time. Sometimes, the girl may not necessarily chase you. Nonetheless, it is very important.

Girls who do chase me surely develop strong romantic feelings for me. Since I interact with several girls it becomes easier for me to pull it off.

Getting a girl to chase you is some kind of a push-pull thing. You take one step forward and two steps backwards.

You give the girl attention and then take it back by, for example, texting her today and then take three or more days without reaching out to her until she texts you first.

A lot of patience is needed here. It will become easier if you are seeing a couple of girls at the same time.

It sounds mean, right? But it’s not!

If a girl isn’t your official girlfriend, you shouldn’t put all your focus on her, but be open to meeting new women.

Trust me, if she’s attractive she will be seeing, texting, and dating other guys too. So there is nothing personal here.

Never get offended when you find out that the girl you’ve just started dating is seeing other guys too- that’s if she isn’t your girlfriend.

When she’s already your girlfriend, that would be cheating.

A lot of guys make a mistake of putting all their focus on one girl whom they have just met.

All they do is push and push without giving the woman space to push back. But this eventually pushes the girl away.

“Why does he want me so much? Does it mean no other women want to date him?”, she thinks.

When you are not always chasing around the girl you’ve just started dating by, for example, setting updates all the time, blowing up her phone with texts, wanting to talk to her now and then, she will assume other hot women are interested in you.

This technique works very well with hot women who are used to guys chasing them around.

It might not do well with girls who never get a lot of male attention.

Attractive women love to date men that other women want.

So give the girl you’ve just started seeing space to miss you and chase you- she will like you more for it.

5. I have backup options.

An abundance mentality is crucial here if you ever want to keep the new girl interested in you.

Whenever I have other girls am talking to, it solves me a lot of problems.

Problems like neediness and giving the girl too much attention will be solved without trying if you know that you can go out there and meet new girls.

It’s the scarcity mindset that most guys have that will keep pushing new girls they like away.

Whenever I meet a new girl, I’m always willing to walk away. This keeps me as a challenge for her.

That makes the woman treat me as a high-value guy so that she’s always interested in me.

It also shows the girl that you’re pre-selected. A guy who is willing to walk away from a woman is a guy that other women want. At least that’s what she will think of you.

Keeping your options open is easier said than done! More so if she beautiful and fun to hang around.

What keeps most guys from keeping their options open is because they get too interested in a hot woman too early on.

And that’s another big mistake right there because you’ll be acting exactly like the last guys she dumped.

So always keep your options open and always be willing to walk away.

A group of hot women

That’s a powerful weapon that you have as a man that will keep a new woman always attracted to you.

6. Am always myself.

When I start dating a girl, I never change the kind of person I am. I always remain my normal self.

I still act like I used to before I met her because I don’t need her validation. Some girls who don’t dig my personality and character surely walk away from me.

But that’s completely fine because putting on an act for months is a hard and useless thing to do.

If you are persistent enough, you eventually meet the kind of girl who is into your character.

Even some who don’t like your personality will certainly feel more attracted to you and stay because of your authenticity.

You need to be your authentic self around girls you’ve just started dating because putting on an act to impress them won’t get you far.

The girl will eventually dump you because you will be communicating neediness and low value.

Again, that is easier said than done. Especially if the woman is hotter than the kind of girls you’re used to getting.

The most common thing that guys do when they meet a new attractive girl is by acting nicer than they actually are.

So they end up walking on eggshells around the girl and this ends up backfiring because it comes from a very wrong mindset- that her value is higher than yours.

Women want to date a man who is doesn’t put them on a pedestal. She wants to feel like she isn’t doing you a favour by dating you.

Unfortunately, most men make it seem like the hot girl will be doing them a favour by dating or having sex with them.

She doesn’t want to date a beggar. She craves a high-value man.

That’s why I always cringe when I hear men tell a woman in a relationship words like “your boyfriend is a lucky guy.”

If you want your new girl to always feel attracted to you, act like you’re on the same level as her.

Ideally, you would want to feel like your value is higher than hers and that she’s lucky to be dating you.

That way you will be able to remain your normal self around her so that she feels more attraction to you instead of pushing her away…

because you aren’t trying to put her on a pedestal.


Keeping a new girl always attracted to you isn’t rocket science.

If you adopt the right mindset, everything will seem to flow effortlessly.

So give the above tips some thought, and put them into action.

In fact, give them a lot of thought and you’ll see your dating experience improve tremendously.

Stay Blessed, bros!

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