5 Simple Ways To Flirt With Girls At Work (With Clear Examples)

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How to flirt with girls at work?

Well, all of us have met those hot girls at our workplaces who every guy including you or even your boss, would want to get a piece of.

But, if you are wondering how you can set yourself apart from all the guys interested in that hot receptionist so that you can hang out with her or make her yours…..

Well, you’ve hit a jackpot because today I’m going to show you how to flirt with a girl who is your workmate.

Flirting will separate you from all the guys interested in her and have her start to chase you.

And I mean this, cause it has ever happened to me. You can have that hot coworker start to chase you in no time.

What does flirting mean?

Flirting means to insinuate sexual attraction in a woman using subtle and playful ways.

Flirting can also be used to subtly or playfully show a girl that you find her sexually attractive. The reverse can also be true but not always.

Some girls just love flirting.

The truth is that many guys when they meet an attractive coworker, instead of flirting with the girl, they do all the wrong things like showering the girl with compliments on her looks and doing all sorts of things that make the girl seem like she so special from other workmates.

….a.k.a, they put the girl on a pedestal!

So if you go ahead and flirt with the girl who is your workmate by playfully teasing her, making prolonged eye contact with her, smiling at her, touching her, complimenting her and using implications, you will have separated yourself from the majority of your workmates.

A ton of guys finds a lot of trouble flirting with girls.

Why Does Flirting With A Girl Who Is Your Workmate Make You Attractive?

It’s simple…..

• It shows the girl that you are a fun and exciting guy.

• It shows that you are confident and assertive.

• You won’t be putting the girl on a pedestal.

• It shows the girl that you don’t take yourself too seriously. It is good for you too.

• You are different from many guys.

Homies! You need to first note a few things, though.

There are some troubles of flirting with your workmates (hahaha)

Here are a few things to note

• You need not come off too strong. More so, if you have a cooperate job. Some flirting techniques like playful touching have to be treated lightly. Do not say I didn’t warn you.

• You may lose your job if your flirting turns into a relationship. Some jobs do not want workmates who are in a relationship.

• You may also lose your job if you keep flirting with a workmate who is also desired by your boss.

• It’s better to just simply flirt and let the girls come to you.

• If the girl doesn’t reciprocate your flirting moves, move on. She will simply not be interested.

• Generally, your flirting should be discreet. You do not want the girl to feel uncomfortable. More so, if she is an introvert and very shy. There are a few girls who are ok with intense flirting, though, your bosses might not like it.

Ok, enough with that!

How To Flirt With A Girl At Work

Let’s get right into it…

1. Make strong eye contact and maintain it with a smile

What you need to do is look at the girl and make sure that you lock eyes.

Without saying anything, make strong and deep eye contact with a smirk. Do not break eye contact until the girl breaks it first.

If she is somewhere a few metres from you, you can give her a simple hi with your hand.


…..while talking to the girl, you can do it while making strong eye contact with a slight and sexy smile or smirk.

2. Touch her.

Now you need to not come off too strong with this at a workplace.

You may need to do some kind of flirting by touching on the girl in situations where you are alone with her or…..

where there are a few people like during very early in the morning when everyone is just reporting for work or late in the evening when the majority of your workmates have left work.

You can playfully touch the girl on innocent parts of her body like

• The back of her arm

• Giving her high fives

• Holding her arm while greeting her

Some places you may need to not touch a girl during working hours

• Putting your arm around her shoulders

• Walking while holding her hand

• Putting your arm around her lower back

• Giving the girl prolonged full-body hugs

• However, there could be a few exceptions to this depending on the type of your job.

Flirting with a girl through touching can be easy and more crucial during the high points of the conversation like when you two are laughing.

This makes the girl associate your touch with good feelings.

Again, you should speak while using gestures so that you find it easy to touch girls and, people in general.

3. Tease the girl

You can flirt with a girl at work by teasing her through playfully misinterpreting her statements, exergarrating what she says and giving rediculous answers to her statements.

For example, if she asks for who came across her pen, with a sarcastic voice, you can reply with something like “Amm! I’ve just seen your pen walking across the road”

…..or something like “It simple! Just get its number and call it”.

Then after a few seconds, you can go ahead and tell her what you know.

If you are alone or during a situation that is not that serious…

with a mischievous look, you can roll a piece of paper and throw it at her.

But bro! Never do the above on your boss.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You may need to accompany your teasing with playful looks or sarcastic voice tonalities so that the girl knows that you are being playful.

You can also apply playful teasing on your other workmates. This will show the girl that you are a sociable person and that people like you.

Girls put some good emphasis on a guy’s social status.

4. Compliment her.

This is also a good way to flirt with your workmate discreetly.

All you need to do is compliment her on something she has placed effort into like her clothes, accessories and shoes.

Never on her looks.

Complimenting on a girl’s looks who is not your girlfriend is low value and kiss assy.

For example, while she is seated and looking at her phone you can text her something like…

“hey! Honestly, you look lovely in that short red skirt while seated there”.

If she had saved your number, she will probably look around for you. If she sees you, you can smile and wave to her.

If she had not saved your number, this will be, again, super cool.

Because you will have added another important thing in there….

And that thing is….


Trust me when I tell you that the girl will try hard to find out through friends, for example,

….. who texted her that compliment.

And when she finds out that you were the one, she will be super amused.

5. Use an implication

This is simple….

If the girl says that she likes something, you can use her statement to say something that implies you like her.

You are getting confused, right!

Let me illustrate it using an example….

Let’s say a girl says that she is into fishing.

You can use an implication by replying with a statement like “Am into girls who love fishing” or “I find girls who love fishing sexy!”

Implications are a good flirting technique because they introduce mystery in your interactions with girls.

Sometimes, you may not want to directly let the girl know that you are into her.

More so, when she isn’t so interested in you or if she hasn’t invested in you.

That’s why it not cool, like some of your workmates, to keep telling your hot workmates that they look hot, cute and treating them special.

If you give a girl a ton of validation or attention without having invested in you or without earning it, that will be your end with her.

But if you give a girl a genuine and indirect compliment, she will not be so sure whether you like her or not.

So, she will invest in you by always thinking about you. You will get her attention.

You can’t get a girl’s attention by giving her generic and overt compliments on her looks.

More Thoughts

A good number of relationships have begun from workplaces. Though, you shouldn’t put a lot of efforts into meeting girls at your workplace.

But you can be receptive to it.

It goes without saying that girls who are at your job for internship are low risk to flirt with compared to fulltime workmates.

So you can always look out for internship students.

It is much safer to get into a relationship with an internship student

You should always remember that flirting isn’t the end.

If the girl is reciprocating your flirting, you need to ask her out or set up to meet her in person.

A beautiful woman taking coffee with a man on their first date.

You need to hit the iron while it’s still hot and soft.

If you delay, she may lose interest or date some else.

Dating is super fast in the 21st-century bro!

As I said, some girls will flirt with you because they love it not because they are interested. These girls are called flirts.

So you need to filter out time-wasters…

By asking the girl out.

So that is it hommies!

How Can You Flirt With A Girl At Work, in summary?

• Make prolonged eye contact with a smile

• Touch the girl

• Playfully tease the girl

• Compliment her

• Use an implication

Well, you’ve made it to the end. I’d love it if you share this article with your friends if you have digged it.

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