6 Simple Tips To Keep A Hot Girl’s Attention

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If the girl you like is above average in looks, that’s where problems come in: she’ll have so many guys who are interested in her.

But, if you want to stand out, you must know how to keep the girl’s attention so that she’s always thinking about you.

If a girl can’t keep thinking about you, then she will not develop love and attraction to you.


How do you get girls you interact with to be always thinking about you instead of the other guys?

How do you keep a girl always attracted to you?

How can you keep the girl always eager to see you?

How do you get a girl to be the one who always contacts you first?

How do you make sure that the girls you interact with never forget about you?

That’s what I’m going to be talking about with you today.

Let’s get started.


How To Keep An Attractive Girl’s Attention

#1. Improve your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem will determine how the girl will see you.

Realise that you are an attractive guy, and you will behave accordingly.

Remember, our behaviours are a reflection of our thoughts.

Try to work on your weaknesses and improve on your strengths.

If you can’t change your weaknesses, ignore them, and focus on your strengths.

For example, girls find deep voices attractive.

So instead of feeling miserable because you have a natural high pitched-voice…

you can focus on improving other aspects of body language cues that can help you pull hot girls.

The same applies to shorter guys.

You can improve your self-worth by.

  • Working out regularly.
  • Eating healthy foods.
  • Surrounding yourself with optimistic people.
  • Dressing well. Check out this page to improve your looks because looks matter to women.

#2. Improve your body language.

Body postures

This will help you stand out and become memorable in so many ways because so many guys have poor body language.

Many guys can’t keep strong eye contact with a girl, they walk with their heads down, they walk fast and always keep their hands in their pockets.

Look at actors like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio. They look more attractive to girls than other male celebrities. 

Why? Because of the way they carry themselves.

They have body language cues that are so attractive to girls.

For example, they;

  • Have relaxed eyelids.
  • Walk slowly.
  • Talk slowly.
  • Smile with a sexy smirk.
  • Take up space when sitting.
  • Walk with their heads high.

All these are traits attract girls at the primal level.

When you adopt these attractive body language cues, girls will be associating you with all these actors they fantasise about in movies.

You will always have a girl’s attention because you are so different from all the guys who are chasing her 24/7.

#3. Focus on improving your life.

When you are focused on creating an awesome life you enjoy, you’ll have less time for chasing a girl.

This will make her wonder why you are not chasing her. She expects it. It’s what most guys she dates do.

When you are not eager to reach out to a girl, for example, after your first date, it will build intrigue and tension which will keep the girl thinking about you.

Many guys do not have a lot of things going on in their lives, so that, when they start dating a hot girl, she immediately becomes the best thing in their life.

They focus most of their energy, emotions and focus on the girl.

They want to hang out and spend most of their time with the girl.

This causes the girl to lose attraction. The girl loses attraction to a guy because there is no space.

If you want a girl to keep thinking about you and get her total attention, you must give her space to miss you.

If you want to be unforgettable, you must give the girl opportunity to wonder about you.

And you’ll automatically pull that off if you’re busy making your life better.

And always remember that attraction builds in space.

#4. Build an emotional connection.

Women are very sensitive to emotions. If you want a girl to always think about you, then you must appeal to her emotions.

A girl will always remember you based on how you made her feel.

If you do not build an emotional connection with a girl, she will probably not remember anything about you.

The best way to building an emotional connection with a girl is by engaging in emotional conversations and letting the girl do most of the talking during a conversation.

You want the girl to share the experiences that made her feel certain emotions.

Sometimes, you can come in and share experiences where you felt similar emotions.

For example, if a girl talks about an experience that made her feel anxious, you can also relate by talking about an event that made you feel anxious.

Basically you want the majority of your conversations to be about topics like gossip, music, food while avoiding logical topics like politics, business and sports.

Save those logical conversations for your guy friends.

Girls are always going to keep thinking about you if you appeal to their emotions.

That’s why some girls become attracted to jerks and forget about the nice guy.

It is because nice guys engage in a lot of logical conversations with girls, but jerks make a girl feel various emotions.

I’m not suggesting that you become a jerk because the jerk makes girls feel a lot of psychologically negative emotions like fear, guilt, regret, sadness, and hate.

Secondly, girls who become attracted to jerks are always messed up and have low self-esteem.

But you shouldn’t become a nice guy either.

Instead of becoming a jerk, you should make a girl feel various positive emotions like excitement, pride, happiness, gratitude, desire and joy and a few negative emotions like doubt and fear.

For example,  you can make a girl feel desired when you compliment her or ask her out, but make her feel uncertain when you spend a few days without reaching out to her.

Most guys get it wrong when they make the girl feel emotions of desire only.

These guys always reach out to a girl and shower her with compliments and flowers all the time.

What if you didn’t have an opportunity to engage in a long conversation with a girl: for example while you were approaching or texting her?

How can you appeal to their emotions?

Good questions.

Flirt or playfully tease the girls.

#5. Be unpredictable.

Assuming the girl you like is hot and attractive, you must be a bit different from all the guys who are interested in her.

Not in the external things you possess like how cool your car, house or clothes are, but in the way you behave or interact with the girl.

When you meet an attractive girl, like when you approach her or when out on a date…

you do not want to do the same thing as all other guys who take her out or approach her.

You do not want to take her for a dinner or movie first date, try to impress her, brag on the cool things you have and engage in logical conversations.

When most guys start dating a girl who is attractive and hot, they all do the same thing.

And what is that thing?

What’s that one thing that screws most guys over and over?

Yeah, you guessed it right.

They try to impress the girl to win her approval and validation.

That is a low-value thing to do because it signals insecurity and neediness.

If you want to keep a girl’s attention and be memorable, she’s got to perceive you as a high-value guy.

You should always strive to become a high-value guy.

If you have not become a high-value guy yet, then you need to act like one: by not trying to win a girl’s approval.

If impressing a girl doesn’t work, what do you need to do instead?

Focus on having your fun and amusing yourself.

Forget about all those “dating for idiots” articles that say that you need to impress a girl.

Whenever you try to impress a girl, you will be seeking her approval. And seeking a woman’s approval is a low-value move.

When interacting with girls, focus on what is making you feel excited and happy not what makes the girl happy.

That’s what is going to make look unpredictable. Beautiful girls always expect guys to impress them. They think they’re the prize. 

So if you show her that you’re not affected by her ‘pretty girl spell’, you’re going to catch her by surprise.

For example, when a beautiful girl says something boring, show her that you are bored.

If you think something is funny to you, say it without worrying whether it will make her laugh or not.

When you have that fun vibe around a girl, you will stand out from all other guys who are always walking on eggshells around her.

They walk on eggshells around the girl because they are seeking her approval.

They do not want to say or do anything that may upset the girl. They won’t risk losing her validation.

#6. Be polarising.

As I said, hot girls have a lot of dudes who want to date them.

If you want to stand out, another way of doing it is by willing to say what is on your mind.

Do not filter yourself.

When you are around her, do what comes naturally to you.

Do not self analyze or second guess yourself.

You will analyse your interaction or date when you are no longer with the girl, not when you are with the girl.

When you are with a girl, like when out on a date or during an approach…

remember you are not at a job interview!

You always need to say the right thing at a job interview because you need a job to the access essentials of life like food and health care.

But you do not need a girl. You just want her.

No one has ever died because they didn’t have sex, or they are not in a relationship.

You think you need her probably because you are horny or every one of your friends has a girlfriend or family is putting a lot of pressure on you to get one.

Success in attracting hot girls comes from having a carefree vibe and not putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

If you are willing to risk saying anything stupid or controversial by being polarising, a girl can never forget you.

She will always remember you because guys like you are super rare. You’re bold and not a p*say like all the guys she usually meets.

It is rare for a hot girl to meet a guy who says whatever he wants without seeking the beautiful woman’s approval.

Outside dating, people, in general, will like and respect you more. They will respect you more because you are authentic by speaking your mind.

Being polarizing will help you to become successful in your life and attracting hot women will be a bonus.

For example, look at polarising people in our societies, they are highly successful.

People like CEOs. People like Kanye West, Donald Trump, Mohamad Ali, Malcolm X.

They are people who often say what they want without caring about what anybody thinks of them.

And a lot of people like them and enjoy being around them.

I can tell you one encouraging thing if you are scared of being polarizing!

Even if you decide to always say the best thing that people want to hear, someone somewhere will be offended by your character.

And worst of all, you will have regret and hate for yourself.

You will hate yourself because you weren’t true to yourself.

So long as what you say doesn’t insult or intended to hurt someone, then you should say it.

You will continue to improve through practice and course correction.


How do make a woman want to start a relationship with you or want to hook up with you?

Make her draw all her attention from all the guys interested in her and keep it locked on you.

Because a girl can’t fall in love with you if she isn’t thinking about you.

But how do you keep a girl thinking about you?

You must behave differently from all other dudes that are interested in her.

And that’s it, for now.

Comment below to let me know what you think about the topic.

How do you keep a hot girl’s attention, in summary?

1. Improve your self-esteem

2. Improve your body language

3. Focus on improving your life

4. Build an emotional connection

5. Be unpredictable

6. Be polarising

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