7 Simple Ways To Flirt With A Girl In College

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Way back in 2014, when I had just joined college, I found it super hard flirting with girls.

Whenever I would interact with an attractive girl, I felt nervous and lost.

I didn’t know what to do exactly whenever I found myself in front of a hot girl who I wanted to show that am interested in or get her to hang out with me.

Because of my thorough research and a lot of trial and error, you will not need to go through exactly what I had to go through.

In this article, am going to show you how to flirt with girls in college through playful teasing, playful touching, giving genuine compliments, making strong eye contact with a smirk, whispering in a girl’s ear, getting close to the girl and using implications.

There is a sad truth when it comes to flirting among guys.

And that truth is……

A huge number of guys find it hard flirting with girls. Guys find trouble flirting because it is subtle and indirect.

Flirting is subtle and indirect yet, as men, we are naturally wired to be direct and logical.

So when some guys meet a girl they like, instead of showing their interest or building some attraction through flirtation, they instead do the wrong things…..

like bragging, trying to impress a girl and convincing the girl to like them using logic.

Girls, naturally, want you to signal your interest in them using indirect means like flirting.

With all that said…

But …..

What Does Flirting Mean?

Flirting means subtle and playful actions and statements that trigger sexual attraction in a girl.

The same subtle and playful actions and statements can be used to signal to a girl that you find her attractive.

Girls also use playful and subtle flirting actions and statements to signal their interest in guys they find attractive.

Since it can be really hard to read a girl’s signals of interest, you may need to check them out.

Why Do You Even Need To Flirt With Girls

• Flirting creates sexual attraction as we shall see later.

• Flirting will help you signal your sexual interest to a girl. So, you won’t get friend-zoned.

• Flirting will help you know which girls are interested in you. So that you know which ones are worth pursuing. A girl who won’t reciprocate your flirting will simply not be interested in you.

• Flirting helps to create sexual tension in a girl. Sexual tension is that intense and relentless desire that one feels to have sex with the opposite sex.

• It is the best way to communicate your sexual desire to a girl. If you verbally tell a girl that you like her, it will make you look desperate.

Why Does Flirting Build Sexual Attraction In A Girl

• Some flirting techniques like strong eye contact and playful touching show the girl that you are super confident.

• Flirting through playful teasing, for example, shows the girl that you do not put her on a pedestal. Putting a girl on a pedestal means showing the girl that she is above you. It means showing a girl that she has a higher value than you. And it isn’t cool.

• Flirting will make the girl laugh. It will show her that you have a sense of humour. A trait that girls find attractive in guys.

• Flirting will give you an unfair advantage in dating since many guys are terrible at flirting.

How To Flirt With A Girl In College

1. Make strong eye contact with a smirk

If it’s a girl you want to flirt with, make eye contact with her, maintain the eye contact for a prolonged time with a smirk until the girls look away first.

A smirk means smiling with your eyes while closing your mouth and slightly tilting your lips to one or both sides.

A sexy man putting on a smirk

While making prolonged eye contact, you shouldn’t look away first lest you show a lack of confidence and weakness.

You can even go on and give the girl a simple wave with your hand.

This works perfectly, for example, in between classes or before classes waiting for the lecturer or teacher.

You can also do the same to girls who aren’t your classmates during social events like parties or lunch breaks.

2. Touching the girl

Touching a girl can also be used to subtly let the girl know that you like her.

However, you shouldn’t just touch the girl anywhere you feel like lest you be charged with sexual assault or make the girl feel uncomfortable around you.

Seriously, you do not want to touch a girl in a way that will disgrace her or make her feel like a whore in front of other students.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid touching the girl on her sexual parts like her breasts and butt without her consent.

That seems obvious but I used to see some guys doing it in high school and college but it always backfired at them.

So how should you touch a girl in a sexual but responsible way

• Give her high fives

• Hold her hand for a prolonged time when greeting her. While you keep making strong eye contact with a smile

• Hold her hand while walking through campus

• Place your arm around her shoulders.

• Place your arm at the lower part of her back. This is safer if you two are alone or somewhere out of class.

• Have her sit on your laps. Some girls will intentionally sit on your laps a clear signal that they like you.

• Give her a full-body hug for a prolonged time.

• Place your arm around her waist. Be careful with this one, though.

If the girl feels uncomfortable with your touch, it is better to let it go immediately.

If you force it, you will look desperate and it may make the girl lose all the interest in you.

3. Tease girls.

Teasing means to playfully mess up with the girl or make fun of her.

While teasing a girl, you may have to couple it with playful facial gestures and an exaggerated voice tonality so that the girl knows you are being sarcastic.

Teasing can be done verbally using statements like giving rediculous answers to her questions and intentionally misinterpreting her statements.

Teasing can also be physical, for example, by playfully pushing her away when she says something sarcastic or wrapping a piece of paper and throwing it at her while you are in class waiting for the lecturer.

4. Use implications

Assuming a girl from a different class tells you that she offers psychology, you can say something like “I find girls who offer psychology sexy”.

This implies that you like her. It creates mystery.

You will get her attention because she will keep thinking about you.

So that whenever she sees you around campus, she will have thoughts like “It seems that guy likes me!”.

She won’t be so sure.

5. Whisper in her ear.

During a party, you can use an excuse of the loud music to whisper a compliment in the girl’s ear or anything else.

You can also whisper in her ear in other situations other than parties like during class while taking lunch and at any other social event.

Whispering in a girl’s ear helps you to touch the girl and break the physical barrier.

6. Give the girl a genuine compliment.

While attending a boring lecture, you can write on a piece of paper something like “Hey, its Chris! You look cute in those shoes” or “That dress has made you look sexy to me” and then send it to her.

You can even compliment her in the form of a text message or directly one on one.

Complimenting a girl lets her know, subtly, that you find her attractive.

You can compliment her on;

• Her dress

• Her plaited hair

• Her shoes

• Her accessories

• Her passions or skills

Basically, you want to compliment a girl on something she has placed effort into.

You will need to avoid complimenting a girl on her looks. For example, on her eyes, legs, boobs, butt and face.


• It isn’t genuine.

• It is what guys who suck up to her do. So if go ahead and compliment on her looks, she will immediately drop you in the simp category where she dropped all the guys who told her she had the cutest clips on the planet.

• It kills all the mystery.

• It kills the challenge that girls love. In the beginning, you may not want to show the girl that you are so into her.

• Those compliments aren’t new to her. An average beautiful girl will start hearing compliments about her looks the moment she turns 13.

It becomes perfect if you follow up the compliment with a question.

For example, if the girl is good at singing, you can say something like “You have a nice voice! How did you get into music?”

Following up a compliment with a question is very good because it is the exact opposite of saying that the girl has adorable eyes.

The later shows that you are trying to impress the girl and you are seeking her approval.

Whilst the former lets the girl prove herself to you.

As if all those advantages aren’t enough…

it will also keep your conversation with the girl going instead of the girl just saying thank you for the conversation to stop there.

Another advantage of that …….

It will help you to build an emotional connection with the girl.

Studies show that when we open ourselves to others, we develop a strong connection to them.

So by getting her to talk about her passions, she will feel an emotional connection towards you.

7. Reduce the physical distance

A man flirting and sitting close to a woman

While alone with a girl, you can sit close to her.

Or during a party, you can stand close to the girl with your arm around her shoulders or place at the lower part of her back.

Reducing the physical distance will help you to create that sexual tension.

It will also make other forms of flirting like making strong eye contact with a girl or touching her easy.

Final thoughts

Flirting with girls in college isn’t rocket science. It’s about doing the above small things that will skyrocket your dating success.

However, you shouldn’t overdo the flirting. You do not need to tease a girl all the time or keep complimenting her on everything.

Last but not least, if a girl flirts back, you need to move the interaction forward….

for example, by going for a kiss or taking her back to your/her residence or asking her to hangout.

I used to have some time wasters who would just flirt with me and with so many other guys just for the love of it and getting male attention.

So you will need to avoid these time wasters by moving your interactions to the next level.

If she doesn’t go with your flow, it will be time to move on and pursue other girls or concentrate on your studies.

So, bro, that is it for now!

In summary…

How To Flirt With A Girl In College

• Make strong eye contact with a smirk

• Touch the girl

• Playfully tease her

• Use implications

• Whisper in her ear

• Give the girl a genuine compliment

• Reduce the physical distance

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