7 Tips To Keep Your Phone conversations With Girls Long, And Fun.

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Keeping a conversation long, and/or fun over a phone call can be challenging to so many guys.

It easy for you to end up saying, and doing all the wrong things that will make the girl lose attraction to you in no time.

If you have the same challenge….

Today I am going to show you exactly what you need to keep your conversations on phone with a girl long, and fun.

You will learn what you will need to talk about, how you will talk about it, and what you will need to say to raise the girl’s attraction to you.

You can keep phone conversations with a girl long, and fun by being humorous, not taking the phone conversation too seriously, asking the girl open-ended questions, avoiding too much use of road-block phrases, avoiding or limit asking the girl interview questions, talking about emotionally relevant topics, Being polarizing, and Focusing on amusing yourself.


Should You Be Having Long Conversations With A Girl Via A Phone Call?

Well, I must say…

It depends.


If you have just met the girl, you shouldn’t be engaging in Long conversations on phone.


She will soon get bored, and lose the attraction to you.

In the initial stages of dating, you shouldn’t be giving a girl too much of your attention.

Secondly, you shouldn’t be engaging in long conversations on phone with a girl if her attraction to you is still low, or if she still has less interest in you.


You will become too available.

This makes you less valuable in the girl’s eyes.

And she may lose all the attraction she has to you.

Remember, attraction grows in space.

So, you need to give the girl some space for her attraction to you to grow.

However, you should keep reading to know how you can keep your phone conversations with girls fun, how you can set up a date, and what you should be doing right.

Let’s continue…

We have seen that engaging in long conversations on the phone with a girl you have just met, or a girl who has less interest in you is a bad idea.

So, what should you be doing instead?

First, I didn’t mean that you shouldn’t engage in conversations with girls via phone call altogether.

But, instead…

You should engage in short, flirty, playful, and light-hearted phone conversations at first.

See: How you can flirt with a girl on the phone to get her attracted to you.

Then, above all, ask the girl to hang out, or meet up in person.

This should be the goal of your phone conversations with girls you have just met a girl who has less interest in you.

However, if the girl is highly interested in you, and/or she is already your girlfriend, it can be ok to engage in long phone conversations with a girl.

And that’s part of what we are going to look at in the following part of the article.


We shall look at how you can keep your phone conversations with a girl fun, and Interesting.

Let’s get straight to it…

How To Keep Your Phone Conversations With A Girl Long, And/Or Fun.

1. Never take the phone conversations with a girl too seriously.

Being nervous, and anxious is what makes guys have boring phone conversations with girls.

Never taking the phone conversations too seriously will help you to give off your natural fun vibe, and feel less anxious.

You won’t feel like you have run out things to say.

Since you will be giving off a fun vibe, the girl will also have fun.

So that when you finally ask her to hang out, she will be much more likely to accept.

If it’s the girl you have just known, and she has started laughing and enjoying your fun vibe….

It could be the perfect time to close the deal…

By setting up the date.

You can say anything like ….

“You have amazing energy. I always go to the beach on day x, and time y. I would love it if you join me.”

So, you should never take your phone conversations with girls to seriously, and your conversations will, effortlessly, be exciting, and Interesting.

This brings me to the next point….

2. Never filter yourself during your phone conversations with girls.

This means that you say whatever crosses your mouth without second-guessing yourself.

So long as it isn’t intended to offend the girl.

Feeling nervous, and anxious because you are constantly overthinking what you need to say will turn off the girl big time.

You will look indecisive, and unsure of yourself.

You will look less confident.

So, whenever you are on a phone conversation with a girl, never self-analyse yourself.

Don’t feel like you need to say the perfect thing to get the girl to like you.

And, this brings me to the following point,

3. Focus on amusing yourself.

Instead of focusing on trying to say the correct things that will impress the girl, you should focus on amusing yourself and having fun.

If you have fun while talking to a girl on phone…

She will also start to feel your fun vibe, and your phone conversation will feel interesting.

To both of you.

Scientific research shows that emotions are highly contagious.

This implies that whenever you have fun talking to, the girl will also feel excited too.

That’s why you feel sad whenever you watch a sad scene of a movie.

That’s the same reason you are always discouraged from surrounding yourself with negative, and pessimistic people.

Therefore, focus on amusing yourself, and your phone conversations with girls shall feel Interesting without even trying.

4. Ask the girl open-ended questions.

This prevents your phone conversations with girls from being short, predictable, and boring.

Open-ended questions are questions that will warrant the girl to respond with details.

They will help you to;

• strengthen your emotional bond with the girl because she will be opening up to you.

• get the girl to qualify herself to you.

• keep your phone conversation with the girl long.

• keep your phone conversation fun for the girl because girls love talking about themselves.

You can ask the girl open-ended questions like;

• What was your most exciting experience this week?

• What has been keeping you busy during the weekend?

• You have so much energy. What do you love doing for fun?

• What would any guy like about you besides being pretty?

• What was your most exciting childhood memory?

5. Your conversations should be about emotionally relevant topics.

If your conversations are about emotionally relevant topics;

• The girl will talk more (which, you want) because girls are more conversant about emotionally relevant topics, and love such topics.

• You will build an emotional connection with the girl.

• Your conversations will be fun, and long.

Examples of emotionally relevant topics;

• Home decoration.

• Celebrity Gossip.

• Music.

• Fashion.

• Trips/Travel/Tours/Vacations.

• Childhood memories.

• And many more topics that are emotionally relevant, and interest a lot of women.

At the same time, you should avoid bringing up logical, and heavy topics into your phone conversations with girls.

If you want a girl to become sexually attracted to you…..

Then you will need to appeal to her emotions.

But, if you want to get friend-zoned you should start bringing up heavy, and logical topics into your conversations with girls.

Heavy, and logical topics to avoid;

• Religion.

• Politics.

• Sports

• Business

• Games.

• And many more topics that interest you while hanging out with the guys.

Logical topics tend to be boring to the majority of girls.

And girls tend to be less conversant in such topics.

One way of noticing a topic that could be boring to a girl is if the topic is about an industry that is dominated by men.

The reverse could be true for emotionally relevant topics that girls love.

Remember, during your conversations you should let the girl do the majority of the talking.

So, your conversations must be about topics that girls are more conversant in or love.

6. Limit the use of road-block phrases.

Road-block phrases are statements that completely kill the flow of the conversation.

Road-block phrases never encourage the girl to talk more and open up more.

These are phrases like;

• Ok.

• That’s cool.

• That’s awesome.

• Fine.

• Great!

Such phrases will make the girl work hard to keep the conversation going.

Unless the girl is super interested in you, she would not want to work hard to keep the conversation going.

If you keep using road-block phrases in your phone conversations with girls who do not have much interest in you….

They would want to immediately exit your conversations because they are boring.

So, what should you be doing?

Instead of using road-block phrases, use open-ended statements.

Use statements that will show the girl that you are genuinely listening to her, and that will warrant her to keep talking.

You can use open-ended statements like;

• Really!

• I can’t believe that happened to you!

• Am curious!

• Repeat some statements she has said in a conversation.

• Predict what she is about to say in a conversation, and say it.

• Ooohh!

7. Limit interview questions.

These are questions that make the girl respond with short, and factual responses.

They keep the conversations short, and at a surface level banter.

Interview questions like;

• Where is that?

• What’s your name?

• In which year are you?

• Which college do you go to?

• How far is it?

• Where is it found?

Those questions will make the girl want to exit the conversation faster than a hungry cheetah running after a young antelope.

So, what should you do instead?

It’s simple ……

Start with a short conversation, then ask the girl an open-ended question about an emotionally relevant topic.

For example, you can start by talking about a music concert you went to (so that you can get the girl warmed up for a conversation), and finally ask the girl about what she loves doing for fun.


You can use assumptions.

What you do is by simply guessing the answer to a particular question you would want to ask a girl.

Let me explain more using an example….

Let’s say you want to know the girl’s name…

Instead of asking the girl for her name directly which is kinda boring, and she expects any guy to do the same a.k.a predictable….

You can simply use an assumption by guessing her name.

You can say anything like…

“You’re Jennifer. Right?”

Well, this will make your phone conversation fun, and unpredictable.

It will introduce a mystery.


Either way…

If you guess it right, she would want to know how you did it.

If you guess it wrong, she’d want to know why you think she’s called Jennifer.

You can even use assumptions instead of all the other interview questions.

Like if you would want to know where she comes from, her year in college, where she is going, and so many others.


You should always remember that if it’s a girl you’ve just met, your phone conversations should be aimed at setting up a date.

If you don’t and keep engaging in pointless phone conversations you might as well end up getting friend-zoned, or the girl will get bored, and lose attraction to you.

However, you can use the above advice to keep your phone conversations with a girl fun.

If a girl is highly attracted to you, or if you are in a long-distance relationship…

It could be ok to keep your conversations long, and the above advice will work for you.

So, friends, that’s it!

Those were my 7 simple tips to keep your phone conversations with girls long, and fun.

You can leave some comments below to let me know what you think about the topic.

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