7 Tips To Flirt With A Girl On A First Date (What You Need To Avoid)

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How can you flirt with a girl during your first date?

Gentlemen! Let’s get real for a second.

Most guys find a lot of trouble when it comes to flirting with a girl during a first date.

But, if you’re like most guys you probably do the wrong things like bragging and constantly overthinking about what you need to do.

Since you have come to this article, I’m going to be showing you how you can flirt with a girl on a first date.

But, what does this thing called flirting even mean!

Flirting means that you insinuate sexual attraction in a girl using ways that are subtle or playful or both. At the same time, flirting can be used to show your sexual desire in a girl using subtle and playful ways.

Why Is Flirting Important During A First Date

Hey, you need to first know this!

Just because a girl is hanging out with doesn’t mean that she is completely sold.

Chances are you may not see that girl for your second date.

Just because a girl is hanging out with you doesn’t mean that she is so interested in you.

A girl may hang out with you for several other reasons besides finding you attractive.

• Maybe she was bored that Saturday evening.

• She could have wanted free food or drinks.

• She was pressured by friends

• She didn’t want to reject you and make you feel bad

• Maybe you were so persistent.

For whatever reason she went out with you, there is still an opportunity to build and increase attraction.

Because she isn’t completely sold yet, you will increase her interest levels and attraction using flirting.

If you do the wrong things, her attraction for you may fall and so, you may never see her for another date.

This time, we are going to see how you can build and increase a girl’s attraction in subtle and playful ways.

So let’s dive right in….

How To Flirt With A Girl During A First Date

#1. Touch The Girl Enough.

This is one of the main reasons why you had to meet the girl in person.

Bro, don’t be like those guys who hang out with girls because that is what everyone else is doing.

You are hanging out with the girl because you want to flirt with her one on one. You want to build that strong sexual tension.

So you should always touch the girl during your first date.

Ways you can flirt with a girl on your first date through touch include, but not limited to;

• Hold her hand as you are walking together

• Put your arm around her shoulders

• Put your arm at her lower back

• Give her a high five during the high points of your conversations

• Give her hugs from time to time. And, I don’t mean those lame hugs where everyone is bending.

I mean hugs where you and the girl are standing straight with almost every part of your upper bodies touching.

If you are super tall, then you can lift her a bit.

Like I said before, a girl may go out with you even if she doesn’t like you.

So touching her often will help you to test her interest levels.

Testing to see if a girl likes you is super important because you would want to spend your precious time and energy on girls who are worth pursuing.

However, it goes without saying that you should never take a girl for movies or dinners for your first and, even second date.

Come on bro I don’t think you can be that predictable!

This brings me to next point.

#2. Get Close To The Girl.

A man standing next to an attractive woman
Getting close to the girl will help break the touch barrier.

Remember she is not your friend. So while you are at that coffee or ice cream shop you need to sit close to her so that you can easily touch her.

If possible, you should share the same seat or you can even have her sit on your laps.

#3. Make Strong Eye Contact.

When you are out on your first date, you need to often make deep and prolonged eye contact with the girl.

This can help you build that strong sexual tension.

During your conversations, you can intentionally create a moment of silence.

Then during the moment of silence, make strong eye contact with the girl without uttering a single word.

This is what is called flirting with a girl on your first date.

This act alone can build an intense sexual attraction in a girl because;

• It shows confidence

• It signals to the girl that you are a strong and bold guy

• It builds sexual tension

• It is mysterious

So during those moments of silence do not be like those guys who start to feel awkward and panic to restart the conversation.

You can also use this moment of silence to test and see if the girl is interested in you or let her invest in the conversation.


Well, it’s simple….

Wait and see if she restarts the conversation. Do not restart it. Let her take the effort to restart the conversation.

#4. Smile.

By smiling I mean, you smile with eyes, not your mouth. You smile with your mouth closed……

…..without showing your teeth.

Like when you are making eye contact with the girl, you’ll need to accompany it with a smirk.

So it becomes eye contact, with a smirk.

#5. Compliment The Girl.

You need to compliment the girl in a way that shows her that you find her attractive.

Do not misunderstand this…..

You should never compliment the girl about her looks until she is your girlfriend or if you are so sure that she is so attracted to you.

You can tell her something as simple as “You look so lovely in that dress tonight”

#6. Whisper In Her Ear From Time To Time.

Right off the bat, you are subtly showing her that you are considering her as someone you would want to be more than friends with.

This will help you to build sexual tension.

For example, while complimenting her using the above example, you can just whisper the compliment in her ear.

This also helps you to break the touch barrier.

#7. Tease Her.

Teasing can mean sending mixed signals or messing up with the girl in a playful way.

You can tease her about her mannerisms, the way she dresses and the way you reply to her questions.

Teasing a girl will come in a form of different ways like;

• Pretending to misunderstand her statements or questions.

For example, if she asks you a question “Where do you stay?” You can reply with “I do not take girls to my place on our first date.”

• Exaggerating her statements.

• Physically tease her. Like throwing a piece of anything like paper at her or intentionally bumping into her or anything sort of playful.

• Playfully tease her on what she wants.

If she says she is into cats. You can say something like, with a playful look, “I hate girls who like cats. All those kind of girls end up stalking me”.

Of course, she will see that you are being sarcastic and she will laugh.

Basically, as you are teasing girls you need to make sure that you accompany teasing with playful looks on your face, exaggerated facial gestures and playful voice tonalities.

You want the girl to realise that you are just being sarcastic and playful.

As a flirting technique, teasing builds attraction because;

• It shows that you are a confident guy who isn’t afraid to tease the girl.

Trust me when I say that when some guys go on a date with a hot girl, they spend the entire date bragging and sucking up to the girl.

• It makes the girl laugh. It lets her have a fun time during your date. Humour is so attractive to women.

• It makes the girl feel comfortable and relaxed instead of being nervous during the date.

Because you are not an uptight guy who takes life too seriously.

• Above all, it separates you from most guys she’s ever met. Most guys don’t tease girls. They would rather try hard to impress her.

What You Need To Avoid When Flirting With A Girl During Your First Date.

#1. Do Not Over Do The Flirting.

You do not want to tease the girl on every question she asks you or on every statement she makes. It will just look weird if you overdo it.

#2. Do Not Reveal Too Much

Bro! If you kill the mystery, then flirting might not work.

So you should let the girl do a lot of the talking.

When a girl asks me a question during a first date, I make sure that give her a superficial answer. I never dig deep.

When a girl shares more about herself to me, she will feel more connected to me. When I share more about myself to her, the reverse isn’t true.

Share a little about yourself so that you can build intrigue.

Basically, make sure you get to know more about her than she knows about you.

#3. Don’t Think You Need To Impress Her.

A man trying to impress a woman

This is what keeps most guys from flirting.

They think they need to show a girl how cool and confident they are by bragging. But this is a low-value move.

Thinking that you need to impress a girl will just make you feel nervous and anxious during your date. You won’t socially vibe the right way.

If I want to show a girl that am cool, confident and worth dating.

I do it by making strong eye contact with a smile, teasing her, not giving her lame compliments, showing her that am not phased by her shit tests, not taking my date with her too seriously and things like that.

Thinking that you need to work for a girl’s approval just makes look lame.

And, above all, it is never fun at all.

You want your interactions with a girl to be fun. That’s why your first date should be informal and not a romantic one.

So friend!

Final Thoughts On This.

If you want to make flirting with a girl on your first date to seem effortless, do not take the date too seriously.

You are on a date to have fun. Focus on the right now.

Do not put too much focus on what you will get out of the date.

Focus on having fun while flirting with the girl. The results will take care of themselves.

To Recap.

How Can You Flirt With A Girl During Your First Date?

• Touch the girl enough

• Be close to the girl

• Make strong eye contact

• Smile

• Compliment the girl

• Whisper in her ear

• Tease her

What you should avoid.

• Do not overdo the flirting.

• Do not reveal too much.

• Do not think that you need to impress the girl.

If you fall short of the above, do not sweat it. Because friends, no one is perfect.

I hope this article has helped you    (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share on social media.)

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