8 Attractive Ways To Respond When a Girl Doesn’t Text Back.

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You met a girl. Maybe from tinder or your social circle.

At first, everything was nice and fine because she liked you, and you liked her.

You messaged her and she messaged you straight away. But, after a few weeks, she started acting kind of cold and distant.

She started replying to your messages after minutes, hours and then days.

Now she is not replying to your texts at all. You can feel she’s losing interest.

Now, what should you do?

Most guys make the mistake of emotionally reacting and messaging the girl more and more.

But, this is a very huge and terrible mistake. It just pushes the girl away.

When a girl stops replying to your messages and you respond by texting her more and more, it makes you look less attractive.

You will look needy, weak, and desperate.

You will become less attractive to the hot girl. And she will respond to your messages less and less.

Attractive Ways To Respond When A Girl Doesn’t Text Back.

#1. Stop messaging her.

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This will prevent you from looking needy and desperate for a hot girl’s attention.

So do not send her any message until she gets back to you.

There is no “magical” message that is going to make a girl who stopped texting you start texting you.

How I wish that magical message was there.

The major solution to this problem is to change your attitude.

If you know that you are a high-value guy who other girls find attractive, how would you respond to such a situation?

You do not send the girl any more message the moment she stops replying.

When you stop messaging a girl who is not replying to your messages, you will always win because;

(i) If she is still interested in you, she will get back to you.

But if you chase her, she will lose any interest because it makes you look desperate and less attractive to the girl.

When she gets back to you at this moment, she will be way more interested in you. You will look more attractive to her.

Girls, sometimes, will immediately stop texting you or take longer to reply to your texts as a way of subconsciously testing your strength, confidence, and self-esteem.

(ii) If she lost interest, and she is no longer interested in you, then you will have saved your time and energy.

You will have saved time and energy chasing a girl who is simply not interested in you.

Chasing a girl who is not interested in you never works.

It just pushes the girl away. It doesn’t make the girl become attracted to you.

Persistence will help you to improve in your career or achieve your goals, but not in getting a girl to be sexually attracted to you.

Channel that energy to pursuing girls who find you attractive and improving your life.

Chasing a girl who is not interested in you, (by pleading, begging and convincing her to be with you) will make her lose more respect and attraction to you.

#2. Focus on your life.

Whenever you find yourself worrying too much about why the girl is taking long to reply to your texts or didn’t text you back, it’s time to pause and reflect.

It shows that you are focusing too much on the girl and focusing less on your life.

Any guy who has a lot of awesome things going on in his life will have no time to worry about a girl who didn’t reply to his text.

If you are busy building a life that you enjoy, you will not even have time to notice if the girl doesn’t reply to your messages straight away.

So when you find yourself worrying about a girl who didn’t text you back, it is a red flag.

The next time you find yourself in such a situation, step back and

  • Start chasing your goals.
  • Hang out with friends or family.
  • Work on your hobbies.
  • Create new hobbies and start doing more things that make your life better.

When a girl stops texting you or takes longer to reply, you should not see it as something to worry about.

You should not see it as a big problem. You should not see it as a big deal.

Some guys do not have a lot of cool things going on in their lives.

So when they get a hot girl who is interested in them, she immediately becomes the best thing in their life.

It gives them validation.

So when the girl pulls back by not texting the guy right away, it quickly becomes a big deal. It becomes a huge problem. He can’t stop worrying about why his girl is taking long to respond.

He reacts with neediness and insecurity by double texting the girl and asking the girl what she is up to.

He starts to think, “why is she taking long to respond? Could she be talking to other guys?”

Never make a girl the best thing in your life. Girls will respect you and love you more for it.

It will be a good thing for you and your girlfriend.

Girls do not like any guy who thinks that she’s the best thing in his life because such guys are often super controlling and violent.

They are always scared of losing their source of happiness to other guys.

#3. Talk to other girls.

A man talking to a woman she finds attractive

Before a girl is your official girlfriend, there is no reason you should put all your attention on her.

You need to have an abundance mentality. There are many hot girls out there.

So when that one girl doesn’t reply to your texts, some other girl will be happily replying to your texts.

Believe me, that girl you are texting will be, at the same time, receiving a lot of messages from other dudes. And she has every right to.

If a girl is attractive, she’ll be having so many guys interested in her. And she’ll be texting them too.

Again you also want to signal to the girl that other girls find you attractive. You want to show her that you are a guy with options.

Any hot girl wants to feel like the guy she’s dating has other girls interested in him.

So if you show her that you are phased when she is doesn’t reply to your messages right away, she will see it as a red flag.

“Why is he so insecure?”, she’ll subconsciously think. “Does it mean am the only girl who likes him?”. “I’ve started to hate this guy, he so needy”.

So talking to several girls will help you in a ton of many ways.

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#4. Do not be so attached to outcomes.

Not being attached to outcomes means you go after what you want, but at the same time, you do not make it a big deal if you fail.

This attitude is super helpful when it comes to attracting girls. If a girl doesn’t text you back right away, it’s no big deal.

If a hot girl stops texting you, it’s no big deal either.

Assuming, for example, you want to have sex with a girl or you want her to become your girlfriend.

So you decide to send her a message so that you two can hang out.

But, she refuses to reply to your message. You do not make it a big deal by begging and pleading. You simply move on.

It is no big deal because there are those hot girls in your social circle or your new neighbourhood. You can ask some of them out if you want.

Bro, if you want to succeed at attracting girls, you should not put a lot of pressure on yourself. Dating should be fun.

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#5. You can call her on phone.

Girls talking on phone

Maybe she didn’t see your message, or she was busy, or she simply isn’t interested in you.

You can find out all this by directly calling the girl. Some girls are actually not into texting.

But if you call her, and she refuses to pick your calls, then it’s time to move on. She isn’t interested in you.

If she picks your call, well you can do whatever the hell you want. Like, most importantly, asking her to hang out or meet up in person.

#6. Do not take things personally.

There are many reasons why a girl may not be texting back at all or taking longer to respond, which are out of your control.

Maybe she had a bad day, or she already had a boyfriend but didn’t tell you and she was cheating.

Also, as I said, if the girl is very attractive, chances are tens of other dudes are texting her just like you.

You may have been lost in the noise of all those dudes texting her.

So how do you separate yourself from the noise? You remain cool and do not try to chase her with long texts or you just call her instead.

#7. Keep your cool.

Many guys when they notice that the girl is not texting them as much, they become too reactive by confronting the girl, arguing with her and asking her why she’s acting that way.

This subconsciously shows the girl that you are a guy who lacks emotional stability. It shows weakness.

If a girl delays responding to your message, you need to remain cool, calm and collected.

It will make you feel alpha and you will seem more attractive.

Do not train your subconscious mind to be phased by the reactions of other people.

You cannot control the reactions of other people. You can only control yourself.

#8. Realise that you are a guy of high value.

You need to believe that you are an attractive guy that hot girls find attractive.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where a girl isn’t texting you back, just imagine yourself as a high-value guy that hot girls find attractive.

And respond as one.

Believe me, you will always respond the right way.

We often become what we believe. If you believe that you are not attractive, you will naturally give off behaviours that make you less attractive to girls.

For example, if you believe that girls do not find you attractive, you will naturally respond with desperation and neediness if a girl who likes you doesn’t text you back.

You will feel desperate and insecure because you are losing your only chance.

You think “I can’t afford to lose this opportunity, she is the only beautiful girl who will ever like me”

On the other hand, if you believe that you a high-value guy who is attracted to girls, you naturally respond with calmness, confidence and strength when the girl you like doesn’t text you back.

You remain calm because you are confident that other girls will find you attractive.

This will make your girl find you so attractive. She will subconsciously think, “why is so calm? it seems other beautiful girls like him!”.

And guess what, she will always get back to you.

One way of becoming a high-value guy that girls find attractive is through affirmations.

What you need to do is choose concise statements of positive words and repeat them at least 100 times every day.

As you repeat these positive words to yourself, you need to visualise and feel them.

If you do not feel your positive statements during your visualisations, the whole process won’t work.

Below are a few affirmations;

》 am sexy

》 am confident

》 hot girls find me attractive

》 am an alpha male

》 am a high-value guy

》 I love rejection because it shows I went for it.

》 I feel happy the way I am

》 I go after girls I find attractive.

》 I release the need of chasing girls


It’s always tempting to text a girl more and more when she stops responding.

If you do not do it, you will become strong and look more attractive to the girl.

But if you decide to chase the girl by texting her more and more or get emotional and reactive over her not texting you, you will look desperate and less attractive.

Whenever any girl doesn’t text you back, always come back and read this article. And you should do not forget to share it with friends.

How To Respond If A Girl Doesn’t In summary.

1. Stop texting her

2. Focus on your life

3. Talk to other girls

4. Do not be so attached to outcomes

5. You can call her on the phone

6. Do not take things personally

7. Keep your cool.

8. Realise that you are a guy of high value.

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