9 Signs The Girl You’ve Just Met Likes You-Love At First Sight!

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So, you’ve been asking yourself….

“How do I know if a girl I’ve just met likes me?”

This could be a girl in college, your workmate, a girl you’ve met at the magazine section of a supermarket, a girl you’ve met on public transport, and anywhere else girls hang out.

In this article, I am going to show you;

• How to tell if a girl you’ve just met likes you.

• Why it’s important to note a girl’s signals of interest at first sight.

• What you need to do if a girl likes you at first sight.

• Does love at first sight even exist?


Does Love At First Sight Exist?

The answer is No!. There is nothing like love at first Sight.

If it isn’t loved. Then what is it?

Its sexual attraction!

It is the attraction that drives a man, and woman to have sex.

Majority of people confuse sexual attraction with love.

The love between man and woman who have just met takes months, and years to develop.

But sexual attraction can develop within seconds.

That’s the main difference between love and sexual attraction.

Just like anything that develops very fast, sexual attraction can fade after a very short period.

But love is long-lasting.

A lot of people hurry to enter into relationships because they are confusing the sexual attraction they feel for each other with Love.

So, after a few months, or even weeks into the relationship, the sexual attraction starts to fade, and the relationship ends.

They entered the relationship because of infatuation.

Not because they loved each other.

So, there is nothing like love at first sight.


• Love takes time to develop.

• It takes hard work.

• Love is earned. We love each other because we add value to each other’s lives.

• Love takes maturity between man and woman.

• It takes communication between couples.

• Couples need to have values that match.

• Loves needs the perseverance to develop.

• Loves requires patience.

So, you should never enter a relationship because you are confusing infatuation with love.

So, what do you need to do?

Before you commit to a girl, you need to spend some time with each other.

At least six months before you enter a relationship. And the more the better.

When you are still having a strong sexual attraction to each other (infatuation), you will never see each other for whom they truly are.

However, during this period of strong sexual attraction, you can take a step back to develop a love for each other.

Notice, and see, for example, if your values match.

Values like;

• Loyalty.

• Religion.

• Trust.

• Kindness.

• Honesty.

• Patience.

• Understanding.

• Hard work.

• Intelligence.

Let me explain more about the difference between Love and sexual attraction.

I will use an example….

Let’s say you meet a young woman with nice boobs, cute face, radiant skin, silky hair, and cute eyes….

Immediately, you start feeling butterflies in your stomach

You feel a strong sexual attraction to her.

You feel you want to have sex with the hot girl.

This is an instinct that has evolved in men over the past millions of years to mate with young women, give birth to healthy offspring, and allow the continuation of the human species.

Back to the example…..

Assuming you approach the girl, she accepts to date you, and you start a relationship….

This is where the reality sets in.

If you are a guy who values honesty, and hard work but later in the relationship, you notice that the girl is dishonest and lazy….

You will never truly love her.

And she will never love you either because your values don’t match.

On the other hand,

If the girl is honest, hard-working, and intelligent you will keep developing a love for her in the relationship.

And your relationship will be much more likely to last longer or lead to marriage.

Key takeaways;

● Never commit too early because of infatuation. Give it time to learn about the other person.

● For a relationship to last, you need to feel both a sexual attraction and love for each other.

● You can’t love someone you’ve just met. Though you can feel a strong sexual attraction to them.



Why Is It Important To Know If A Girl You’ve Just Met Likes You?

If you are interested in the girl too, it will help you know if the girl is worth pursuing.

If the girl shows signals of interest, she will be worth pursuing.

And the reverse shall be true.

If a girl has zero interest, there is almost nothing you can do to raise her feelings for you.

It will just be a waste of time.

Doing so will push the girl away even further.

You will look desperate, and needy pursuing a girl who doesn’t like you.

Even when you approach such a girl, and get her number….

She will be much more likely to;

• Flake when you ask her to hang out.

• Ignore your messages if you text her.

• Refuse to pick your call if you decide to call her.

• Just keep communicating with you for attention. But won’t go out on a date.

“Then why would she give me her number?”…..you’re thinking. Right!


• She was just being nice.

• So that you can keep giving her attention.

• She wanted to get rid of you.

Key take away.

● You will have much more success, and less stress pursuing girls who have some interest in you.

● Girls choose, and the man leads whenever it comes to dating.



Signs A Girl You’ve Just Met Likes You.

1. She smiles at you.

This is a clear signal that the girl likes you.

She wants you to make a move on her.

So whenever you see a girl you like, for the first time, notice to see if she smiles at you.

When she does….

You are much more likely to get a positive reaction when you talk to her, and afterwards.


2. She holds eye contact.

When she looks in your eyes, does she hold her gaze?

If yes, it means she has liked you.

It is a sign that the girl is giving you attention.

And girls rarely give attention to guys they don’t like.

That being said, you should never look away whenever a girl makes eye contact before she averts her gaze first.

Lest you communicate weakness and lack of self-confidence.

On the hand…..

If a girl looks away very fast after making eye contact with you, it shows that she isn’t interested in you.

She wasn’t giving you attention.

Probably, you locked eyes by accident.

3. She faces her body towards you.

A man with an attractive woman in a bar

If you are talking to her, notice whether she’s facing her body towards you.

If she’s doing so, then it means that she is giving you her total attention, and she has feelings for you.

When she tries to turn her body away from you, it shows that she isn’t interested in you.

4. Leans into you.

For example, if you are seated on a table, she will try to lean in.

This shows that she is interested in your interaction, or conversation.

It means that the girl is interested in you, and what you have to say.


5. Gets close to you.

If you are standing side by side, and she stands so close to you….

It will be a very clear sign that she likes you because girls are very conscious of their bodies, and personal space.

However, if you’re standing close to her or taking the same seat, but she tries to get as far as possible from you, it means that she has no interest in you.

6. Pays total attention to what you are saying.

As I said, girls rarely give attention to guys they don’t like.

So whenever a girl pays attention to whatever you are telling her the first time you meet…..

It shows that she is interested in you.

She pays you attention by;

• Making eye contact.

• Faces you with her body.

• She leans in.

• She contributes to the conversation by asking a question, for example.

On the hand, if you are talking to a girl you’ve just met, but she’s;

• Busy with her phone.

• Looking away from you.

• Leaning back.

• Not contributing to the conversation.

• Avoiding eye contact with you.

All these show that the girl isn’t interested in you, and what you have to say.

7. She’s shy and submissive.

A girl acting shy and submissive around a man

Women are often submissive to guys they feel attracted to.

So whenever a girl shows feelings of shyness, and submissiveness it clearly shows that she likes you.

You will have a lot more success with girls who are shy, and submissive to you.

Girls show signs of shyness, and submissiveness by;

• Looking down after making eye contact with you.

• She keeps playing with her hands on her lap.

• She looks down very often while talking to you.

• The girl keeps smiling, a lot.

8. She feels excited and energy around you.

• Her eyelids widen.

• She speaks with energy and excitement.

• She talks a lot.

• She is always laughing.

All this shows that the girl is having a fun time around you, and has romantic feelings for you.

9. She starts to feel nervous around you.

This happens if the girl is super attracted to you.

She will feel super excited, and this is what often brings her those nerves.

She will show feelings of nervousness by;

• Mumbling.

• Widened eyelids.

• Tensed muscles.

• Fast speech.

Signs A Girl You’ve Just Met Likes You.

● She smiles at you.

● Makes eye contact, then holds her gaze

● Orients her body towards you.

● Leans into you.

● She physically gets closer to you.

● Pays attention to what you are saying.

● She is shy and submissive.

● She feels excited, and energy around you.

● She begins to feel nervous.


• She makes quick and panicked movements.

In conclusion.

If you find out that the girl you’ve just met has liked you, and you like her too….

You will have to make a move.

You don’t need to hesitate and feel nervous because your chances of getting a positive response shall be high.

And the girl will feel excited, and happy that you’ve made a move on her.

Never wait for the girl to make the first move just because she likes you so much.

It rarely happens.

So make a move.

• Ask her to hang out there and then. If she is too nervous…

• Get her number to set up the date later.

So, friends that are it.

In summary.

Signs A Girl You’ve Just Met Likes You.

● She smiles at you.

● Makes eye contact, then holds her gaze

● Orients her body towards you.

● Leans into you.

● She physically gets closer to you.

● Pays attention to what you are saying.

● She is shy and submissive.

● She feels excited, and energy around you.

● She begins to feel nervous.


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