9 Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Love You So Much- And Fast!

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Alright! You want your girlfriend to love you so much, and afraid of losing you?

You want to make your girlfriend addicted to you so she will never walk away from you?

Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place!

Because …..

I am going to show you EXACTLY how you can make your beautiful girlfriend love you so much that she will never think about leaving you.

What Are Signs That Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Love You That Much, And Not Afraid Of Losing You?

If you notice three or more of the following signs in your girlfriend, it will be a huge red flag.

Probably, you are doing something wrong somewhere.

The reason I emphasized you lookout for more than one sign is that, for example, a girl might not what to introduce you to her family simply because it might not approve the relationship for whatever reason.

Here are the signs….

• You are always reaching out to her first. Your girlfriend rarely reaches out to you. She doesn’t miss you that much whenever you spend time apart.

• She isn’t super affectionate to you.

• Your girlfriend doesn’t support your goals and dreams. Yet, the reverse is true.

• She isn’t excited talking about her future with you. Whenever your girlfriend talks about her plans, she doesn’t include you.

• Your girlfriend doesn’t feel bothered whenever she sees you flirting with other girls. After all, she isn’t afraid of losing her boyfriend.

• She is always hesitant to invest in you, and the relationship. You are the one who is always investing in her and the relationship. You pay for every date, she doesn’t want to cook for you, she doesn’t want to clean your house, and, she will never take effort to set up a date.

• Your girlfriend prioritizes everything over you. A girl who loves you so much will do the reverse. A girlfriend who doesn’t prioritize her boyfriend will easily cancel out a date to hang out with her girl-friends, for example.

• Your girlfriend is hesitant to introduce you to her friends, and family. Probably, she isn’t proud of you and doesn’t want to stay any longer with you.

• She gives other guys a ton of attention. Your girlfriend will be signalling to those guys like…. “Hey, am available!”.

• Your girlfriend isn’t afraid of offending you. She rarely apologizes whenever she does something offensive. She knows you can’t walk away from her, and she doesn’t love you that much.

Why Is It Important For Your Girlfriend To Love You So Much?

• You will have a satisfying, and happy relationship. Your girlfriend will be less dramatic.

• Your girlfriend will support your dreams and goals.

• She will be loyal. You will trust her because she will be true to her word.

• A girlfriend who loves you so much will always be faithful to you.

Why your girlfriend doesn’t love you so much, and not afraid of losing you?

• She lost interest in you.

• You started acting needy, and craving for her attention. It’s natural for a man to want a woman’s feminine, and nurturing attention. It feels good! But, it shouldn’t be something you should be craving. You should be craving to improve yourself. That’s what your girlfriend wants and needs. So, never cry, and beg for her attention like her crawling 8-month old son.

• You gave your girlfriend too much attention. You spent unnecessary time with her. You became too available and less valuable.

• Your sex sucks!

• You became too comfortable the moment you entered the relationship. You stopped investing or invested less in yourself. Your girlfriend worked harder, she earned more, and her value raised higher than yours. Always remember…WOMEN DATE UP!

• You gave your power away. You let your girlfriend walk all over you. You let your girlfriend take control, and she started making critical decisions in your relationship. Your girlfriend will never love you so much unless she respects you, and trusts you to lead.

What Causes A Girl To Love Her Boyfriend So Much, And Afraid Of Losing Him?

• She respects her boyfriend.

• She knows that any beautiful girl would be glad to take her place.

• The girl views her boyfriend as a challenge.

• The sex is awesome!

• Her boyfriend is a high-value guy. He is always working hard to improve himself.

• Her boyfriend is a leader. He is decisive and assertive.

• The girl’s boyfriend has boundaries and core values. And, he will never let his girlfriend or anyone cross those boundaries. He is not a pushover, stands up for himself, and his beliefs.

To Recap, we have seen…

• Signs that your girlfriend doesn’t love you that much, and not afraid to lose you.

• Why is it important for your girlfriend to love you so much?

• What causes a girl to love his boyfriend so much, and afraid to lose him?

• What causes your girlfriend not to love you that much?

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How To Be A Bad Boy.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Love You So Much, And Afraid Of Losing You.

A couple sharing an intimate moment in bed

Let’s get into it….

Tip #1. Keep improving yourself, and your life.

This will help you to attain a higher value and keep yourself as a high-value guy.

Your girlfriend will love you so much, and afraid to lose you if she sees that you are a high-value guy who any beautiful girl would want to date.

If you keep improving yourself, you will have a lot of awesome things going on in your life besides your girlfriend.

Trust me when I say, like I always do, you don’t want your girlfriend to be the best thing in your life.

She doesn’t want that either.

If you make your girlfriend the main source of your happiness, she will lose attraction to you.

She will never love you so much, and be afraid of walking away from you.

So you should keep improving yourself, and having a fun life by;

• Working out to get in shape, increase your confidence, and improve your looks/appearance.

• Pursuing your hobbies, and creating new hobbies. So, you won’t have to be getting down on your girlfriend all the time.

• Hanging out with your guy friends.

• Setting new goals, and working hard to achieve them.

• Working hard to succeed, and improve your career.

• Hanging out with family.

• Eliminating negativity in your life.

• Reading books, and articles that will make your life better. Instead of wasting your time on social media trying to win pointless arguments, for example.

If you improve your life, your girlfriend will find you valuable, and will always be afraid of losing you.

If you get comfortable, and complacent, like so many guys do whenever they settle down with a girl, you will become less valuable….

and your girlfriend will find you less attractive.

Ask yourself!

Why is it that the majority of divorces (over 70%) are filed by women?

Which brings me to the next tip…

Tip #2. Never give your girlfriend too much attention.

Back to tip #1, where I said that you should keep improving, and investing in your life.

That will help you to have things that pull your attention from your girlfriend.

You should never devote 100% of your focus on your girlfriend.

Even if your girlfriend would want the opposite, and agree with it, she will eventually resent you for it.

Like I said, your girlfriend will only love you so much because she finds you valuable.

But if you give her too much attention, you will become too available, thus less valuable.

And if your girlfriend finds you less valuable, she will never be afraid of losing you.

People are never scared of losing anything they don’t value.

So, you should never give your girlfriend too much attention by;

• Hanging out with her all the time. Now! This is the worst, of all.

• Calling her all day, and every day.

• Texting her all the time.

• Getting down on her all day.

• Sending her flowers now and then.

• Telling her “I Love You” all the time. To a point where it loses meaning, and value to her. You can replace it with words like “I Like You” or “I adore you”.

• Ignoring your friends and the fun things you used to do before the relationship.

• Pouring all the emotions, and the love you feel for her on her table. Having emotional control, and emotional strength doesn’t mean the absence of emotions. A man needs to control his emotions.

Tip #3. Never argue with your girlfriend.

A couple arguing

Arguing with your girlfriend is beta.

Besides that, you will never win an argument.

If you don’t like what your girlfriend has done, state your opinion without explaining yourself.

State your opinion without showing her why she is wrong, and why you are right.

And never insult your girlfriend.

If your girlfriend creates drama, never go along with it.

Never enter her reality.

If it is something serious, walk away and come back to solve, and talk about the issue when her emotions are down.

Tip #4. Let, and encourage your girlfriend to invest in your relationship.

If a girl invests in you, she will love you so much.

Whenever your girlfriend invests in your relationship, it will never be easy for her to walk away from the relationship.

“Who wants to lose their investment after all the efforts they put in?”

So, you should always encourage your girlfriend to do good things for you.

Let her;

• Pay for some of your dates whenever you hang out.

• Be the one to set up some dates.

• Buy you gifts with her own money. Never say things like “You didn’t need to buy that. It’s so expensive!” if she surprises you with a gift. Pretending to be super nice can never take you far in dating.

• Be the one to call, or text you first. Don’t always be the one to reach out to her first.

5. Appreciate her for the good things she does for you.

Whenever your girlfriend does good things for you, show her that you are thankful for her good behaviour.

This is will make her feel like her boyfriend appreciates the love she shows him.

And she will be encouraged to do more good things for you.

If she pays for your date, for example, you can say to her something like “Baby! Thanks for footing the bill. That’s why I like it.”

This makes your girlfriend feel good.

And by saying ‘that’s why I like you’, it sub communicates to her that she has to earn your approval and attention.

On the other hand, never encourage bad behaviours in your girlfriend.

Withdraw your attention from your girlfriend whenever she does something that you don’t like.

Unfortunately, so many guys do the reverse.

Tip #6. Introduce spontaneity into her life, and the relationship.

This will keep your relationship fun, and exciting so that your girlfriend doesn’t even think about leaving you.

• Have sex in the sitting room, bathroom, or whatever.

• Surprise your girlfriend with simple gifts from time to time.

• Take her for surprise trips or dates.

• Take her to watch your favourite sport together. Even if she might find it boring.

Your girlfriend will love you so much, and afraid of losing you if you introduce spontaneity, and surprises in her life.

Women love surprises.

Tip #7. Lead your relationship.

Women love guys who show leadership.

Never let your girlfriend take critical decisions in your relationship.

You can listen, and you should consider her suggestions, but….

Never go along with whatever your girlfriend suggests.

A lot of guys make this mistake because they think that it will, in some ways, make their girlfriend love them so much.

But it only does the reverse.

Your girlfriend will just start to lose respect for you, walk all over you, and find you less attractive.

So, you should practice saying NO to your girlfriend.

In a respectful, and non-bossy way, of course!

Be decisive.

Take the most decisions in your relationship quickly, and take action immediately.

You shouldn’t overthink your plans because you are afraid your girlfriend won’t approve of them.

I mean, you shouldn’t always be seeking permission from your girlfriend whenever you want to do something.

Trust me, your girlfriend will love you more for it.

Tip #8. Give your girlfriend awesome sex

Adult couple having sex

Women, like men, are sexual beings too.

WOMEN LOVE SEX. Just like men, if not more.

So, good sex in your relationship should be a necessity.

Your girlfriend will love you so much, and afraid of losing you if she has a strong emotional connection to you.

Providing your girlfriend with good sex where she can climax is a perfect way of achieving that.


It was proven by scientific research.

And here it is…

One, out of the several hormones released during a peak of sexual pleasure, is oxytocin.

Oxytocin promotes feelings of closeness and promotes affection.

Scientific research also shows that high levels of testosterone suppress the effects of oxytocin.

Since men naturally possess higher testosterone levels than women, reaching a sexual climax will have a more profound effect on the girl.

Therefore, if you can make your girlfriend climax during sex, she will love you more, and more because of the oxytocin released in her body.

That is why mothers love their babies so much and feel a strong bond to their children.

Oxytocin, just like when a woman reaches sexual climax, is released during breastfeeding.

The measure of good sex is when your girlfriend climaxes.

It can be much harder for most girls to reach a climax than men.

If you want to be a pro at sex, I recommend the following;

• Get in shape.

• Limit the amount of alcohol you take.

• Eat less food before sex.

Last longer during sex.

• Practice kegel exercises. Contract, and relax muscles that you use while passing out feaces.

• You can use a condom.

• Start slow. Stop f#$king like a rabbit.

• Start with the missionary position. Never start with the doggy style if you have trouble lasting longer. You can end with it.

• If you are super h#$ny, mast$$bate first.

Practice foreplay.

Shot of a young man holding on to his girlfriend in bed

Sex in women starts in their brain. So you need to tease your girlfriend during sex through foreplay. You even make your girlfriend c@m during foreplay.

• French kiss her.

• Rub her breasts with her bra on.

• Rub her stomach.

• Take off her bra and caress her breasts.

• Suck her breasts and nipples.

• Kiss her stomach.

• Kiss her neck.

• Rub her p*&$y with your fingers, while her pants/underwear still on.

• Rub her cl!t@ris with your middle finger. First slowly, and gently. Then harder, and faster.

Whatever you do during foreplay, it should be done slowly.

I know you will be horny bro, but you will need to slow it down.

You want to make your girlfriend c@m, and fall in love with you..remember!

Tip #9. Above all, be willing to walk away.

This will always keep you as a challenge for your girlfriend.

It will drive her to chase you and invest in your relationship.

Girls love it when they are chasing a guy.

Especially if she can have a ton of guys who would be willing to settle down with her.

Whenever your girlfriend views you as a challenge, she will find you attractive.

When your girlfriend realizes that you have no options, and you can’t leave the relationship, she may take you for granted.

Never stay in a relationship if it isn’t giving you what you want.

Remember, you are on this planet to be happy. Not tomorrow, but today!


Having your girlfriend to love you so much, and afraid of losing you isn’t rocket science

Whenever you find yourself falling short, don’t beat yourself up because no one is perfect.

You may need to put into practice every tip above for your girlfriend to love you so much.

However, practising a few of the above tips will improve your relationship tremendously.

In summary:

How Can You Make Your Girlfriend To Love You So Much, And Afraid Of Losing You?

• Keep improving your life and look for your purpose in life.

• Never give your girlfriend too much attention.

• Never argue with your girlfriend.

• Let your girlfriend invest in you, and the relationship.

• Appreciate your girlfriend whenever she does something good for you.

• Introduce spontaneity into your relationship.

• Be a good leader, and decisive in your relationship.

• Give her the best sex.

• Be willing to walk from your girlfriend.

You have learned what you need to do for your girlfriend to find you irresistible.

So, it’s time to put into practice what you’ve learnt.

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