9 Ways To Flirt With A Girl You Just Met

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So you meet an attractive girl for the first time and you want her to fall for you or get her number or hang out with her sometime.

But, instead of flirting you just end up freezing or doing all the wrong things because you don’t know exactly what you need to do.

Worry no more bro!

Because ……..

Am going to show you how to effectively flirt with a girl you’ve just met.

Let’s get this clear from the start, ok!

Flirting with a girl you’ve just met means that you subtly and playfully communicate to the girl that you find her attractive.

Flirting with a girl can also mean building sexual interest in a girl using subtle and playful ways.

Why Does Flirting With A Girl You Just Met Build Attraction

It builds attraction because it shows the girl that you are;

• Confident

• A guy who is fun and doesn’t take things so seriously

Unpredictable and, therefore, exciting.

• You are not putting the attractive girl on a pedestal.

• Making the girl feel comfortable.

• Being mysterious.

How Can You Flirt With A Girl You Just Met

If you put in practice the following tips, you will attract hot girls in no time.

#1. Put On A Sexy Smirk.

A smirk means a smile with your eyes whilst your mouth is closed. With your closed mouth, you can tilt your lips slightly to one side or both sides.

A smirk builds mystery and most girls find it sexy.

On how a sexy smirk looks like, you can check out pics of the following Hollywood actors.

• Johnny Depp

• Bradley Cooper

• Ryan Gosling

• Brad Pitt

• Chris Hemsworth

#2. Make A Prolonged Eye Contact With Her.

If the girl you’ve just met makes eye contact with you, maintain eye contact coupled with a smirk until the girl looks away first.

Like I said earlier, you always need to show the girl that you are confident, strong and not afraid to make prolonged eye contact with hot girls.

If you look away immediately after locking eyes with the girl, it shows self-doubt and lack of confidence.

So when you meet an attractive girl for the first time, make sure that you make eye contact with her.

Eye contact is very crucial because studies have shown that our eyes can tell a lot about ourselves.

In this case, by making prolonged eye contact, you are telling the girl that you probably find her attractive.

You are telling the girl that you are confident and strong.

This makes you look attractive in the girl’s eyes.

You can also make your contact look more flirtatious by looking through the corner of your eyes.

Another important thing to note on eye contact is to make sure that you relax your eyelids. You don’t want to have girly eyes with widened eyelids.

#3. Speak With A Relaxed And Slow Voice tonality

If you want to flirt with a girl you’ve just met, speak to her with a slow and relaxed sexy voice.

If you speak to her with a neutral voice tonality, she might think that you’re are just a random person saying hello to her.

You want to set the right tone of your interactions with her right from the beginning.

A tone that your interactions with her are sexual by using a sexual voice tonality.

#4. Make Eye Contact, Smile And Touch The Girl

For example, when I meet an attractive girl that I want to flirt with, I just do the following.

It’s simple ……..

I walk towards her, I make sure that she notices me then I make eye contact coupled with a smile (smirk).

I reach out my hand to hold hers, then with slow and relaxed voice, I say something simple like “hello. Am Asuman”.

Then I keep holding her hand for some time (for like 3 or more seconds)

After that, I can say whatever I want. Like “I had to come and say hi because you looked sexy in those shoes”

A few things to note here, though…

• After three seconds, release her hand immediately but slowly if she starts to feel uncomfortable.

• Some girls will keep holding your hand or hold it tightly which is a signal that they attracted to you.

• Your handshake must be gentle. It shouldn’t be like those man to man business handshakes.

• Do not look at your hand. Look the girl’s eyes.

• You need to be looking in the girl’s eyes throughout.

• Whatever you say after releasing her hand that doesn’t really matter that much. So long as you aren’t trying to impress her and remain confident.

But this isn’t the only way you can touch the girl you’ve just met. There are several ways which may include, but not limited to;

• Touching her upper arm

• Giving the girl high fives.

• Dancing

However, you need to make your touches feel natural and not forced.

If you make touching a girl seem like a big deal, she will too. And this will make most girls resent your touch.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t overdo touching.

If you are somewhere public, you need to avoid touching the girl in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable.

#5. Tease The Girl.

By teasing, I do not mean putting the girl down or intentionally making her feel inferior.

What I mean is to playfully mess up with her.

For example, if you lock eyes and she happens to hold her gaze, you can say something like “hey, stop looking at me with those eyes”.

You can also tease the girl you’ve just met by pretending to misinterpret her statements or exaggerate what she has said.

#6. Compliment Her

Complimenting a girl you’ve just met indirectly tells her that you probably find her attractive.

This keeps some mystery because you aren’t telling the girl directly that you are interested in her.

However, while complimenting the girl you should avoid complimenting on her looks.

There are some exceptions to this but to be on the safe side, you should avoid it altogether.

Because even an average attractive girl will receive a lot of overt compliments like “you’re hot” or “you’re cute” from simps.

So if you go ahead and compliment on her looks, she will immediately drop you in the beta male category of all the beta guys who give her validation on social media.

So what do you need to do?

Compliment on something she has placed effort into like the way she has dressed or on her passions.

It is even better if you follow up the compliment with a question.

#7. Use Implications.

Using implications means that you let the girl know that you find her attractive verbally but indirectly.

I will explain using an example.

Assuming a girl you’ve just met says that she is from attending a dance class.

Then you can say something like “Awesome! I like girls who love dancing”.

This could imply that you like her.

This introduces mystery and unpredictability in the interaction.

#8. Get Close To The Girl.

A happy couple standing close to each other

Getting close to the girl can help you to easily employ other flirting techniques like touching the girl and making deep eye contact.

However, there are a few exceptions to this form of flirting.

If you are just approaching the girl approaching the girl during the day or if the girl is not yet feeling comfortable around you, getting close to her right off the bat can actually turn her off.

But getting close to the girl immediately can work if you are at a night party or during a dance, for example.

You can also get close to the girl if she starts feeling comfortable or if her interest in you is rising.

#9. Whisper In The Girl’s Ear.

This kind of flirting also works if the girl has started to feel some form of comfort and high interest in you.

If you have just met the girl for example on the street or at the supermarket, immediately whispering in her ear may push her away.

So you may need to use your gut feeling on the girl’s level of interest in you.

I usually use whispering to compliment a girl or if I want to move with her somewhere else.

That is my way. You can use it or find a way that works for you.

Final Thoughts.

So flirting can be one of the fastest ways to build sexual attraction in a girl you’ve just met.

Flirting will help you to set the right tone from the start with a girl that your interactions are sexual instead of platonic and friendly.

Flirting will seem effortless and easy if you learn to not take your interactions with girls too seriously.

If you aren’t uptight around girls, then touching, smiling, making eye contact and teasing girls will seem fun and effortless.

Flirting with girls you’ve just met will seem easy and natural if you remove any thoughts that you need to impress a girl.

So bad boys! That’s it.

In summary…..

How To Flirt With A Girl You’ve Just Met?

1. Put on a sexy smirk

2. Make prolonged eye contact with the girl

3. Speak with a relaxed and slow voice tonality.

4. Make eye contact, smile and touch the girl

5. Tease the girl

6. Compliment her

7. Use implications

8. Get close to the girl

9. Whisper in her ear

Thanks for making it to end of this article and, I’d appreciate if you share with friends on social media if you have digged it.

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