Afraid Of Telling A Girl You Love Her! (What You Need To Do)

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So, you’re seeing a girl but you keep asking yourself…

“Should I tell her that I love her?”

” Is it the right time to tell her that I love her?”


Some girl started acting cold when you told her that you love her.

Honestly, telling the girl you’re dating, ‘I love you’, can seem scary, and daunting.

It is one of the nerve-wracking things to do especially in the initial stages of dating.

However, telling a girl that you love her isn’t supposed to be hard, and confusing.

Saying ‘I love you’ to a girl can be easy if you learn;

• How to say it.

• When you should say it.

• Alternative ways of saying it.

• What you need to do.

And that’s what you are going to learn from this article.

But first,

Why Are You Afraid Of Telling A Girl That You Love Her?

• You fear rejection. Probably, you feel like she won’t reciprocate positively.

• You aren’t sure whether it’s the right thing to do.

• You have been friend-zoned, and don’t want to ruin the friendship.

• Fear of commitment.

When Should You Tell A Girl That You Love Her?

You should say ‘I love You’ to a girl if she is so interested in you, and you are so sure about it.

Whenever you tell a girl that you love her before her interest in you is high enough, you will risk losing her interest in you.

So, you should never say ‘I love you’ to a girl if you have just started dating, or if you have just met her.

The girl may feel overwhelmed.

After you have dated for some time, and the girl has developed strong romantic feelings for you, it can be a perfect time say I love you.

This way, she won’t feel overwhelmed.

Signs Of A Girl Who Is So Interested In You And Its Safe To Tell Her ‘I Love You’.

A young attractive woman sitting next to a guy she likes so much

• She includes you in her plans.

• She feels jealousy whenever she sees other girls around you.

• She is always calling you first.

• She is always texting you first and replies to your texts immediately.

• She is always excited to hang out with you and to spend time together. The girl will also take effort, and set updates.

• She tells her friends, and family about you.

• The girl posts your pics on social media.

• She feels super energetic and excited whenever she’s around you.

• Above all, if she says ‘I Love You’.

One problem of saying ‘I love You’ to a girl too early is the girl might feel like your statement isn’t genuine.

She might think that you are only after getting into her pants.

Why would anyone love her so fast?

Another problem of saying ‘I love You’ to a girl who you have just started dating is that it makes you look less attractive to the girl.


You aren’t a challenge.

You will seem easy to get.

Otherwise, why would you be falling for her so fast!

Girls like guys who aren’t easy to get.

And humans in general!

We love, appreciate, and value so much, things that are hard to get.

So, whenever you blatantly say ‘I love You’ to a girl you’ve just met or any girl who has less interest in you….

It communicates to her clearly that you are a less valuable, and a less attractive dude. Probably, who other girls don’t want.

The challenge of dating an attractive girl is that she will have several guys who will be willing to date her or have sex with her.

So, whenever she sees that you are falling for her so fast, she will feel bored.

You are exactly like all the other guys who told her how much they loved her after a single date.

Ideally, you should say ‘I love you’ to a girl only after she says it.

You might be thinking that telling a girl that you love her is a good way of letting her know that you find her attractive, and you would want to be more than friends with her.

But it doesn’t work that way.

It makes you look needy and desperate.

How Should You Show A Girl That You Like Her Instead Of Saying You Love Her?


Girls love subtle, and indirect communications when it comes to dating.

She wants you to show her how much you like her using subtle, and indirect means.

For example;

• Ask the girl to hang out in person. Then flirt with her during the date.

• Go for a first kiss during your first, or second date.

• Invite the girl back to your place after your first, second, or third date.

You can flirt with her through;

• Making strong, and prolonged eye contact with a smile.

• Playfully teasing the girl.

• Touching the girl.

• Giving the girl genuine compliments.

• Smile at her with a sexy smirk.

• Speak slowly around her.

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So, instead of telling the girl that you love her straight away, which might cause her to pull away, ask her out for a date, keep flirting with her during the date, and then go for a first kiss.

All these actions will show the girl that you want to be more than friends with her.


You shouldn’t be afraid of telling a girl that you love her if you been dating for a while, and she has developed strong romantic feelings for you.

When you tell it to her at that point, she will be pleased to hear you say it.

She will feel good!

But saying ‘I love you’ to a girl who has less interest in you, or a girl you’ve just met, won’t mean much to her

So, you should never do it.

A lot of guys think that telling a girl that he loves her will make the girl reciprocate the interest.


That’s not how things work in the dating, and mating games between men and women.

A girl will never fall for you simply because you love her so much.

She falls for you because you possess traits like confidence and a sense of humour that makes look attractive to her.

Whenever you feel super attracted to a beautiful girl, never get tempted, and tell her directly that you love her until she has developed strong romantic feelings for you.

Feel the attraction you have for her, but never show it to her directly, or verbally.

So, friends, that’s it!

You can comment below, and let me know what you think.

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