Can You Stop Girls From Rejecting You

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“Learn this one technique and you’ll never ever get rejected by the women you want ever again!”

Hi Friend.

Do those words sound familiar?

I bet they do.

They are words of someone who is trying to sell you a magic pill.


Can You Stop Girls From Rejecting You?

No! There is no way you’ll ever avoid getting rejected. It’s a part of dating. It’s a part of meeting new women. The surest way of not getting rejected is by avoiding approaching women, and to stop making moves on girls you find attractive. You have to embrace rejection if you want to get the kind of girls you want.

Just like in life, where not everyone is going to like you no matter how nice you may be…..

It’s the same thing with dating.

Not every girl that you find attractive will be interested in you.

And you have to be completely ok with that fact.

The reason you read my articles is to increase your chances in dating girls you find attractive, but not to stop girls from rejecting you.

Anybody who tells you the reverse will be trying to sell you SNAKE OIL.


It’s simple…

Chances are very high that no matter how popular, charming, confident, and charismatic you are, there will be a group of girls who will never find you attractive.

So, you should never take rejection personally.

Sometimes a girl will reject you, and it will be out of your control.

A girl will reject you, for example;

• Because she’s gay.

• She isn’t into shorter guys.

• She thought you were a player.

• She liked you, but her friends/family didn’t.

• You approached her when she had a bad day.

• Maybe she dates older guys.

• She had a boyfriend.

• The girl had just come out of a toxic relationship, and she needs some time alone.

• The girl thought you were way too out of her league.

• She only dates guys of the same Religion, and so on.

Whatever the reason may be, some girls are just ain’t going to be interested in you.

Others will be interested in you, but won’t date you.

And you must be totally ok with both.

Simply put…

Dating is a numbers game.

The more moves you make, the more chances you take, and the more girls you approach…

The higher your chances of succeeding.

It’s just like any success you achieve in life.

You may need to fail, fail, and fail until you find your “lucky break”.

So, you should never work towards avoiding failure.

There are things you can do to minimize your chances of failing at something, but you’ll never totally avoid failure.

If you want to stop girls from rejecting you, I can only give you one tip – stop approaching girls.

And I think you don’t want to be doing that.

Do you?

I hope not.

Essentially, if you have just started the game of dating, your success rate shall be at about 5%.

That means if you want to get a girlfriend or hook up with one girl you will need to make a move or approach about twenty girls.

If you approach the twenty girls, about ten girls shall give you there contacts, and four to five of these may agree to go out with you.

Out of the five, you may end up hooking up with two, and turning one into a girlfriend if it that’s what you want.

However, that’s just an estimate, and an example from my personal experience, and research.

I know, you might be thinking…

“But wait, where can I meet all those 20 girls. That’s a huge number.”


Where to meet girls to date.

• On dating apps.

• On social media like Instagram.

• In college, and universities.

• Social events like weddings, house parties, and charity events.

• As they walk during the day.

• At work.

• Through friends, or your social circle.

If you can’t meet 20, or more girls using the above ideas I have only one thing to tell you…

You can only fool yourself, but not me!

The more girls you meet, the better you’ll become.

In simple terms…

You’ll either get the girl or a valuable lesson.

If you study dating, and couple it with some practice, you may increase your “success rates” to about 20%.

Meaning that you will get one girl for every five girls you interact with.

As I said, you will have very high rejection rates if you’re doing a ton of
lazy mistakes.

On the other hand, you can increase your success rates by doing a few things right.

How Can You Reduce The Chances Of Getting Rejected

#1. Improve your self-confidence.

Confidence is universally attractive to women.

If you show a woman that you are self-confident, the chances of her rejecting you will be less.

You can show a girl that you’re confident through your body language.

• Always make strong, and prolonged eye contact with girls. Relax your eyelids.

• Speak slowly and avoid mumbling.

• Walk slowly. Take slow, and deliberate steps.

• Smile. With a smirk.

• Have an open body. Take as much space as possible while you’re sitting, and feel comfortable.

• Slow down all your body movements. Avoid fidgeting with your hands, or always playing with stuff in your hands.

• Always feel relaxed and don’t allow yourself to feel worried.

#2. Change your attitude.

This is the most important above all.

If you have a negative attitude towards yourself, probably because a few girls rejected you, all the other advice shall never work.

You have to believe that you are an attractive guy that women would want to date.

No woman will believe that you are worth swooning over if you believe the opposite.

This seems obvious…

But a good number of guys want girls to feel attraction to them yet, they personally believe that they aren’t attractive.

The best way of changing your attitude is through the constant use of affirmations.

You will have to replace the negative beliefs about yourself like “Women don’t find me attractive” with positive affirmations like “I’m a sexy guy that women want”.

Then wait to see how you will start to act confident whenever you’ll be in front of a beautiful woman.

#3. Never take yourself too seriously around women you find attractive.

One of the main reasons a single girl will reject you is when you start to feel nervous, and hesitant because you are taking the interaction way too serious.

You want to be at the best version of yourself, but it is making you feel nervous and less confident.

So, I want to make it easy for you.

Whenever you’re around an attractive girl, focus on amusing yourself, and having fun.

Never take yourself too seriously.

Never put too much focus on what you will get out of the interaction.

It will just make you to have an attitude of trying to impress the girl.

And that is bad.

Because it makes you look less attractive!

Placing girls on a pedestal has gotten so many guys rejected.

Since girls hate it when a guy they feel attracted to does it.

That’s why it is such a bad idea to start thinking about any girl you meet as your potential girlfriend.

You’ll automatically try hard to earn her validation, and you’ll start to take yourself way too serious whenever you’re around her.

#4. Embrace rejection.

If you want to feel confident around girls, you’ll need to embrace rejection.

It shall help you not to start acting weird, hesitant, and nervous around women because you’re simply afraid of rejection.

Rejection is a good thing because;

• It shows that you’re a confident guy who goes after what he wants.

• Each rejection makes you better.

• You’ll be a step closer to success after each rejection.

In conclusion.

Any businessman knows that if he starts a business, most of his profits shall come from very few customers.

Approach dating with the same attitude, and you’ll never be bothered by the rejection.

What I mean by that is…

90% of your pleasure in dating shall come from 10% of the girls you meet.

Believe me, you will soon forget about all the other 90% of the girls you aren’t deriving pleasure from.

And you should!

And that’s it.

To Recap.

How can you reduce the chances of getting rejected?

● Improve your confidence.

● Change your attitude.

● Never take yourself too seriously around girls.

● Embrace rejection.

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