Can You Stop Girls From Rejecting You

“Learn this one technique and you’ll never ever get rejected by the women you want ever again!” Hi Friend. Do those words sound familiar? I bet they do. They are words of someone who is trying to sell you a magic pill. Anyway… Can You Stop Girls From Rejecting You? No! There is no way … Read more

Will You Still Have A Chance If A Girl Rejects You

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Should You Ignore The Girl Who Has Rejected You

A man standing close to a woman with flowers

You: Hello Jenifer. Her: Hi Martin. You: I’m going to grab coffee this evening. I would love it if you join me. Her: Sorry. I’m busy. You: When are you free? I often have it every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evening. Her: ‘No response’ Has that ever happened to you? I bet it has! It … Read more

Why She Acted Interested But Then Rejected You-How To Respond!

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  • “Oh, I’m busy this week.” (But, she doesn’t provide an alternative) • “You seem a great guy, but I’m just not feeling that way.” • “You are a nice guy. I think we should just remain friends!” • “I’m not ready to date at the moment.” Hello Friend! Do those words sound familiar? … Read more

9 Signs The Girl You’ve Just Met Likes You-Love At First Sight!

A guy approaching a girl

So, you’ve been asking yourself…. “How do I know if a girl I’ve just met likes me?” This could be a girl in college, your workmate, a girl you’ve met at the magazine section of a supermarket, a girl you’ve met on public transport, and anywhere else girls hang out. In this article, I am … Read more

When Should You Transition From Talking To Flirting With Girls(And How)

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7 Tips To Keep Your Phone conversations With Girls Long, And Fun.

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7 Simple Ways To Flirt With A Girl In College

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Whenever I would interact with an attractive girl, I felt nervous and lost. I didn’t know what to do exactly whenever I found myself in front of a hot girl who I wanted to show that am interested in or get her to hang out with me. Because of my thorough research and a lot … Read more