Should You Flirt With A Girl On Your First Date? Know This!!

  If you have gone out on a date with a girl you will, and should, make sure that; The girl feels attracted to you so that she will be down to hang out with you on a second date. You build an emotional connection with the girl during your first date. Communicate (non-verbally) to … Read more

When Should You Touch Her On A First Date – Don’t Screw It Up!

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Should You Tell The Girl That You Like Her On Your First Date

A man touching the girl's hands

Hello Bro! So, you’re preparing to go for your first date with that hottie you asked out, but… you’re feeling like you will need to tell the girl that you like her or that you find her attractive… Or else, she might think that you have no true romantic feelings for her, and friend zone … Read more

Should You Hug The Girl On A First Date (And every thing else)

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Signs The Girl Won’t Hang Out With You On A Second Date-And Why!

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