Will You Still Have A Chance If A Girl Rejects You

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Hi friend!

You approached a girl, and she blew you off.


You manned up and asked a girl out, but she was like…

“Thank you for asking, but I just like you as a friend.”

Or she just left you on red a.k.a she never replied.

So, bro!

If A Rejects You Is There Still A Chance?

Yeah! There is still a chance if the girl rejects you. A girl can be interested in you but still reject you. At least at first. If the girl rejects you at first, and you don’t get reactive, or show her that you have low self-esteem, she may get back to you.

After rejecting you, a girl might start to show you signals of interest like, but not limited to;

• Texting you first.

• Starting conversations with you.

• Calling you first.

• She sends you a text showing interest in hanging out with you.

• Checking you out so often.

Teasing you.

• Complimenting you.

This will show that she still has feelings for you even if she rejected you at first.

At this point, you will need to make a second move as soon as possible to make sure that the girl isn’t just leading you on.

Why Would You Still Have A Chance After The Girl Has Rejected You?

As I said, the girl might be interested in you, but still goes on to reject you when you make a move on her for several reasons;

• She wasn’t in the mood when you asked her out.

• You asked her out the wrong way.

• Above all, she was testing you.

By testing you, I mean that the girl does something, says a statement to make it seem like she isn’t interested in a guy.

She does actions and says words to see whether or not you will get reactive, and lose self-control.

One way girls test guys they are interested in is by using rejection.

Girls only test guys they have interest in.

It’s one way a girl would know if the guy she has liked is confident and secure in himself.

She wants to see if she sends you a message like “Sorry, I’m not ready to date right now” whether or not you won’t start to;

• Stalk her on social media.

• Insult her.

• Start begging, and pleading.

• Bragging like on how much money you earn.

• Continue to ask her out again and again.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that any girl who rejects you shall be testing you.

Some girls will genuinely have zero interest in you, and that’s completely ok!

However, if the girl was genuinely interested in you, but then rejects you, she will start to pursue you if you don’t lose your self because of rejection.

She will know, intuitively, that you are the kind of guy she was looking for.

A guy who is confident, and secure in himself!

How To Get A Chance With A Girl Who Has Rejected You.

#1. Move on.

Walking away after a girl has rejected you is the ultimate way to have any chance with her.

Even though I talked about the fact that a girl might be interested in you but just testing you…

You will never really know if she was actually interested in you or just testing you until you move on, and then see if she will start to reach out to you.

So, if you want to have a chance with a girl who has rejected you, walkway after she rejects you.

Walking away after the girl has rejected you is the opposite of chasing a girl who has shown you that she isn’t interested.

A few times, a guy may finally get the girl after a ton of pleading and begging for months.

But, that’s called getting LUCKY!

You shouldn’t bet on it.

Essentially, if the girl shows you that she has no romantic feelings for you, and you aren’t interested in having her as a platonic friend;

• Don’t call her until she calls you first.

• Don’t text her until she does.

• Don’t try to beg or plead.

• Ask other girls out.

• Don’t try to reason with her like asking for explanations why she isn’t interested in you.

Doing exactly that shall give you chance after the girl has rejected you because you’re showing the girl that you an attractive guy who has options.

It will show her that you are a dude who other beautiful girls want, and she may start to chase you.

She may start to think…

“Why isn’t he chasing me like all the other dudes I reject? Could it be that he has other beautiful girls who are interested in him?”

Any girl wants to feel like she’s dating a guy who other hot women want.

If you start chasing a girl after she has rejected you, it will be demonstrating the exact opposite.

If you walk away after a girl has rejected you, the exact opposite of losing your self-control and chasing her, she will find you attractive.

And she might start to pursue you.

#2. Put the ball in her court.

If the girl rejects you like if she refuses to hang out with you…

You can put the ball in her court by sending her a message like “Let me know if you’re ready to hang out”

Then don’t reach out to her until she gets back to you first.

If she doesn’t reach out to you, it will mean that she’s genuinely not interested in you.

And you will need to move on.

If she was interested in you but was just;

• Being indecisive.

• In a bad mood.

• Just testing you to see how you would react.

Then she will get back to you.

#3. Approach other women.

Even though I said that you’ll still have a chance with a girl who has rejected you, it doesn’t mean that you should wait around until the girl changes her mind.

You have to realize there are plenty of intelligent, and beautiful girls out there.

Until you drop the scarcity mindset, it might feel hard to pull this off.

Yet, it’s essential.

If you keep meeting new women, you won’t have wasted your time if the girl doesn’t come back to you.

The truth is…

Chances are high that you might not get with a woman who has rejected you.

Secondly, meeting new women after getting rejected is important because you don’t want the girl to know that she’s your only option.

Lest you’ll have zero chance with her after rejecting you.

Because she’ll start to think…

“Oh, I was right to reject this guy. After all, no other girls are interested in him.”

That being said, you shouldn’t start approaching girls after getting rejected for the sake of making the girl who rejected you feel jealous.

You shouldn’t try hard, and start to intentionally show the woman who rejected you that you are dating other girls.

It won’t make any difference because you will still be chasing her.

And, she’ll intuitively know that you’re chasing her because girls ain’t fools.

You’ll only be fooling yourself.

In conclusion.

Though you might still have a chance with that girl who has rejected you, never put a lot of efforts into getting her to like you.

So, you might want to ask me, why?


It will be a complete waste of your time trying hard to get a girl who has rejected you to have romantic feelings for you.

Chances are really high that the girl who rejected you will never fall for you in the future.

Instead of spending a lot of time trying to get the girl who has rejected you, spend that same amount of time meeting new girls.

Because there are a lot out there just like her, if not better than her.

If the girl reaches out to you during the process, well and good.

Pursuing something until you get it is a cool attitude to have.

But not when it comes to attracting women!

So, the friend that’s all I had for you.

And, hey I would really appreciate it if you share this article with friends on social media if you have liked the information.

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