Don’t Screw Things Up After Your First Date With These 5 Tips

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If a woman is beautiful and youthful, she’ll have a lot of attention from other guys who would be interested in dating her.

Just like you do.

So you’ll need to up your game to keep her attention and her interest in you after your first date.

If you do silly mistakes, she will lose all the romantic feelings that she might have started to feel for you.

But today you’re in luck my friend because I’m going to be showing you how you can keep a girl’s attention after your first date.

How To Keep A Girl’s Attention After Your First Date.

In the dating game, all you will be doing is competing for a girl’s attention with all the other guys who are interested in her.

All you’ll need to do is to stand out from the competition or simply do things that will raise her attraction to you.

And here’s what you need to do to keep a girl interested in you after your first date.

Let’s get straight to it!

Tip #1. Have a life.

After your first date, you need to signal to the girl that you have a lot of cool things going on in your life.

This will make the girl feel attracted to you. You’ll stand out from a lot of guys pursuing her.

Keeping a girl to always be thinking about you has nothing to do with reaching out her all the time.

Most guys mistakenly think that by not reaching out to the girl all the time after the first date, she’ll forget about them.

Trust me, she won’t!

Always reaching out to the girl after your first date will make her lose attraction to you.

It shows the girl that you don’t have a life. The girl will see it as a red flag!

You don’t want to give her too much of your attention in the beginning.


It’s what all the other guys interested in her do.

Remember, you want to stand out.

The truth is if a girl is beautiful she’ll be used to guys who become way too interested in her after the first date.

Thus, she becomes bored by such behaviour whenever any guy shows it. So she eventually pulls away.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to not text her all the time after your first date, she’ll start to become curious about you.

And this is what you want. It’s what will keep her thinking about you.

A woman falls in love with you the moment she starts to think about you very often. The reverse is also true!

“Why is he taking long to text back? Does it mean he has other beautiful girls?”, she’ll start to think.

The point I’m trying to make is, keep busy after your first date.

  • Work out.
  • Hang out with friends/family.
  • Work on your business/studies.
  • Read self-development books.
  • Pursue your hobbies.
  • Do whatever you want.

If you stay busy making your life better, you won’t (naturally) give her too much attention after your first date like texting her every day, calling her all the time, always reaching out to her, first!.

This way, she’ll feel more interested in you.

Tip #2. Keep your communications short.

After your first date, you’ll need to keep your phone calls, texts, video chats, or whatever it may be SHORT.

Your communications after the first date must be simple, short, funny, witty and light-hearted. No more no less.

Keep the serious and long chats for your second date.

Even if it’s the girl that wants to initiate the long conversations, and you would love it too, don’t allow it, bro.

You don’t want to kill the steam of your dating journey at the start.

If you do, sooner or later, everything will become boring and she’ll lose interest-or yourself.

Remember, you want to keep the mystery and urgency burning.

It’s that urgency and mystery that will keep her interest and make her want to meet up with you for another date.

When you over-communicate, you risk revealing too much too soon about yourself.

And this will kill all the mystery and urgency.

Where there is no mystery and urgency, there is no romantic interest and attraction.

Tip #3. Be willing to lose the girl.

Neediness is the number one reason girls lose interest in guys after the first date.

After the first date, the needy man;

  • Calls the woman every day, all day!
  • Wants to hang out with the woman immediately after the first date.
  • Texts the girl all the time.
  • Gets frustrated and emotional when the girl delays to respond to his texts.


A man looking at his phone

Neediness is unattractive, and women resent it.

Neediness comes from fear. The fear that you might lose the woman you feel attracted to.

If you are willing and psychologically ready to lose the girl’s attention, you’ll never act needy.

You won’t feel frustrated and insecure if she delays to text back or when she fails to pick your call.

Not only is that psychologically healthy for you but also attractive to women in the long run!

It shows the woman that you’re confident and emotionally strong.

The exact opposite of neediness, emotional weakness, and insecurity.

The best way of having the willingness to lose the girl’s affections is by having an abundance mentality.

You have to believe that there are plenty of beautiful young women out there.

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Again, if you show the girl that you’re willing to walk away from her, especially when she acts disrespectful, it will keep you as a challenge for her.

When a woman sees you as a challenge, her interest in you increases.

The fact is that very few women can stay with a guy they can walk all over.

So, walking away from such a woman shows confidence.

Most times beautiful women do that as a way of testing your emotional strength.

But guess what bro, most men put up with the girl’s bad behaviour.

More so if she’s hot, again, for fear of losing her affections.

Soon after, the girl loses interest because the guy is less attractive: emotionally weak and less confident.

The point is if you want a woman to respect you and stay attracted to you, be willing to lose her the moment she walks over your boundaries.

Tip #4. Assume that the girl is interested in you.

Assuming attraction will sort out so many wrong things like acting needy.

You’ll always act the correct way.

This is a psychological technique. All you’ll need to do is to keep repeating to yourself positive statements like;

” I know she likes because  I’m attractive.”


“I know women find me attractive because I’m sexy”

While carrying out those affirmations, you’ll need to visualise and feel them.

If you don’t feel your affirmations, they won’t work.

Affirmations work because 90% of success comes from believing that you can be successful.

Similarly, success in keeping a girl interested in your after your first date comes from believing that she’s already interested in you.

Tip #5. Don’t seek her validation.

Looking for proof that a woman likes you shows insecurity, lack of self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence.

It’s a huge turn off to any high-quality woman.

After your first date, never look for assurance that the woman likes you.

Never say things like “Do you like me? What shows?”


Try to text the girl all the time so that you can feel validated that she’s still interested in you.

Guys who seek confirmation that a girl likes them do it out of low self-esteem.

That’s why it turns off women: at least on a primal level.

Never feel like your life will be worth living only if you have a girlfriend or only If you’re with a particular woman.

No woman wants to be the centre of your world even if she might tell you the exact opposite.

Never seek for a woman’s validation that she likes you. She may lose all the interest she might have had for you.

Again, Do you think you need to seek the assurance?

Of course not!

Tip #6. You don’t need to impress her.

A woman receiving a gift

I know that some articles on the internet or even your sisters might have told you to do it, but don’t.

Trying to impress a girl after your first date to get her to be more interested in you will backfire 9 times out of 10.

It shows that her value is higher than yours.

You’ll simply be communicating to her….

“Hey, I know you’re better than me, but how about I buy you this expensive gift.”

Then she will lose interest because women love to date men of the same or higher value.

Impressing a woman never works because she won’t feel attracted to you simply because you tried to impress her.

Actually, the reverse happens so often.

If you have been fond of bragging in front of women you like, stop it, bro.

A woman’s attraction to a man isn’t logical. It’s emotional!

If you act with confidence, and emotional strength around her, she’ll feel impressed by that.

So after your first date, you don’t need to show her how much of a nice guy are. Neither should buy her gifts.

You’ve just known her for Christ’s sake!

She hasn’t done anything for you to deserve all that nice treatment.

Thus, she won’t value your nice treatment either.

Why would she? She never put any effort into it.

Impressing a woman you’ve just met is a very bad idea, and it turns off most women big time.

Only if I had enough words to express that!

To sum up.

Keeping a girl’s interest has everything to do with standing out.

The only thing you need to do is to not make the same mistakes that all the other guys make.

If you follow those simple tips, you’ll never srew up a girl’s interest in you after your dates.

That’s it friends!

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