Flirt With A Girl During A Conversation (In 7 Simple Ways)

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Hey bro! So you want to learn exactly how to flirt with that girl so that you immediately spark attraction or at least show her that you are interested in her, romantically.

Well, you have found yourself in the right place because….

today, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

But! What is this thing called flirting?

Flirting refers to actions or statements which are playful and/or subtle. These subtle statements and actions help to spark romantic attraction in a woman.

They can also be used to signal interest in a girl. The reverse is also true.

You need to learn flirting because when it comes to dating, girls want you to spark attraction in them or communicate your sexual interest in a way that is subtle, playful or both.

If you try to convince a girl to like you using reason or try to brag, it will never work. You will just look desperate and needy.

And if you communicate your interest in a girl verbally and directly with things like “I love you”, “I want to be with you”, “I want you to be my girlfriend”……

the girl will feel overwhelmed. And she will pull away.

And bro, you don’t want to be that boring!

If all those never work, what should you do?

That’s a good question. And the answer is simple……

You need to flirt with the girl during a conversation.

During a conversation, for example, you can touch her shoulder, look her deep in the eyes and smile with your eyes while talking slow.

Now, why does this (flirting) trigger attraction in the girl? It shows……

• Confidence

• Mystery

• Strength

• Charm

How Do You Flirt With A Girl During A Conversation?

Now! let’s get straight to the show

#1. Make a Prolonged Deep Eye Contact

• This signals to a girl that you are the confident guy.

• A strong eye contact builds sexual tension.

• It creates mystery and intrigue.

Prolonged deep eye contact will have the girl start to have thoughts like ” why is he looking at me like that. Does it mean he likes me?”, with flirtatious eyes.

So during your conversations with girls, instead of bragging and trying to show the girl how confident you are…..

… can purposely allow the conversation to lull.

Take this silent moment as an opportunity to flirt (instead of feeling awkward and panicking to restart the conversation).

How do you flirt? It is simple……

make A Prolonged Deep Eye Contact with the girl without saying a word. Make eye contact until the girl looks away first.

After she looks away, you can restart the conversation.

This brings me to the next point.

#2. Smile

By smiling, I mean smiling with your eyes while lips are closed and tilted slightly to both or one side.

It is called a smirk.

A sexy smirk

Girls find a smirk sexy and charming.

It is mysterious because the girl won’t tell whether you are so happy to see her or not.

A smirk makes you a challenge.

While making prolonged deep eye contact, it will be perfect if you coupled it with a smirk.

For more on how a smirk looks like, checkout for Hollywood actors like;

• Brad Pitt

• George Clooney (Perfect on how to smile with eyes)

• Ryan Gosling

• Leonardo DiCaprio

• Bradley Cooper

#3. Touch the girl.

It’s important that you make playful light touches with the girl because it shows confidence.

For example, you can put your arm around her shoulders while she is laughing at your witty statements.

It will make the girl start associating your touch with good feelings. This will make her start to feel intense attraction for you.

Some simple rules to follow while touching girls;

• It is easy and important to touch her during high points during the conversation like when both of you are laughing. You can give her a high five, for example.

• Do not touch sexual parts of her body like breasts and butt in public. Or anything that would make her feel like a sl&t.

• Do not look at your hand while touching the girl. You want her to feel like your touch is natural.

• Do not make touching the girl seem like a big deal.

• Do not overdo it. If a girl isn’t your girlfriend yet, touching her so often and touching her for a prolonged time will just creep her out.

• Let your touches be light and not forced.

If you want to make touching girls seem natural and effortless….

• Start incorporating touch in your daily conversations with random people like friends and relatives.

• While talking, move your hands aka talk with your hands. Use gestures. Do not talk like a robot.

• Have fun during your conversations. Touch people because you like it.

#4. Get Close To The Girl.

A young woman and man smiling at each other on a date

You should not be too far from a girl during your conversations.

If you want to be her friend, then you can be as far from her as you want.

See: How To Avoid And Get Out The Friend zone.

Being close to the girl will help you to easily flirt by breaking the touch barrier.

However, at the start of the conversation, if she isn’t yet comfortable with you, do not be so close.

However, when she starts to get comfortable being around you keep getting closer and closer to her.

If she is comfortable being around from the start, you then need to get close to her, lest be friend-zoned.

#5. Compliment Her

Complimenting a girl is a way of showing the girl that you indirectly like her.

Complimenting a girl keeps everything mysterious. The girl won’t be so sure if you like her.

It keeps you as a challenge.

However, you should never compliment a girl’s looks or give her general compliments unless she is your girlfriend or if she so attracted to you.

Overt compliments like “You look so beautiful”, ” you are hot” ‘your eyes are cute’ aren’t genuine.

A girl will resent you for it. She might say thanks, but that is all you will ever get from her.

Every guy who sucks up to her and wants to win her validation says the same things.

So your genuine attempts to compliment her will come off as kiss a$sy.

So how should you compliment her?

Give her compliments on things she has placed effort into. Or you can follow up the compliment with a question.

For example, you can say “You looked sexy in that dress back at the party. How did you come to choose it?

Following the compliment with a question shows that you were genuinely interested in what she was putting on.

It shows that you weren’t just trying to impress her.

#6. Tease Her.

Teasing means messing up with a girl in a playful way. You can tease a girl by;

• Purposely misinterpreting what she has said.

• Exergarrating what she has said and turned it into something ridiculous.

• Repeating every word she says until she notices that you’re messing with her.

• Physically tease her. For example, you can playfully and lightly push her away when she says something annoying or witty.

However, while teasing girls non-verbal cues play an important role.

You may need to accompany teasing the girl with playful or exaggerated facial expressions for the girl to know that you are being sarcastic and playful.

You will also need to use a playful voice tonality.

#7. Use Implications.

Implications can also be used to build curiosity and intrigue about your interest in a girl.

For example, instead of telling the girl that you like her directly which will come off as boring and lacking a challenge……

if she putting on a short red dress, you can say something like “by the way, I like girls in short red dresses”.

This keeps everything fun and exciting. Girls love subtle communications.

Final Thoughts.

A lot of guys find trouble flirting with girls. Flirting is something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

It is something we need to learn and master.

Some guys would rather convince the girl to like them or try to impress the girl by bragging about their cool things.

As as I said, this rarely works.

And it makes dating seem like hard work. Dating is a game that is meant to be fun and exciting.

If you master flirting, you will be able to kill two birds with a single stone. You will subtly show interest in a girl, at the same time, building attraction.

Above all, never beat yourself up if you fall short of the above because no one is perfect.

And to build attraction, you may not necessarily need to do everything right.

To Recap

How do you flirt with a girl during a conversation?

• Make strong prolonged eye contact.

• Smile

• Touch the girl

• Get close to the girl

• Compliment her

• Tease the girl

• Use implications

I hope this article has helped you (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share on social media.)

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