Flirt And Get Girls On Instagram: A 7 Step-by-step Guide

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You met a girl on Instagram and you are wondering how to flirt with her without coming off as creepy.


You want to start a conversation on Instagram with a girl you’ve never met before without pushing the girl away.

Today, I’m going to be walking you through that.

If you do it right, you will start getting dates with attractive women on Instagram in no time.

Let’s get to it.

How To Flirt With Girls On Instagram.

  • Follow her before you slide into her dms.
  • Send her a direct message.
  • Reply to her stories you relate to.
  • Give her a genuine compliment.
  • Don’t like every picture she posts.
  • Keep everything light, fun, and casual.
  • Sexualise your interactions.
  • Don’t forget the goal.

Tip #1. Follow her before you slide into her DMs.

If you’ve never met the girl before, sliding into her dms before following her will offer you very little chances with her.

It looks creepy. That’s what every other dude interested in her is doing!

So she’ll be more likely to just ignore your dm.

If you ever want to grab a girl’s attention on Instagram, you will need to first follow her before you slide into her DMs.

Why? Because when you follow her, she will be more likely to get to know more about you by looking at your profile first.

It helps to build comfort and trust on her end.

So when you finally slide into her dms, she will easily engage because she at least knows a little about you.

#2. Send her a direct message (DM)

Now assuming you’ve already followed the girl you want to flirt with.

It’s time to send her a message.

The message can be an open-ended question about one of her pictures she posted or a statement she made.

Avoid asking the girl boring close-ended questions.

Let me illustrate that with an example.

Assuming the girl posts a picture of her and her friends at the beach.

95% of dudes will ask the girl questions like…

“When did you visit the beach?”


“Did you have fun?”


“Is that beach cool?”

Does that sound like a guy who’s fun and exciting or a boring dude?

Its clearly the later.

So how can you comment on her pic in a fun way?

You can ask her something like…

“I’ve always wanted to visit that part of the beach. What are some cool things about it?”

See… the last question doesn’t require the girl to give one-word answers like the former.

Secondly, you want to ask the emotionally relevant questions.

The chances of her replying will be high.

For example, getting back to our last question…

by mentioning the phrase ‘cool things about it’ the girl will mention things about emotions of joy, fun, and pleasure.

The girl will start to feel those emotions again as she tells them to you.

She may also start to associate those good feelings with you.

Emotions are a big thing when it comes to seducing women.

So don’t neglect them.

On that note…

Avoid asking girls questions that require them to give short factual answers.

Or questions that require a YES or No.

The girl may start to feel like she’s sitting for an exam.

Yet, she’s on social media to have fun.

Back to the beach question…

After she has replied to your question, you can also use it as an opportunity to get the girl.

How? It’s simple.

If the girl’s response is positive, you can use it as an opportunity to ask her out to the same or different beach.

You also need to note that, when dming a girls on Instagram…

your questions need to build intrigue and curiosity!

This will push her to respond. Plus… it will help to build some sexual tension.

Let me illustrate that with examples.

Before saying any statement or asking the girl a question, you can first use statements like;

  • You won’t believe it…
  • I have to know…
  • Please tell me…
  • I have good news…

Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be sending the girl Dms all the time.

You don’t want that hottie to start thinking that you have nothing to do with your life besides sending her messages.

And if you send her a direct message, but doesn’t respond right away, give her time to do so.

Don’t double text.

You can send her another message a couple of days later.

Similarly, you shouldn’t be replying to her dms right away.

#3. Reply to her stories.

This can be something she wrote on a post or it can be a picture.

Replying to the girl’s story will help to build a connection with her.

It will also help you to build familiarity.

It’s that familiarity that will make her trust you a little bit.

However, you shouldn’t reply to every story she posts.

You will look like some guy who is stalking her.

As a rule of thumb, never do things that make it seem like you’re a girl’s FUN.

In that case, you’ll need your common sense to bail you out.

Remember, what you want, bro!

You want to hook up with her or make her your girlfriend.

You aren’t her fun. So never act like one by liking and commenting on every pic she posts.

Additionally, it will be best for you to only reply to her stories that you can relate to.

You will naturally come off as genuine and non-creepy.

And she will sense your authenticity.

Even if you have a goal of hooking up with her or dating her, you don’t what it to be very clear to her.

Or else, she may pull away.

You need some kind of mystery in there!

It will help you to build attraction.

An example of replying to her relatable stories is when…

• She posts a pic of her playing with dogs and you are into dogs too.

• She posts a picture of herself travelling to some part of the country and you’ve ever gone there too.

As I said, relating to a girl’s Instagram story will perfectly help you to establish a connection.

You will also know the kind of things that fascinate her so you ask her questions about it.

That can also act as an opportunity to ask her out on a date shortly.

#4. Genuinely compliment her.

Complimenting a girl is an effective way of flirting with her.

It’s a subtle way of telling her “hey, I think I like you!”

Whatever you do, never compliment a girl who isn’t your girlfriend on her looks.

A guy chatting with a girl on Instagram

It’s simply not genuine.

It isn’t unique- at all. And she won’t feel fascinated by your compliment either.


First, if a girl is cute, she already knows that.

Second, an attractive girl who is always posting her pictures on social media will have already received thousands of compliments on her looks.

Now, what should you compliment her about?

Good question!

Compliment the woman on something she has placed effort into.

This can be her hobby/her talent, her fashion sense or someplace she visited.

The truth is, it is rare for an attractive girl to get a compliment from guys on things other than her looks.

So when you go ahead and do it, you will have stood out.

It will also make her feel like she has worked for your attention. Thus, she will start to treat you like a high-value guy.

And that is the best thing you will ever want from any woman.

#5. Don’t like every other pic she posts.

Do you remember, what I told you?

You aren’t her fun!

And you don’t want to be one.

So you shouldn’t be liking every pic the girl posts. It is less attractive.

It will show the girl that you are overly impressed by her or you are simply chasing.

Secondly, you may want to not like her bikini pics.

You want to separate yourself from the crowd and guys who are always stalking her on social media.

#6. Keep everything light and casual.

Flirting with the girl should be playful, and light-hearted.

Avoid super complicated topics and heavy communications with the girl.

Your discussions have to be short and simple.

Don’t take your interactions with the girl too seriously.

Or else, she will feel overwhelmed and will stop responding.

You will also have to playfully tease girls.

Playfully tease girls on how they dressed in the pics they post or the things they did.

It will help you to create that flirtatious vibe that so many other guys don’t create for fear of offending the girl.

Tip #7. Sexualise your interactions.

You will subtly let the girl know that you are considering her as more than a friend.

You don’t want her to think of you as just a great friendly guy.

I usually sexualise my conversations with girls on IG through compliments…

And through flirtatious misinterpretations.

How? By pretending to misinterpret her statements like she is chasing me.

I use statements like…

“Hey, are you flirting with me?”


“I can’t believe you’re hitting on me?”

Again, you don’t want to be overtly sexual with a girl you’ve just met on Instagram.

I mean, sending a girl your dick pic when she hasn’t asked for it will just get you blocked.

And are you that creepy, bro!

I hope not.

Tip #8. Don’t forget the goal.

Don’t get caught up with flirting 24/7.

You can’t hook up with the girl on Instagram.

And you can’t build real attraction over social media.

So you will need to get the girl to come out.

Make a move by asking her to hang out or to come over to your place or her place if that’s possible.

Whatever your choice may be, you will have to make a move on the woman as soon as possible.

To sum up

There is no guarantee that the tips I’ve given you will work 100% of the time.

But they will increase your chances of getting girls on Instagram nonetheless.

The point is that, those tips aren’t a magic pill.

Besides, there isn’t a magic pill when it comes to having success in seduction.

When it comes to getting girls on social media, you will need to play a numbers game.

Especially if you’re just starting out.

Your chances of getting positive responses from girls shall also depend on how your profile looks.

It will tell girls the kind of person you are.

So you need a profile that will stand out somehow. You can include:

  • Pictures of your travelling.
  • Playing with animals/pets- not just holding them.
  • Avoid selfies unless its a group selfie.
  • Smile with a smirk. You’ll look sexier.
  • Pictures of you with other girls. The hotter the better.
  • Pictures of you having fun with friends.
  • Cool pics of you in fitting clothing.

That’s it, friends. Share if you have digged it.


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