Get Attractive Girls’ Attention On Instagram With These 6 Proven Tips

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Hi Yo. So you clicked on this article, that means you definitely want it.

You want to attract girls on Instagram.

Well, bro, you’ve found yourself in the perfect place.

I’m going to be showing you how to get girls’ attention on Instagram.

Instagram can be an awesome dating app.

Wait, have I just called Instagram a “dating app”?

It true bro!

You can use Instagram to pick up girls.

Instagram can also be used to build attraction with the girl you’ve just met.

That will be easier than randomly approaching the girl because…

She’ll be able to have trust and comfort since she will be seeing your profile and IG stories.

And comfort is a huge deal when it comes to building a girl’s attraction to you.

Dating Advantages Of Instagram.

The number one advantage of Instagram is that your chances of success will be high.

That will happen for the following reasons:

  • There is less competition compared to online dating sites. On tinder, for example, recent research shows that the ratio of men to women is a whopping 9:1. However, there is this one dating site with less competition.
  • Girls are less likely to have there guards up because they aren’t expecting any guy to seduce them over Instagram.
  • If you ask a girl you’ve just met for her Instagram, she’ll be much more likely to give to you than her phone number. It is unique and less pressurising.

So we have seen why you should continue to seduce girls over IG.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

How To Grab The Attention Of Hot Girls On Instagram.

Let’s jump right into it.

#1. Remind the girl about something fun.

If you had already met the girl, you can remind her of any fun thing that happened before.

DM her about any amusing activity or something you talked about while you were still with her.

It reminds her of the good feelings she had around you.

And this is exactly what you want.

You want the girl to always be associating you with good feelings.

Remember, emotions are very important whenever it comes to seduction.

Let me repeat it because it is very important.

A woman’s emotions are super important  when it comes to seduction.

If you can make the woman feel various emotions, she will keep thinking about you.

You will have her attention.

So while on Instagram, remind her of the exciting times you had together!

#2. Reply To Her Stories.

Replying to a girls’ stories will help you to keep yourself in front of them.

Just like in marketing where companies spend a lot of money on advertisement to keep in front of their customers.

Replying to a girl’s story will also help you to build a connection with her.

For example, you can reply to a girl’s story by commenting on something she’s doing.

For example, if a girl posts a story of her at a beach, you can reply with something like…

“I would love to hang out at that part of the beach. It just looks cool!”

Well, if the girl likes you enough, she may start to comment on your stories too.

And you would take it from there.

That being said, you shouldn’t overdo it.

It will make you look like a try-hard.

And don’t comment on her stories by complimenting her looks.

It isn’t original and unique. The girl will feel turned off if you do it.

You need to comment on something other than her looks.

Something she has placed effort into.

You might think that saying something like “Wow, you looked hot in that bikini” will make you sound cool, but it won’t.

So many low-value guys are simply doing that too.

#3. Develop An Outstanding Bio.

You want to create a bio that is unique and badass.

If a girl has got your Instagram, the first thing she’ll have to look at will be your bio.

When it’s like that of so many other guys out there, you won’t catch her attention.

You will only get the girl’s attention if you stand out in some way.

A good bio should be short, simple, and straight to the point.

It will add more benefits if it is kinda like that of a bad boy. That is, include hobbies that are ‘ballsy’ like sky diving if you have some.

Features of a cool Instagram bio that will attract women.

  • Include pictures of you travelling.
  • Pictures of you enjoying your hobbies.
  • Pictures of you with animals. Women love pets and animals. It will look more cool and genuine if you take a pic of yourself playing with the animal and having fun.
  • Have pictures of you with your friends having fun. It will give you some kind of social proof in her head.
  • Have group pics. You might want to avoid selfies unless you’re with your friends.
  • Have pics of you hanging out with other girls. This is super important because it will give you preselection. It shows girls that other girls want you.
  • Avoid or limit pictures of you smiling with your teeth out. A simple smirk will make you look more sexy- and mysterious.

#4. DM the girl about something you talked about.

If it’s a girl you talk to, you can DM her about something that you guys talked about before.

You can also send her funny pictures about anything you guys did or talked about.

As I said, this will help to maintain contact.

You will keep staying on her mind in a less pushy way.

Talking about being less pushy, you shouldn’t be dming the girl every other minute.

You don’t want her to think that you have nothing cool happening in your life.

#5. Send the girl something that makes her curious.

Do you remember what I said before?

You want to engage the woman’s emotions or feelings if you ever want her to keep thinking about you.

You also want to be unique.

If you become like every other guy who keeps sending her boring and predictable dms.

You’ll get what every other guy gets- fantasising about her.

Sending her things like:

  • You’re cute.
  • You’re beautiful.
  • She is so pretty!
  • Kissy emojis.

All that shall make you look boring.

And she will never uniquely think about you.

You want to send the girl something open to doubt.

Telling a hot girl that she is pretty will never create any mystery.

So instead of sending her something like “you look sexy”…

It would be much better if you sent her anything like…

Hey, you look really pretty, but a little bit crazy. I’m wondering about you.

By accompanying ‘you look really pretty’ with ‘a little bit crazy’ shows that you’re complimenting her, but pulling it away at the same time.

This will drive her nuts! You’ll trigger her emotions. She will be kinda curious whether or not you’re complimenting her.

Again you’ll be unique from all the other guys who are always showering her with compliments and walking on eggshells around her for fear of sounding offensive.

And this alone will grab her attention.

Instead of complimenting the girl directly, you can also say…

“You look cute so I wanted to know if you’re cool like your looks suggest”

This also works very well because you’ll be kind of forcing the girl to qualify herself to you.

By saying ‘I wanted to know if you’re cool like your looks suggest’ means that you can simply take away the compliment.

It is unpredictable. And that’s attractive right there.

#6. It is a numbers game.

All the above being said you need to remember that it will all come down to numbers.

The above tips won’t work 100% of the time.

They aren’t a magic pill- to be honest with you.

But one thing I’m confident about is it will increase your chances tremendously.

So you’ll need to try out the above strategies on a couple of girls.

After all, there are plenty of gorgeous women out there.

In conclusion.

Getting a girl’s attention on Instagram isn’t rocket science.

All you need to do is avoid doing the same things and mistakes that so many other guys make.

You can even improve by watching what most guys do, and then do the reverse.


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