Have Successful Second Dates With Girls: Get A Girlfriend

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So you invited her for a second date and she accepted, cheers bro! Now should you get cocky? Of course not.

Hanging out with a girl on the second date doesn’t guarantee much. Nonetheless, it’s a sign that she has some interest in you.

The point is, there is still some work that needs to get done. If you screw things up, she will lose interest and you may end up kissing her affections goodbye.

On the second date, your main aim should be to escalate things to the next level. It’s a time for taking some small risks.

Remember, you only have a maximum of three dates of hanging out with her, and this is your second date.

So in this article, I’m going to be showing you super simple yet, powerful tips on how to have successful and interesting second dates with awesome women.

I’m not going to share basic tips- like remember what you talked on the first date, tell her how you feel, or include her in your plans.

A lot of second date tips you read are basic. They are good ideas and you should follow them!

But if you don’t want to wait for months and years before you have sex with the woman, or before she commits to you…

then you need something more than just basic tips!

Trust me, an attractive woman in her youthful stage will have a ton of guys who want her to become their girlfriend.

So you don’t want her to make you wait for months and years because she’ll be hooking up with some other dude(s) in no time.

And you never want such to happen to you, do you?

Ok, good.

Tips To Have A Successful Second Date That Leads To Sex And/Or A Relationship.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here bro! The main goal of hanging out with the girl is to have sex with her and/or start a long term relationship.

And having sex with a girl on a second date will make the later much easier. Why? Because she has (emotionally) invested in you. Sex is a huge emotional investment on women’s side.

So ignore any advice that tells you to never have or push for sex with a girl on a second date. Besides chances are she isn’t a virgin.

You don’t have to feel ashamed of your sexuality. Doing so makes you dishonest to yourself and your biology.

Girls will respect you more if you try to push for sex with her on a second date- even when she declines your advances.

What should you do to have a successful second date?

#1. Spend less cash.

If you had your first date at a fancy restaurant, that was a huge mistake! But let’s leave the past for now.

Don’t spend too much cash on your second date. That’s for obvious reasons.

One: Girls will take advantage of you as they may hang out with you not because they are interested in dating you- just for the free meal and drinks!

A girl who is genuinely interested in you, the kind of girl you want to stay within a long term relationship, will never care whether or not you spend a ton of cash on your second date.

A study published in mid-2019 in the society for personality and social psychology journal found that a third of women have gone on a date with a man they weren’t interested in- just for a free meal.

So when a girl declines hanging out with you for a second date, never try to convince her by promising to take her to that new fancy restaurant.

As I said earlier, those are the kind of girls that you don’t want to enter a serious relationship with outside of just having casual sex.

The same study also suggests that most women who go on dates with men they aren’t interested in (just for free meals and drinks) are more likely to possess narcissistic and egotistic behaviours.

If you want to spend a lot of money on a girl who isn’t your official girlfriend, I have no hate for you! Maybe you just want to get laid and that will be it.

But here is the problem with that strategy…

money spent on a woman isn’t equal to opening her legs for you. If you just want to get laid, you might as well just spend that money on a good looking prostitute- and save yourself time and all the hustle.

Second, if the woman is interested in you, she may resent you for the fact that (or thinking that) you are trying to seek for her validation. Even when you’re not trying to.

The problem is that any good looking girl is used to guys trying to buy her expensive things just to win her over and/or get into her pants.

So she subconsciously associates men who invest a ton of cash in her with low-value personalities.

She knows that any high-value guy doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on her just to win her affections.

Third, the woman will immediately drop you into the boyfriend category when you take her for a fancy dinner date. So she’ll start to act like a “good girl”.

What’s the problem with that? Here it is…

she will make you wait for months, if not years before you get laid.

What’s wrong with waiting that long? Here’s the thing, if the girl is attractive, she’ll be seeing other guys and/or having sex with them as you hang out with her for the fourth date and so on- that’s only if she hasn’t been taken!

The truth, that we often don’t want to hear and take into consideration as guys, is that any average hot, young woman will have plenty of dating options.

Chances are she’ll be seeing other guys while you’re dating her.

So why shouldn’t you wait for so long? Only you can answer that question.

#2. Touching the girl makes a huge difference.

A man hugging a girl on a second date

As I said, I’m going to share key things that you need to do on your second date. And touching the girl will be key.

Touching a girl on your date sounds obvious, but so many guys never do it the right way.

Why should you touch the girl on your second date?

Touching her is important for three reasons…

One: It helps you to test and gauge her interest levels. A girl who won’t allow you to touch her on a second date will just be wasting your time: she simply isn’t worth pursuing anymore!

Two: Touching the girl will help build sexual tension. Sexual tension will help you to escalate your interactions to the next level like kissing or having sex.

Three: When you touch a woman, it triggers feelings in her of “I like this guy”. So her sexual interest in you will increase tremendously.

That’s also because it communicates to her, subconsciously, that you’re physically dominant.

How should you touch the girl on your second date?

Essentially, touching a woman can be subdivided into three categories; Light, romantic and sexual touching.

On the second date, you want to focus on romantic touching if you ever want it to be successful. This is what will build enough sexual tension, and make the girl want to hook up. And a girl who allows you to touch her romantically will be surely interested in you.

So during your second date;

• Hold her hand.

• Stroke her hair.

• Lightly place your finger on the tip of her nose.

• Hold hands while walking.

• Go for the first kiss. Kissing is obviously a romantic touch because it can be done in public.

• Stay close to her. Aim to always be in her intimate space.

• Give her a long full-body hug for a prolonged time (cuddling)- with her arms wrapped behind your neck and your hands around the small of her back.

When should you touch the girl on your second date?

It’s super important when you touch the girl during the high points of your conversations.

Like when she’s laughing hard at your jokes. This is important for one reason: she starts to associate your touch with good feelings.

You should also touch the woman when you’re first meeting her for the second date. You may do this in two ways;

One: Take her hand and hold it for a moment (while making strong eye contact with a smile, of course.)


Two: Give her a warm full-body hug and stay in there for a moment.

If the girl is responding positively to your romantic touches, it can be a good opportunity to invite her back to your place.


Any place where you can be alone like her house.

Not like “Let’s go somewhere and have sex!” because that will surely creep her out and kill all her moods for hooking up with you.

Check out this article on how to invite a girl back to your place after a date.

The more you touch the girl on your date, the better. However, you need to avoid sexual touches until you are alone with the girl somewhere private.

Why? Because you want to avoid anything that will make the girl feel like a slut. Women will do anything to avoid that feeling.

When you’re in public don’t caress her breasts, touch her inner thighs, or place your hand on her butt.

#3. Don’t forget to continue with the flirtations.

If you were flirting with the girl on your first date, you did a good job.

If you didn’t, don’t sweat it…

Just know that you need to flirt with girls on a date, and I’m going to show you how to do it!

Flirting is key because it also helps to build sexual tension besides signalling your sexual interest to the girl in a subtle way.

So during your second date…

• Keep making strong eye contact with a smile. Do that, without saying a word, when a moment of silence crops up to the conversation instead of awkwardly restarting the conversation.

• Push her playfully when she says something sarcastic.

• Pretend to misinterpret her statements.

• Get close to her and whisper in her ear.

• Exaggerate what she says.

#4. You don’t need to impress her.

A woman receiving a gift

Have you been thinking about buying her an expensive gift? Ditch that idea, bro!

I’m not against buying women expensive gifts. But giving a woman something she hasn’t earned communicates to her, subconsciously, that her value is higher than yours.

So you try to compensate that by buying her expensive items.

You should only buy a woman an expensive gift only after she’s earned it- like after she’s cooked for you nice food, or had sex with you.

Women resent guys who try to impress them with hopes of winning them over.

Again whenever you take her for expensive shopping without having earned it, her defensive guards will go up- thinking you just want to get into her pants.

“But that’s not my intention. I’m just being nice and romantic!”, you think.

Even if you aren’t trying to, that was the exact agenda of the last guys who bought her an expensive gift on a date.

When you go ahead and buy her that gift, she’ll think “why is he doing all this?”. And she’ll remember all the last guys (or experiences of her girl-friends) who bought her expensive gifts hoping to get laid.

Will she like your gift? Will she take it? Of course, yes! But her attraction to you will have dropped.

Another form of impressing a girl that you should restrain from is bragging. “You should see my cool house” “I have just been promoted at work. I’m going to start receiving a six-figure income”.

The only problem with bragging is it comes from a wrong place- a place of neediness, low self-confidence and insecurity.

As I said earlier, that kills any romantic feelings she might have started to feel. Women sexually feel attracted to men who are secure, mysterious and self-confident.

Then what should you do if bragging is bad?

This might sound kinda contradictory, but let’s face it…

any woman will feel attracted to a successful guy who has his shit together– like the above guy receiving a six-figure income and living in a cool house.

But directly talking about your cool stuff like your car and house is a low-value move because it communicates neediness and desperation.

It’s like scoring an own goal after scoring for your team: you’ll have cancelled out all your efforts.

Instead of bragging, let the woman reveal the cool things about you by herself or at least indirectly.

For example, she might find about your cool house when you invite her to your place after the date.

That way, she’ll feel more attracted to you because you are mysterious, unpredictable and not boring- plus the fact that you never bragged to her.

Only a high-value guy who isn’t desperate to get the girl will be mysterious and never feel the need to brag to the attractive woman.

So desist from buying her gifts on your date and don’t brag!

#5. Keep asking her open-ended questions.


Your main purpose is to get her to do the majority of the talking as you do most of the listening.

Why should you let her do most of the talking on your date?

One: It will help you to build an emotional connection with her. This will make hooking up easier since women attach a lot of emotion to sex.

People feel more connected to others they open up to.

Two: You want to know more about the kind of girl you’re dating. To see whether or not she has the qualities you need in a girlfriend.

Find out if she meets your standards.

Third: It will put you in a dominant position and that’s attractive to women. Generally, the person who asks the most questions in a conversation is assumed to be more dominant.

That being said you want to ask her questions about less logical topics. Avoid heavy and serious topics like politics, sex, business or religion.

Your questions should be about topics that are interesting to women- emotionally relevant topics.

Topics like;

• Food, cooking and recipes.

• Her passions, dreams and aspirations.

• Music or entertainment.

• Childhood memories.

• Fashion.

• Celebrity gossip.


The main purpose of your second date is to get to know the girl more before having sex with her.

I’m emphasizing having sex with her on the second date, if you can, because it will make the rest much easier: turning her into your girlfriend.

So ditch any dating advice that tells you not to have sex with a girl on a second date.

When the sex doesn’t happen on your second date, don’t sweat it, bro! At least you’ll still have a chance on the third date.

Nonetheless, you should make sure that you romantically touch the woman as I mentioned above. The more you touch her the better!

If she ignores your touch from time to time, then she isn’t worth pursuing. You’d better move on and meet other girls.


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