Avoid The Terrible 7 First Date Mistakes: What You Need To Do Instead

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You went on a first date with that attractive girl.

But later, she texted you something like…

“Hey thank you for last night, but I just don’t feel any connection between us”


“You’re such a nice person, but I think we should just be friends”.

Those words suck!

You feel like your heart is on fire.

We’ve all been their bro!

Have you ever gone for a first date and then the girl isn’t interested in a second date? 


Not excited about hearing from you again?

And you keep asking yourself where you messed up on your first date?

That’s never going to happen to you again on your first date, because today l‘m going to be sharing with you how to have a successful first daye by giving you;

  1. First date mistakes you must avoid to become more attractive to any hot girl.
  2. What you should do instead so that you increase your chances of seeing the girl again or having sex with her.

How To Have A Successful First Date: First Date Mistakes To Avoid.

Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

How to have a successful first date with a girl.

#1. Going for movie and/or dinner dates.

A man with a woman on a first dinner date

These are one of the most common first date ideas a lot of guys go for because it is what they watch in movies.

The problem with these first date ideas is they are so boring, very common and not creative.

You want your first date to be something where you and the girl can freely interact with each other and have fun.

You want a first date where you can easily touch the girl to build an intimate connection.

A first date that shall not put a lot of pressure on the girl.

Why you shouldn’t go for an expensive dinner on your first date.

Girls usually associate dinner dates with romance.

Whenever you take her for a dinner date, it makes the girl put you in the boyfriend category.

What’s the problem with that?

Glad you asked.

She will have to make you wait for months and years before the two of you can have sex.

She will put you in the “make him wait” category like all the other tens of dudes who bought her an expensive nice dinner.

“What if I’m ok with waiting?”, you ask.

I’ll have one question for you.

Won’t she start another relationship with some other man or be having sex with a more assertive guy? The only person to answer that question is you.

The only time you should go for dinner or movie dates is after the two of you have had sex or when she is your official girlfriend.

Where should you go on your first date with a girl for it to be successful?

Your first date should be something informal which the girl doesn’t associate with romance.

One of my favourite places to meet up is an ice cream or coffee shop.

This doesn’t put pressure on the girl, and it increases your chances of having sex on the first date or sooner.

Otherwise, if you take her to dinner for your first date, she will play a fake “good girl” persona.

And guess what? 

If you want to have sex with a good girl, you have to wait for months or years.

#2. Not letting the girl do most of the talking.

Talking too much during your first date with a girl is a huge mistake because…

You risk revealing too much too soon about yourself.

This will kill the mystery. And there will be no urgency of meeting up again for the second date.

Most guys do this to impress a girl.

And that’s another problem.

They want to reveal how intelligent they are: a low-value move that girls hate.

You will not build an emotional connection with a girl. This is why you went out for that first date with the girl.

You wanted to build an emotional connection with a girl so that she can easily have a physical connection with you.

You build an emotional connection with a girl by letting her share a lot about her emotional experiences…

like her adventures or embarrassing moments in her life or joyful experiences she’s ever had.

You want the girl to express her feelings during conversations on your first date.

Basically you want the girl to do 70% of the talking. You do 70% of the listening and 30% of the talking.

You can simply do this by asking open-ended questions about emotional topics. And girls love to talk more so on less logical topics.

People in general feel connected to you when they share a lot about themselves with you.

Open-ended questions you can ask a girl on your first date to open up.

  • What do love doing for fun?
  • What is that thing about you that anybody can’t guess?
  • What people do you look up to? And why?
  • What are your passions in life?
  • If you are to remain with one person on this planet. Who would that be? And why?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? To qualify herself to you.
  • What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
  • Tell me about the last Trip/Vacation/Tour you went to?

You can also come into the conversation and share similar experiences and emotions, so that, you can connect with the girl.

Topics any guy should avoid/limit bringing up not to ruin a first date with a girl.

  • Business.
  • Politics.
  • Religion.
  • Scientific concepts.
  • Sports.
  • Sex.

And many more that are very logical, heavy, boring, and offensive to women.

Topics you can talk about on a first date with a girl for it to be successful

  • Pets.
  • Celebrity gossip.
  • Food and Cooking.
  • Music.
  • Childhood memories.
  • Travel, Vacations, and Trips.
  • Fashion.

And many more that are more emotional, exciting, and loved by women.

#3. Bragging.

” I have a business that earns me six figures”

“You should check out my cool car”

“I have been given a scholarship by Harvard university”

Come on homie!

Are you that boring?

I know by now you know where those words are coming from.

Yes, from a guy who feels like he needs to earn his first date’s approval and validation.

Bragging is a big turn off to women because it is a sign of insecurity, and it’s kiss assy.

Guys do this because they feel, subconsciously, they do not deserve a girl’s attention.

So, by simply bragging about how much they earn, or how expensive the car they drive is, it makes them feel like they now deserve a girl’s affections.

This just turns you into a low-value dude because if you weren’t, it would be the girl trying to impress you.

So, you should let the girl figure out your awesome things about you by herself.

For example, when you invite her to your place after the date, then she finds about out your cool house.

#4. Spending too much money.

This is another common first date mistake so many guys make.

You must not spend a lot of money when meeting a girl for the first time.

When you spend a lot of money during your first date, it shows that you are trying to impress her and win her approval.

Spending a lot of money on a woman who has not earned shows neediness and low value.

You must realise, the fact that a girl has accepted to go out with you, she thinks that you two have the same value.

But if you go ahead and spend all that money on her, it shows her that you are trying to compensate for something: your low-value.

And guess what, women don’t want to be more than friends with low-value guys.

If you spend a lot of money on your first date, you’re going to easily get played by girls.

Girls who just want to enjoy the cool stuff you buy them on the first date.

#5. Getting too interested too early on.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Can I be your boyfriend?”

“You’re so beautiful. Have you liked me?”

Come on, why are you being a bit*h?

Showing too much interest in the girl during your first date will scare the girl off.

It’s a first date mistake I used to make.

Hot girls are used to getting a lot of attention all the time from guys.

So, when you show her too much interest early on, she will categorise you with all other losers that chase her all the time.

Never make yourself look too easy to get.

I’m not saying that you should act aloof and disinterested in the girl.

But you should just know that the girl may also be wondering whether she is fit to be your girlfriend.

She will be wondering whether you will continue to like her after the first date.

So, when you go ahead and show her that you are too interested in her than she thought, you turn her off.

You kill the chase. You kill the sexual interest on her end.

If you didn’t know, girls love to chase a guy.

When you let her do it, it confirms to her that you are a high-value guy or other beautiful girls find you attractive.

It shows her that you have an abundance of beautiful women to choose from.

Instead of asking her if she can be your girlfriend…

play it cool, continue vibing with her and continue to create the right conditions for sex to take place.

Then let her bring up the idea of being exclusive after hooking up a few times.

#6. Engaging in a lot of neutral conversations.

Engaging in neutral conversations on your first date with a girl can easily push you into the friend zone.

You should strive to make your conversations a bit sexual by making strong eye contact and using playful teasing.

You need to continuously flirt with the girl on your first date.

Not flirting with the girl will be a huge first date mistake.

You need to create a sexual vibe with the girl so that you easily have sex and start a relationship.

#7. Not touching the girl enough.

A young man with a beautiful young woman on a first date
You must touch the girl early enough to build sexual tension.

Touching the girl is so crucial if you want to improve your dating game.

If you want to build an intimate connection that will help you to have sex with a girl, make her your girlfriend and avoid the friend zone, then you must touch the girl during your first date.

One way of touching a girl is holding her hand while walking together. This will set a romantic tone from the start.

Touching a girl will also help you to see whether the girl is sexually interested in you. It helps you to see whether she is worth pursuing.

You need to look out for a girl’s signals of sexual interest during your first date because a girl may go out with you for various reasons other than being sexually interested in you.

Touching the girl in your first date can involve but not limited to;

  • Holding the girl’s hand.
  • Giving her full-body hugs.
  • Placing your arm around her shoulder.
  • Placing your arm around her waist.
  • Having her sit on your laps.
  • And many more.

Avoid touching her sexual parts like her breasts and bum. At least, in public.

You don’t want to creep her out and make her uncomfortable.

I know you will be getting horny bro!

But you’ll need to slow it down.

#8. Not making a move.

A man kissing a woman on their first date
You should always make a move on the girl like going for a kiss on your first date.
This increases the chances of meeting up for the second date or having sex with the girl.

If you want to keep your interactions with a woman moving in a positive direction, then you must take a risk make a move on a girl.

You must go for that first kiss. You must invite the girl back to your place or go to her place to have sex. In this 21st century, dating is a very fast game.

If you do not make a move on the girl early on, some other guy will be getting the first kiss and having sex with the girl as you are waiting for all the lights to turn green.

And if you make a move but get rejected, the girl will respect you a lot and become more attracted.

Why? Because you are showing her that you are a bold and confident guy who goes after what he wants.

Just know that the more you delay making a move on the girl, the harder it will become for you to make a move and be accepted later on.

And, never think that the girl will make the first move nor should you wait for the girl to show very clear signals before you make the move.

Final Thoughts

The first date mistakes guys make result in girls losing interest and not wanting to see the guys for a second date.

So, whenever you are about to go on a first date, you may need to come back and read through.

And friends, that is it!

The first date mistakes guys need to avoid, in summary.

#1. Going for movie or dinner dates.

#2. Doing more of the talking.

#3. Bragging.

#4. Spend a lot of money.

#5. Getting too interested too early on.

#6. Engaging in a lot of neutral conversations.

#7. Not touching the girl enough.

#8. Not making a move.


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