Get Out Of The Friend zone In 3 Months: A Step-by-step Guide

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You have been friends with this girl for months but you don’t know how to express your romantic feelings for her.

You have been friends with her hoping that someday, she will eventually fall for you. She always tells how nice you are but the best thing she has ever given you is a hug.

Has this ever happened to you?

Don’t worry because I’m going to show you how to get out of it and never get into the friend zone again.

Basically a friendzone is where a girl whom you are sexually and romantically interested in just considers you as a friend.

You hang out all the time, text each other every day, you listen to her problems, do all sorts of nice things for her hoping that one day your crush will fall for you.

As months and years go by, she seems not to show any romantic interest in you.

By the time you finally man up and express your true feelings…


She says things like…

“Martin, I like you and you are such a “nice” guy. I think we should remain as friends”

Holly s***t, the friend zone sucks. Its worst after revealing your romantic interests.

In this article, am going to share with you the steps you can practice as early as now to get out of the dreaded friendzone.

I am also going to show you how you to never get into the friend zone AGAIN.

Before we proceed any further, you need to ask yourself a million-dollar question……..

Why did you get friend-zoned?

1. A girl rejects your romantic advances but (because you probably developed oneitis) you don’t have the guts to let go.

So you stay around giving her attention hoping that one day fate will go your side and your crush will eventually consider you.

2. You don’t make a move to the girl early enough. This can be due to;

fear of rejection

simply believe in the notion of let’s be friends first before becoming exclusive.

So she drops you in the let’s be friends category even when she may have considered you as boyfriend material.

Can a girl eventually fall for you?



Sometimes guys who are very very lucky will eventually have a girl become their girlfriend or wife.

But this will take months and years of orbiting around the girl.

Again this is not a situation that you want to find yourself in because;

1. The girl will have a higher power in the relationship.

And when this happens she will rarely respect you in the relationship.

2. If a woman is still young like 18 – 28, she can easily leave you and eventually go for a guy who is a challenge, a guy who she has to work to win over, a guy who is high value.

You don’t want to be in a relationship where a girl feels like she just helped you to become her boyfriend.

Don’t be mislead by Hollywood movies where a guy spends years begging his crush to become his girlfriend. For the girl to finally be like “let me be with this poor guy”. Women don’t like being more than friends with weak men.

It’s your fault that you are in the friendzone.

Honestly, getting into the friend zone is a guy’s fault, not the girl’s fault.

Getting into the friend zone is quite easy but it is always not easy for some guys to get out of the friendzone.

Why guys get into the friendzone

Reasons, why guys end up in the friendzone, is simply because of;

#1. Fear of rejection and losing the girl’s validation.

A man and woman making out in a mini van

It is dangerous if you always play it safe with the girl and do not take risks by sexually escalating with her because you are afraid she might reject your sexual advances.

This is the one sure way of getting you into the friendzone 200% of the time.

Some guys may fear showing their romantic interest in a girl for fear of getting rejected.

They do not man up and make a move on the girl.

As I said, women don’t get sexually attracted to spineless men.

When you do not get out of your comfort zone and make

You can’t always interact with a girl in a friendly way instead of a romantic way and expect the girl to know that you are sexually interested in her.

Of course, you cannot expect yourself to hook up with any girl you interact with, but if you meet a girl who you are romantically interested in, then you can’t treat her in a friendly way and then expect her to get sexually attracted to you.

If you want a girl to become your friend, then you can treat her in a friendly and neutral way.

But it is a huge mistake to treat a girl you want to be more than friends in a friendly way.

#2. Being too available to the girl.

A guy playing with a ball around a girl
When you spend too much time with a girl, it’s hard for her to develop an attraction to you because attraction grows in space

You become too available when you are;

》 talking to the girl too much

》 texting the girl all the time

》 hanging out all the time with a girl

》 being gossiping buddies

》 being an emotional tampon for the girl

When you become too available, it kills any urgency and it kills sexual attraction.

There is no scarcity and anything readily available has a lower value no matter how important it may be.

And guess what, women are not romantically attracted to men of low value.

How do you avoid the friendzone?

#1. Communicate your romantic interest right away

You must communicate to any girl you want to hook up with, become your girlfriend or wife right from the start.

When she rejects you, it means that you have saved time and energy.

Then it is up to you to have the girl become your friend or simply leave her alone and go find other girls who are sexually attracted to you.

I have had some girls start to pursue me when I walked away from them having rejected by advances.

And this will always be easier if you develop an abundance mentality.

You need to know how to communicate sexual value to women.

You have to show your sexual interest. I don’t mean you say weird things to girls like “I want to be your boyfriend?” or “I want to have sex with you” or “you have the nicest boobs I have seen” “grabbing her butt”.

ooooh my God, don’t do that.

You communicate sexual interest indirectly. You use humour and body language.

And trust me, a woman will read the signals you are sending her.

Here are some ways you can communicate romantic or sexual interest.

As I said, you must be willing to take a risk of being rejected.

But even when she rejects you, it will be a win-win situation because you won’t have wasted your time than being rejected when you make a move months later.

Rejection is a good thing because it shows your ego and her that you are a bold guy who goes after what he wants and does not pussyfoot around.

i) Escalate physically through touch.

For example, you can touch the girl during high points in a conversation, holding her hand, putting your arm around her shoulders, touching her lower back.

When she becomes comfortable with your touch, you can eventually go for the kiss.

ii) give her sexual compliments. but you don’t have to overdo it. Like once or twice a weak is enough.

iii) Tease her.

Answer some of her questions in a cocky and playful way.

Pretend to misinterpret her statements and frame them like she is trying to chase you.

Basically don’t take yourself too seriously when you are with her and you will appeal to her emotions.

iv) Text her short, playful and funny messages once in a while.

#2. Ask the girl to hung out.

A man on a date with a female workmate
Asking a girl to hangout is the one sure way of avoiding the friend zone.

This is the ultimate way of avoiding the friend zone.

If you ask a girl out so that you can have a special time alone, it is a sure way of indirectly communicating romantic interest.

However, your date must be an informal one like grabbing coffee or ice cream or having a walk.

Here, physical escalation will be much easier than going for romantic dinners and movies.

How to get out of the friendzone?

#1. Decrease communications with the girl.

This is what got you stuck in the friend zone in the first place.

Avoid all those long messages that you used to send her. Reduce the time you meet her in person.

#2. Become a high-value guy and get a life.


This needs to be done immediately you cut communications with the girl who friend-zoned you.

This should be done in 7 to 9 weeks with little or no communications with the girl – just working on yourself.

Improving your life will make you very attractive and more desirable in so many ways.

Plus, it will definitely make you busy so that even when she texts you, you won’t have time to text her immediately.

It will make you less available and more valuable without trying.

Since you will be more valuable, you will even attract other girls and this can help you deal with the oneitis that you might have developed for the girl.

Again in the process of trying to improve yourself, you will get the chance to meet other women so may end up forgetting about all these issues of getting out of the friendzone.

Here are the few ways in which you can work on yourself to raise your value.

visit the gym, build muscle, get in shape. Your health will improve, you have more testosterone and your confidence will skyrocket.

improve in your hobby. If you don’t have one, get one. Trust me you may even forget about that so-called “crush” of yours.

hang out with your buddy friends or family. Go and play soccer, or basketball or rugby or cricket or whatever it is that you enjoy. You don’t have to spend all the time with a girl.

work more on career

reading motivational books and articles that will help you become better. (like this one you are currently reading)

Limit the time you spend on social media trying to impress people who don’t matter and trying to win pointless arguments.

#3. Engage in playful banter with the girl.


After the 7 to 9 weeks, start initiating some communications with the girl.

Your communications need to not be very friendly. 

Hope you still remember what got you friend-zoned in the first place? Let me remind you… it was engaging in a lot useless neutral conversations with her!

So this time around…

flirt with her. Be playful with. When interacting with the woman, never take yourself too seriously anymore.

Try to make your conversations light and fun. For example, you can do this by seeming to misinterpret her statements.

Don’t make the conversations too logical and boring.

#4. Ask her to hang out.

A guy and girl on a date
Your first date should not be formal. That avoid dinner dates or movies.

Your date should be informal and in a place where you easily escalate physically.

Do this like 2 to 3 weeks after re-innitiating  communications with the girl.

This may seem too long, but if you are trying to improve yourself and pursuing your hobbies, 4 weeks will seem like 4 days.

Trust me, I have ever been there.

When asking her to hang out, look for a specific activity and ask her to join on a specific day and at a specific time.

If she rejects you, you can move on easily because;

You are improving your life. So other girls will find you attractive and will constantly check you out.

you have now realised that she is not romantically interested in you so you have not wasted any more time and energy. Now you are going to use your time and pursue other girls who will be interested in you.

your confidence has increased because you have gone for what you want.

And most importantly, you are on the journey of improving your life which will make you happy in many ways. You will be a busy and confident person so you will never fall into the friend zone again.


If you want to get out of the friendzone, never fall into the friend zone in the first place.

When you meet a girl that you are romantically interested in, you must man up and communicate to her your sexual interest as soon as possible.

You don’t have to fear her response because even when she rejects you, you will have saved yourself valuable time and energy.

You simply move on and look for girls who will be sexually interested in you.


If you are already in the friendzone, put your ego aside and accept that you are in the friendzone.

1. Limit your communications with the girl.

2. Increase your value, work on your purpose, get a life and become the man that you are meant to be.

3. Start flirting with the girl (do this a few days before asking her to hangout)

4. Ask her to hangout.

Hope this information has helped you. Share it with your homies cause most of us have ever been friend-zoned and it sucks.

It is not something that you would wish for a friend.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to effectively get a girl into a relationship without trying hard and pushing her away. 

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