Be A Bad Boy In College Who Hot Girls Want With These 9 Tips

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How do you become a bad boy in college?

Hi bro! So you clicked on this article, which means you want to be a bad boy who every attractive girl in college wants.

You are getting sick and tired of seeing all the attractive girls at the campus hang out with the same guys.

Well, it’s your lucky day because I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to become a bad boy in college whom hot chics around campus find attractive.

Never Be A Jerk

First things first, you need to not confuse a bad boy with a jerk.

Jerks are bullies, weak guys who take advantage of people who can’t help or stand up for themselves.

You shouldn’t be a jerk. You should be a bad boy.

You should not be like those guys in college with loud ass voices who want to show everyone that they are the alpha dog.

A true bad boy has inner confidence. A true bad boy doesn’t need to show anyone that he is alpha.

Trying to show everyone how confident you are doesn’t make you a bad boy, it makes you look beta.

So you should not be a jerk. You shouldn’t be a nice guy either.

If you want to date attractive girls with healthy self-esteem – girls who are worth dating – then you should become a bad boy, not a jerk.

With that said, let’s get the show down the road.

How To Be A Bad Boy in College 

#1. Be Friends With Bad Boys

Have you ever heard of a saying that goes ” tell me the kind of people you spend a lot of time with and I shall tell you who you are”?

Well, it happens to be true.

You can look around college or your class and see guys who are bad boys and then make them your friends.

You can even become friends with one. It will help you. He can also act as your wingman while approaching girls.

However, you should make sure that you provide some value to your friends. It can be as simple as helping them with work if you are a nerd.

Basically, your bad boy friends would want to hang around with you because they benefit from interacting with you. So be friendly.

Pump your bad boy friend(s) with positive energy. Do not be negative to your friends. Neither should you be negative to yourself.

If you become negative, no one would want to be next to you. If a friend says that he has a problem, for example, give them hope even if it is false hope.

False hope is way better than negativity or no hope at all.

As you are with your bad boy friend(s), learn as much as you can from them.

Learn about the way they dress, the way they behave and the kind of mentality they have.

You can also compare them with the average guy to see what makes the bad boy different.

You can check out for some signs of a bad boy.

#2. Dress Like A Bad Boy.

If you want to separate yourself from other guys. You must dress differently. Like a bad boy.

You need to avoid saggy clothes at all costs. Dress in clothes that make you look like an ideal male body: wide shoulders and narrow waist.

Avoid clothes with sports logos.

Do not try to look too cool. Just be a bit better dressed than the average guy.

Dress in clothes with colours that match ( like a black jacket, black belt and black shoes) and colours that are too contrasting (like black and white).

This will help you to stand out from other guys.

And that is what you want. You want to stand out as a bad boy so that lots of girls will start checking you out.

I would recommend you go with dark colours and mix in some white especially a t-shirt to build some contrast.

Another way of separating yourself is through accessories. You should go with leather band watches that are a few bucks.

A 75 dollar watch looks cooler and shows more originality than a 1000 dollar silver watch.

As I said, you shouldn’t try hard to look cool. You may look out of place.

#3. Hit the Gym

Hitting the gym will make you look good and feel confident. Lift weights while focusing more on compound exercises.

It will help to elevate your testosterone levels.

And because testosterone is associated with dominance, according to scientific studies, you will naturally start to feel like a bad boy with a ton of confidence.

If you are trying to lose weight or getting off that belly fat, you can start by doing more high-intensity interval training exercises (HIIT).

These are much more effective at cutting body fat than moderate-intensity training like jogging and riding a bicycle.

The biggest advantage of HIIT is that it takes less time (maximum of 25 minutes if you are just starting) and you can do it from home.

You can download the app futify, it will help you out.

Hitting the gym without changing your diet won’t help much.

So you should also eat healthily.

Limit or, if you can, eliminate junk or processed food like bread, fried chips, soda, processed cane sugar, white bread from your diet.

It has the effect of increasing fat in your body very fast and increases the risk of diabetes.

Eliminate trans fats in your diet.

Infographic of carbs

Substitute processed carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates like bananas, potatoes, whole bread.

Eat a lot of vegetables and some protein. Above all, take a lot of water.

#4. Walk Like a Bad Boy.

Walk slow and straight with your shoulders down and backwards. Walk with your head high. Take shoulder wide steps.

All these should be part of your normal walk.

Walk like this, just like any bad boy would, and you will start to see a ton of girls start to check you out.

They are checking you out because you are walking with confidence and swagger.

This kind of walk will also make you feel a lot more confident so that when you meet a hot chick, you won’t feel nervous and anxious starting a conversation with her.

While you are walking, look straight ahead and do not dart your eyes around.

#5. Master Strong Eye Contact

Eye contact is the most important body language cue in your bad-boy body language arsenal.

It is the main way you will use to communicate your dominance.

You MUST always make strong eye contact with anyone and, most importantly, with attractive girls.

If you make eye contact with an attractive girl, do not break it until she looks away first.

If some other guy is talking to you, make less eye contact.

If you are the one doing the talking, there is no limit on how much eye contact you need to make.

From now on, practice strong eye contact by making eye contact with every person until the other person looks away first.

#6. Change Your Mentality

Our behaviours as humans are largely affected by our mentalities and how we think about ourselves.

If you think you are a loser who attractive girls do not like, you will automatically start to behave like one.

If you think you are a bad boy who girls find attractive, you will start behaving like one and you will start to see attractive girls chasing you.

So you should eliminate your self-limiting beliefs and replace them with positive bad boy beliefs.

You can simply do this through affirmations.

All you will need to do is choose concise positive words, repeat the positive words 120 times a day as you are visualising them and feel your visualisations.

You need to feel your visualisations otherwise nothing will work.

#7. Check The Way You Speak

If you want to be a bad boy who girls find attractive, you need to talk slow.

You have to learn to speak from your diaphragm and speak with a cutting voice.

You need to also speak loudly. Speaking with a soft voice shows that you aren’t assertive and dominant.

#8. Do Not Filter Yourself.

This is very important because like a bad boy your social vibe has to be at the top.

So you should always strive to speak your mind without too much self-analysis.

Self-analysis will make you get stuck in your head. It will kill your ability to socially vibe.

This is even much more relevant if you are interacting with a girl. While interacting with a girl, do what comes naturally to you.

As a bad boy, you do not want to come off as if you are seeking the girl’s approval.

#9. Never Take Your self Too Seriously

Bad boys never take life and themselves too seriously. They are carefree.

And for this reason, attractive girls always want to spend time with bad boys.

Learn to joke around and tease girls. No one wants to be around someone who’s always carrying a stick stuck up their ass.

Never take girls too seriously and you will become a bad boy who is attracted to girls.

#10. Be Decisive

“Oohh, am not sure, What should we eat?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. we can hang out anywhere you want”.

Come on bro! Stop being a simp. You need to always have a plan.

You should get into the habit of taking quick decisions and sticking to your choices.

Never place the burden on a girl by letting her make decisions.

It makes you look less confident and indecisive.

Bad boys never overthink what they need to do. They just make a decision and then do what needs to be done.

If the girl doesn’t like his decision, she will then give him an alternative.

Be decisive by making quick decisions and then sticking to your decisions. It is what bad boys do.

Final Thoughts.

Becoming a bad boy in college isn’t rocket science. It’s about changing a few of your behaviours.

Above all, you need to change your mentality and the way you think about yourself.

Then you will become a bad boy without even thinking about it.

When you are walking around campus, tell yourself “Am a bad boy who girls find attractive”.

Visualise yourself as if every hot girl in your class and university compound is checking you out. Then feel how it would be like if every hot girl was actually checking you out.

How would it feel like if you were Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp in his 30s walking through the campus compound.

Repeat the same thing for other positive thoughts.

So how can you become a bad boy in college who attractive girls want

• Be friends with bad boys

• Dress like a bad boy

• Hit the gym

• Walk like a bad boy

• Master strong eye contact

• Change your mentality

• Check the way you speak

• Do not filter yourself

• Never take yourself seriously

• Be decisive

I hope this article has helped you  (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it on social media.)

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