How To Be Bad Boy In A Relationship

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Being a bad boy is something that comes naturally to some guys.

But in this article, I’m going to show you how you can become a bad boy and take your relationship to the next level.

Why Do You Need To Become A Bad Boy In A Relationship

You will easily have a satisfying relationship if you adopt the mindset and behaviours of a bad boy because;

  • Your girlfriend will respect you more.
  • Your girlfriend will find you more attractive.
  • You will develop a lot of confidence.
  • You will become a challenge so your girl will love you more.
  • Your girlfriend will never get tired of you and bored with you.
  • Your life, in general, shall improve.

However, becoming a bad boy has nothing to do with being “bad”.

Becoming a bad boy in a relationship doesn’t mean that you will have to start abusing your girlfriend, disrespecting her and beating her up.

This will just turn you into a low-value beta male.

Becoming a bad boy in a relationship means that you will become the best version of yourself.

You will turn into a high-value guy who is respected and adored by his girlfriend.

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Jerk In Your Relationship

When some nice guys realise that being nice pushes girls away, they try to become the extreme opposite. They turn into jerks.

You should never become a jerk because jerks are disrespectful and abusive.

Jerks give their girlfriends a lot of negative emotions like fear, doubt, hate, sadness and anger.

On the other hand, bad boys give their girls a lot of positive emotions like pleasure, excitement, joy and happiness.

However, bad boys also give their girlfriends a few less negative emotions like doubt and uncertainty.

Nice guys only give the girl positive emotions of pleasure and certainty. 

What’s wrong with that?

It means the nice guy isn’t a challenge. He turns into a boring man and a doormat.

If your girlfriend has high self-esteem and hot or has a lot going on in her life, she will dump you if you become a jerk.

She will dump you if you start abusing her thinking you are becoming a bad boy yet, you are being an asshole.

How Do You Become A Bad Boy In A Relationship?

Here are the ways you can become a bad boy in a relationship.

#1. Spice Things Up

She knows when you always go for a shower.

She knows the exact time you take her to hang out.

You always take her to the same place to hang out.

The days you hang out with friends are the same.

Whenever you have sex, it’s the same place with the same – missionary – sex position.

Oh my God! That makes me sick just by thinking about it.

Girls need surprises in their lives.

There is nothing that makes a relationship boring other than making it predictable.

Bad boys make perfect boyfriends because they are unpredictable.

You should never let your girlfriend be able to predict everything you are about to do.

Listen to the things she wants, then pick a day and surprise her with a small gift. It doesn’t need to be super expensive.

If it is too expensive, you will come off as trying to buy her affections. She may resent you because of it.

Remember you’re a bad boy, not a nice guy.

Your girlfriend will like your less expensive gift so long as it is a surprise and it is something she likes.

Become a bad boy by getting creative and your girlfriend will never get tired of you.

#2. Stop Seeking For The Girl’s Permission all the time.

You will look beta if you always want your girlfriend to decide when to hang out, where to hang out and when you should have sex.

Like, you don’t need to be a f**king p**sy for your girlfriend to not want to leave you.

She might like the fact that you’re being a doormat at first. But she’ll soon dump your weak ass.

Be a man, take responsibility and initiative.

Do not misunderstand me, though. I’m not saying that should never listen to your girlfriend’s suggestions.

What I mean is that you should make the majority of the decisions.

You should be the leader in your relationship.

If you give your power away to the girl by letting her lead the relationship, she will dump you sooner or later.

Girls do not want to stay with spineless men.

#3. Keep Pursuing Your Goals and Hobbies

This will help to keep you as a high-value guy. If your girlfriend is ambitious, her value may go above yours.

And remember, girls, date up. If she realises that her value is higher than yours, she may dump you.

You do not necessarily need to be making more money than her.

As long as you are working on your goals and improving your value, it is totally fine.

Basically, the importance of pursuing your goals and hobbies is to not let all your happiness be dependent on your girlfriend.

If your girlfriend is the main source of your happiness, you are going to act needy, insecure and desperate. That’s a guarantee.

Your girlfriend will resent you for being needy. At least in the long run. Her attraction to you will keep falling day by day.

A bad boy is happy with or without any particular girl in his life because he is constantly improving himself and increasing his value.

So you need to;

  • Keep improving in your career
  • Make new friends.
  • Hang out with friends and family.
  • Create new hobbies and Improve in your hobbies.
  • Work out and lift weights.
  • Meditate

#4. Develop a Sense of Humour

Girls can never get tired of their bad-boy boyfriends because they can make them laugh.

So you should learn how to make your girlfriend laugh.

Every one of us has an inner sense of humour whether we are an introvert or extrovert.

It is just a matter of learning how to bring it out.

This is how I improved my sense of humour.

  • Watching stand up comedy.
  • Cramming some funny and witty lines of my favourite stand up comedians. These can also be lines from funny parts in movies.
  • I then use those lines directly (less often though, because it may come off as weird if the other person has ever heard of the line) or I modify those funny statements and come up with my original funny statements.
  • Above all, practice not filtering yourself. Saying funny statements and comments has a lot to do with not second-guessing yourself.

#5. Be willing to walk away.

A man standing close to a woman with flowers


Hell yeah!


I don’t think so.

Remember what I told you earlier?

What separates a bad boy from a nice guy is that a bad boy gives his girlfriend some less negative emotions like uncertainty but the nice guy only gives pleasure and certainty to his girlfriend.

A bad boy is never a sure thing for his girlfriend. He is always willing to walk away if his girlfriend keeps misbehaving and violating his values.

And his gal knows that.

That uncertainty keeps a bad boy a challenge for the girl. This keeps the girl attracted to the bad boy.

The nice guy does the exact opposite.

When a girl keeps misbehaving by, for example, denying the nice guy sex and using sex as a weapon, the nice guy does more good things for the girl to get sex.

Basically, he is always rewarding the girl for her bad behaviour. With that said, you should do nice things and appreciate your girlfriend if she does something good for you.

How do you adopt the willingness to walk away?

Have an abundance mentality.

You also need to create a life where you are happy with or without any particular girl in your life.

Nice guys make the mistake of making their girlfriend the ultimate source of their happiness.

So it becomes hard for them to be genuinely willing to walk away from the relationship.

If your girlfriend feels like she has to work to keep you in the relationship, she will find you more attractive and love you more.

#6. Never Argue with Your Girlfriend.

A couple arguing

At the same time, you should never insult your girlfriend. It will make you look like a jerk, not a bad boy.

If your girlfriend does something you do not agree with, tell her your opinion without explaining why she is wrong and why you are right.

If your girlfriend argues on something that you think isn’t that important, frame it like it’s no big deal.

You should always let her come to your reality not the other way round.

However, you will need to listen to her if it something genuine.

Generally, girls will create unnecessary drama to test their emotional strength.

You want to show her that you are emotionally strong and will go along with her drama. Neither be phased by it.

Respond to her drama playfully.

Final thoughts.

Developing into a bad boy in a relationship will help you to become a better man.

It will make your relationships with women healthy and satisfying.

You become a bad boy in a relationship by

• Spice things up

• Stop always seeking a girl’s permission

• Keep pursuing your goals and passions

• Develop a sense of humour

• Be willing to walk away

• Never argue with your girlfriend

I hope this article has helped you    (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it on social media.)

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