Connect With A Girl Emotionally In 5 Ways: With Examples

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You went on a date with a girl, the vibe was good and everything seemed to be going well.

But after your first date, the girl seemed not to be excited to talk to you and she refused to meet up for the second date.


You have been seeing a girl for some good time but, she doesn’t want to hook up or even become your girlfriend.

What’s the only missing part to complete the whole puzzle?

Well, in both scenarios, the only important thing you could be missing is building an emotional connection with the girl.

Having an emotional connection with a girl is the one thing that a girl needs for her to keep thinking about you or to have sex with you.

It becomes very hard to have sex with a girl or to make her become your girlfriend without building a strong emotional connection with her.

A girl will easily forget about you if there was no emotional connection between the two of you.

That’s simply possible because girls are highly emotional beings. Emotions are a big thing for women. You must appeal to her emotions if you ever want to be with her.

And that’s what this article is all about.

But what is an emotional connection?

Having an emotional connection with a girl means that you and the girl share common emotions and feelings.
It means you and her have an emotional bond. The girl feels like you are her soulmate.


She will always be thinking about you because she feels like you and she were meant to be together.

And when a girl is always thinking about you, her attraction and love for you will grow.

So asking yourself how you can connect with a girl emotionally is very crucial.

The best way of connecting with a girl emotionally is through engaging in emotionally relevant conversations.

You need to engage in conversations where the girl describes her emotional experiences.

You will have to also share similar or different experiences that relate to the same emotions that the girl felt.

If you want to connect with a girl emotionally, it will have more to do with avoiding some simple silly mistakes during your conversations with girls.

Your conversations with girls should be centred around connecting with the girl emotionally by avoiding mistakes like using roadblock phrases, asking her transactional questions, engaging in conversations that are too logical and boring, taking yourself too seriously around girls and seeking a girl’s validation and approval.


Those conversation mistakes are what kills any emotional connection that would start to build between you and the girl.

This article is all about avoiding mistakes that kill emotional connections and what you must do instead.

What should you do to connect with a girl emotionally?

I will clarify what you have to do and what you should avoid using examples were necessary.

#1. Avoid or limit the use of roadblock phrases during your conversations.

As I said, you can connect with a girl emotionally through emotionally relevant conversations.

Roadblock phrases kill the flow of conversations. They keep conversations short and only promote small talk.

You should avoid statements like;

  • “cool”.
  • “That was awesome”.
  • “that is great”.
  • ” Me too.”

These phrases do not warrant a response from a girl which kills any emotionally relevant conversation.

For example, if a girl says “I just got back from a trip visiting River Nile”.

Do not say things like “ooh that was cool” or “welcome back”.

You should use phrases that will make the girl share and describe the emotions and feelings she felt during the River Nile trip.

Instead of killing the conversation with a roadblock phrase, you can say anything that will make the girl describe the emotions she had.

For example, you can say something like “It seems you had a lot of fun, what was your most exciting moment during the trip?”

Such a question warrants a response that is a little bit detailed.

Secondly, by using the word “exciting”, it will be requiring her to respond in a way that spikes her emotions.

You may also come in and share the fun moments (relating to the same – exciting – emotions) that you had when you went on a similar or different trip.

It can also be a different experience so long as you are relating to the same emotions (of fun and excitement in this case).

When coming in to share the same emotions, you can use statements like;

“You know what, blah, blah”

“That reminds me of when I was…….a, b and c”.

#2. Avoid transactional questions.

You must avoid questions that make you seem like you are interviewing the girl.

You should avoid questions that are factual and only warrant short and logical responses.

Back to the River Nile trip example, you may not need to ask a girl questions like “where is River Nile found?” or “How long did you spend there?”

Instead of asking her factual transactional questions, you should instead, as I said, ask her open-ended questions that warrant her to describe the emotions and feelings she had during the trip.

For example

You; “Did you go whitewater rafting?”
White water rafting

Whitewater rafting at River

Her: “Yeah, of course”.

You: “oohh tell me, what was it like?

Her: “oh my god, it was such a thrilling experience.

The Rapids were super powerful. At one point, the rapids washed me off the raft into the river”.

You: (with a scared look on your face) “How did you survive? How did it FEEL slipping off the raft?”

Her: ” It was super TERRIFYING, but thank God, the kayakers got me back to the boat”

Then you may jump in and share any similar emotional experience.

For example, you may say something like “You know what?, that reminds me of the first time I went skydiving. I……blah blah (And talk about moments that made you feel nervous, anxious and excited”.)

As I said, it can be an experience where you felt the same emotions – excitement and anxiety in this case.

Do not sweat it if you can’t relate to her feelings and never try to fake it.

Otherwise, you will come off as someone trying hard and trying to impress the girl. And the girl will know if you are trying to fake it.

Instead of faking experiences, let the girl continue to share more emotional experiences until she mentions one you can relate to.

And trust me she will talk a lot because women love to talk about their vacations and trips.

Having her share her experiences is a million times better than you doing most of the talking and engaging in small talk.

Never forget to let the girl do most of the talking.

When you come in to share similar experiences, talk less and direct the conversation back to the girl.

#3. Avoid engaging in a lot of logical conversations.

Connecting with a girl emotionally comes down to engaging in emotionally relevant conversations with girls.

If you engage in logical conversations with a girl, it will kill your emotional connections with girls.

Connecting with a girl emotionally involves appealing to the girl’s emotions, not logic.

When you are talking to girls with whom you want to establish an emotional bond, you need to avoid logical topics and gravitate towards emotionally relevant topics.

Topics to avoid:

  • Sports.
  • Politics.
  • Software.
  • Money.
  • Games.
  • Business.
  • Religion

Emotionally relevant topics you should gravitate to:

  • Food and cooking.
  • Decorating.
  • Celebrity gossip and pop culture.
  • Childhood memories.
  • Her passions.
  • Music.
  • Vacations.
  • Trips and Travels.

Another problem with logical conversations is that they are boring to girls.

So save all your reasons why the PS4 is better Xbox one for your nerdy buddies (hahaha)

Emotionally relevant topics like music and celebrity gossip will make girls feel a variety of emotions like fun, pleasure and excitement.

They make your conversations with girls playful and light which will make you appeal to her emotions.

#4. Do not take yourself too seriously around the girl.

A man having fun with a girl
Many guys make the mistake of getting too serious too soon with a girl.

You should never take yourself too seriously when you are with a girl.
It is very hard to appeal to a girl’s right emotions like excitement, fun, happiness and pleasure when you take yourself too seriously whenever you are around a girl.

And if you can’t appeal to the girl’s right emotions, you will never build an emotional connection.

So always focus on having fun whenever you are around the girl.
When you have fun, she will match your emotions and an emotional bond will be created.

#5. Do not try to seek a girl’s validation and approval.

As I said, if you want to connect with a girl emotionally, you have to let her do most of the talking.

Many guys make the mistake of doing most of the talking whenever they are in a conversation with the girl.

They do this because they want to show how smart and cool they are.

They do a lot of talking to impress the girl and get her validation and approval.

Bragging in front of the girl screams neediness and low value.

Back to the trip example above, a bragging guy who trying to impress the girl may say something like “Jennifer, that was nothing. You should go to Tara River. We had to go to Montenegro on my millionaire brother’s private jet”.

Many guys who are rich or have other cool staff are guilty of bragging.

As I said, this prevents you from building an emotional bond with a girl because you will have denied the girl opportunity to express herself and build that strong emotional bond.

It makes you look less attractive as you are trying hard to show her how cool you are. The girl will look down on you.


When you build an emotional connection with a girl, it will keep the girl always thinking about you.

It will make her to easily hook up with you and become your girlfriend.

You can connect with a girl emotionally through emotionally relevant conversations.

Always encourage the girl to share emotionally relevant stories and statements.

Then find the underlying emotions and feelings that she has or had like anxiety, excitement, happiness, joy, fear, embarrassment, sadness, sorrow, pleasure and love.

Then relate these emotions to your own experiences.

This will validate the girl’s feelings and emotions which will create a strong emotional bond between the two of you.

Here are the 5 ways to connect with a girl emotionally, in summary;

  1. Avoid using roadblock phrases.
  2. Avoid asking transactional questions.
  3. Avoid engaging in conversations that are too logical.
  4. Do not take yourself too seriously around the girl.
  5. Avoid seeking a girl’s validation and approval.

I hope this article has helped you on how to connect with a girl emotionally.

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