How To Date ANY Girl You Like: A Simple 6 Step-by-step Guide

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Hey bro, welcome to my blog.

There’s a girl you like and you’re asking yourself any of the following questions;

• “How can I make her like me?”

• “How can I get her to become my girlfriend?”

• “How do I start dating her, she seems out of my league?”

Well, today is your lucky day friends because…

I’m going to be showing you super-simple steps that you can implement today to date any girl you like.

Yes, I’ve said it…

To date any girl you like!

These steps are so simple and replicable.

They are the exact steps I use to get girls I like and also filter out girls who are only after my attention.

It saves me a lot of time- the greatest asset.

How To Date A Girl You Find Attractive.

Bro, are you ready?

Step #1. Approach the girl.

Even if the girl is interested in you, as the man, you’ll have to make the first move.

Never sit around waiting for the girl to make a move on you.

Because it won’t happen!

Besides, it makes you look less attractive. It’s a feminine thing to do.

So, you’ll have to man up and start a short conversation with the girl because girls never fall for guys who aren’t confident in themselves.

You can walk up to the girl and say anything like…

You: “Hey, I was seated over there and you looked amazing in that cute short dress. I had to come over and say hi.”

Her: “Ooh, that’s nice. Thanks.”

You: Am (your name).

Her: Am (her name).

You: Nice to meet you (her name), as you reach out your hand to hold hers.

You: “Do you always come over here?” or “what are you up to?”

Her: “blah, blah, ……”

You: I have to move on and meet some friends or I need to go and attend my lectures (Create any excuse to leave the conversation).

Accompany it with, let me have your number/ Instagram so that we can hang out sometime.

Her: “Yeah. Sure!”, get out your phone and get her number.


If she isn’t down to it or not available, she may;

• Walk away.

• Tell you that she has a boyfriend or married.

A few things to note here and there;

Your body language is key. You need to have a confident body language. Keep strong eye contact, open up your body and so on.

• Slow down your movements and talk slow.

• After getting the girl’s number, shoot her a text so that she gets your number.

When it’s a girl you’ve met on Tinder or Instagram, you can shoot her a dm.

That being said, you will achieve way better results if you choose to meet girls in person.


Girls on Tinder and social media are always receiving a ton of messages from thirsty guys.

So it becomes kinda hard to stand out.

Secondly, meeting a girl in person will help you to show her your awesome personality like your carefreeness.

Which can be really hard to express over text.

If you have improved your looks, have a good body language, and not taking yourself too seriously around the girl…

you will easily stand out from so many guys.

Again, during the approach, you will need to communicate your interest to the girl.

It will be much better if you do it by using non-verbal cues like flirting and teasing her.

First, you won’t come off as just being friendly to the girl which can get you friend-zoned.

Secondly, when you communicate your sexual interest, later on, the girl will feel creeped out.

Thirdly, it shows the girl that you’re interested in her, but not completely sold.

It creates mystery and urgency which will keep her thinking about you. And that’s what makes a girl fall for you.

Flirting and teasing a girl is much better than saying to her…

“Hey, I like you and I would love it if you became my girlfriend”

The later is boring, predictable and lacks mystery. It shows the girl that you’re easy to get and desperate.

a.k.a, no other girls like you!

On that note, while approaching a girl and showing her that you find her attractive…

screen her!

Screen the woman to see if she’s cool enough.

A good number of guys make a dating mistake of creating an interaction with a woman where they are trying to win her validation and approval.

As I said, this shows the woman that you’re completely sold. It kills any urgency and mystery.

There will be no challenge on the woman’s side.

Remember, women want to feel like they had to win the man’s affections and attention.

Step #2. Follow up.

Once you’ve got her number, you’ll have to text her.

Don’t wait for days before you reach out to her. You want to keep the momentum going.

When texting her, keep your texts short, fun, and light-hearted.

Avoid serious conversations over text.

You just need to flirt and tease her a little bit.

And you shouldn’t over text.

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Step #3. Ask her to hang out.

You can either text her or call.

While asking her to hang out with you, you’ll need to be specific.

Ask her to join you for a specific activity on a particular date and time.

You can text her something like…

“Hey, I always have some coffee on day x at time t. I would love it if you joined me”

Whatever your choice of the first date maybe, you want to avoid taking the woman for a movie or dinner date.

Your first date idea should be somewhere fun and less serious so that you can easily interact with her.

Again, you should avoid using generic statements when asking a girl to hang out with you.

Never send a girl texts like “please, can you go out on a date with me.”

The above statement sets a very wrong frame.

A frame where the girl is doing you a favour by hanging out with you.

Yet, you want to set a frame where both of you are hanging out with each other. And you’re just taking the lead.

Ideally, you should phrase your hangout text as if you are asking the woman to join you for an activity that you were going to anyway.

That being said, if she rejects your idea without giving a reschedule or if she gives an unreasonable excuse…

just assume she’s isn’t ready yet.

After some time, like a couple of days (3 or more), ask her out for the second time.

If she doesn’t respond positively, just assume she isn’t interested and move on to meet other women. 

And you don’t need to worry where to meet more women because eharmony has got you covered.

Asking a girl you’re interested in to hang out with you is one of the most effective ways to test if she’s truly into you.

It’s also a huge time saver.

When she says yes, proceed to the next step.

Step #4. Hang out with her.

While on the date, touch the girl as soon as possible.

Why is it important?

To frame it that you guys are comfortable being physical.

So, immediately after meeting the girl for your first date, give her a full-body hug or take and hold her hand for some time as you greet her.

Escalate during the date by sitting close to her, placing your arm around her shoulders, holding hands, cuddling, and so on.

You can even go for the first kiss on your first date.

The point is, it should be clear to the girl that you’re romantically interested in her and that you like her as more than a friend.

If all you’re doing on the date is treating her like a friend, then why should she think otherwise?

Step #5. Hook up with her.

When you have sex with a woman, turning her into your girlfriend can seem much easier.

Why? Because if, and I mean if, she haves sex with you, it will be a huge investment on her side.

Secondly, it was scientifically proven that having sex with a woman releases hormone oxytocin in her body.

Oxytocin helps to create a strong emotional bond between you and the woman.

So your goal should be having sex with her if you ever want to turn her into your girlfriend.

When is the right time to hook up with her?

Don’t go beyond the third date without having sex.

Always aim to have sex on your second date. Third date, latest.

After your date, you can create an excuse for her to come back to your place. 

For a movie or drinks, for example.

However, I always aim to have sex with a girl on my first date. Though, it could be a red flag if she decides to.

If you’re to meet up after your third date, it should be at your place.

You’ll need to invite her over to your place directly so that the ‘deed’ can take place.

When she hesitates, you will be better off moving on, bro.

After you’ve had sex with her, you will nicely follow the next step.

Step #6. Don’t chase her.

Keep in mind that a girl can lose interest in you even if you had sex with her.

So you should avoid low-value behaviours like;

Vying for her attention.

• Hanging out with her all the time. Ever heard of an old saying “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Well, it happens to be true.

• Always reaching out to her first and all the time.

• Showing feelings of jealousy. Turning into a control freak like asking who she’s been texting or talking to on phone.

I’m not saying that you should ignore her completely, but you’ll need to put in less effort than you did before having sex with her.

That seems cruel and sounds rude, but it will most likely backfire if you decide to do otherwise.

At this stage of dating the girl, you’ll have to sit back and relax.

Let her text you more than you text her. I usually text her once for every two times she texts me.

She should be the one to reach out to you first more often than you do.

Allow her to chase you by letting her be the one to set up dates for you guys.

Whatever you do, the idea of starting a relationship should be hers.

Don’t actively try to lock her down. It will just push her away.

Even when you feel like she’s the right girl for you, and you would want to start a relationship with her …

don’t do it!

Let her be the one to suggest meeting up with your parents.

Wait for her to ask you questions like “where is this thing heading?”

Until that point, don’t bring up anything that would make it seem like you want to start a serious relationship with her.

And trust me, if you’ve been having sex for quite some time, chances are she will want a relationship.

On the other hand, if you bring up the idea of a relationship first, she may start to come up with reasons why she should not be with you.

That’s when she’ll start to come up with statements like…

“I think I’m not ready for anything serious right now.”

Are you getting my point, friend?


The above steps will clearly help you to date any girl you like and turn her into your girlfriend.

However, you will find some girls who won’t feel interested in you along the way.

You will need to play a numbers game.

The above steps will help you deal with time wasters- girls who are just interested in your attention and those who are just leading you on.

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