How To Engage A Woman Emotionally

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If you want to keep your girlfriend or wife attracted to you in your relationship, then you need to always engage her emotionally.

If you want to have a second date with a woman and hook up after a few dates, you must engage her emotionally.

A woman will develop attraction and love for you only if you strongly engage her emotionally.

If you engage a woman emotionally, she will not help but chase you.

Failure to engage a woman emotionally, will make her feel nothing. She’s going to barely remember you after meeting her or after your first date.

If you want to engage a woman emotionally, you have to make sure that you engage in emotionally relevant conversations with the woman, playfully tease her, be a good listener, touch the woman and be humorous.

How Do You Engage A Woman Emotionally?

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In the following part of this article, I’m going to be showing you;

  • What you need to do to engage a woman emotionally.
  • How you can do it using suitable examples.
  • What you need to avoid if you do not want to kill any emotional connection that may have developed between you and the woman.

#1. Engage in emotionally relevant conversations.

A man listening to a woman

Emotionally relevant conversations will enable you to engage a woman’s emotions.

That will help you to build an emotional bond with a girl which will make you unforgettable.

Emotionally relevant conversations will help you to build an emotional connection with a woman.

This should be the goal of your conversations with women.

You need to engage in conversations that appeal to the woman’s emotions.

You can simply do this by asking the woman open-ended questions that will require her to respond in a way that warrants her to describe her emotions and feelings.


You should avoid asking a woman transactional questions that warrant short responses.

For example, a woman you are dating or your girlfriend tells you that she has just come back from a trip.

You should respond by asking her a question that will warrant her to describe the emotions and feelings she had on the trip.

“How would I do that?”

Good question.

But another question would be…

“What do I need to avoid?”

Let’s first answer the later.

One: You should never respond with roadblock phrases that will kill the flow of the conversation.

Roadblock phrases like;

  • “welcome back”
  • “that’s great”
  • “ok”.

Two: You should also never ask her factual and interview questions like

  • “where was that trip?”
  • “When did you come back?”
  • “How long did you spend there?”.

Interview questions never spark any emotions and feelings in a woman.

They just make your interactions with women boring and predictable.

On that note – since we’ve seen what you need to avoid – let’s answer the former question…

Ask her something that will allow her to express her feelings and emotions.

For example, you can ask her something like “what was the coolest part of your trip?”

This question will engage the woman emotionally because she will have to describe the emotions and feelings she felt during the trip.

She will have to talk about all the fun, exciting, amusing, and pleasurable moments she had during the trip.

To build a stronger emotional connection and bond, you may come in and share experiences where you felt similar emotions.

Your conversations should also be about emotionally relevant topics.

You have to avoid logical topics.

Logical topics tend to be boring to women and emotionally relevant topics like celebrity gossip, pop culture, food, and cooking are exciting to women.

It will give the woman emotions of excitement and fun.

Another way of engaging in emotionally relevant conversations is by using the word feel in your conversations or in the questions that you ask a woman.

When you use the word ‘FEEL’, you will be hitting on the woman’s emotions.

At the same time, you have to use the word ‘THINK’, less often in your conversations with women you would want to engage emotionally.

When you use the word think in a question, you will be engaging the woman logically.

For example, instead of asking the woman “what do you think about Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt?”

it would be much better if you ask her something like “how did you feel about Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt?”

What’s the difference between the two questions?

The first one engages her logic where as the later appeals to her emotions.

#2. Playfully tease the woman.

You can tease the girl, for example, about her mannerisms, give her nicknames or misinterpret her statements.

When you tease a woman by sending mixed signals, you will be evoking various emotions and feelings in her.

The woman will always feel relaxed, and fun because she is around a light-hearted guy.

#3. Be humorous.

A woman laughing at a man's jokes

When you are humorous around the girl, she will have a lot of positive feelings and emotions.

She will always associate you with all these nice feelings and emotions. She will always be thinking about you.

She’s going to feel emotions of excitement, joy, and pleasure.

Make a woman laugh and she will always associate you with the above good feelings and emotions.

And you will often find that men who are successful at attracting women are good at making them laugh.

You can develop a sense of humour by;

i) Not taking yourself too seriously when you are around the woman.

You need to joke and be playful around the girl. She will feel relaxed, and comfortable around you.

People who always take themselves seriously are boring, and not fun to be around.

There is absolutely no reason to be uptight.

ii) Be willing to say what is on your mind.

People who have a very good sense of humour are, most of the time, polarising.

They say what is on their mind without caring about what you think of them.

This is how I also brought out my sense of humour.

Each one us has a sense of humour only if we are willing to not filter ourselves. Especially around girls.

Say whatever crosses your mind will prevent you from always being in your head.

When you are always second-guessing yourself and judging every word that comes out of your mouth, it kills your ability to socially vibe.

But if you are willing to say whatever you want, you will always have a good social vibe and any woman would always find you exciting and fun to hang around.

iii) Watch funny and comedy videos.

You can also cram some funny and witty statements from comedians and then see how you can integrate them into your conversations with women.

However, you shouldn’t be too humorous because women may stop taking you seriously.

You do not want to start acting like a clown.

#4. Do a lot of listening.

During your conversations with a woman, you need to do most of the listening, at the same time, let her do most of the talking.

Back to the trip example…

The woman tells you about the trip because she feels excited about it.

The worst thing you could do is to interupt her and start talking about some trip you also went to.

Why is that a bad idea?

It shows that you aren’t that interested in what she has to say.

It shows that you aren’t willing to listen to her.

So, you won’t engage the woman emotionally.

You have to be genuinely interested in what the woman has to say and be a good listener.

Another scenario could be when a woman starts to talk to you about something that annoyed her or frustrated her at her workplace.

What would most men do?

Being naturally very logical, most men would try to come in to solve her frustrations.

But at this moment, all the woman wants is you to listen to her. Not to solve her problems.

All she needs is to feel validation for her emotions and feelings. And this happens when you genuinely listen to her.

I’m not saying that you should not support your spouse when she gets into problems, but there are some situations where all the woman needs is you to just listen to her.

For example, being annoyed by her boss or a colleague at her workplace is different from being sexually assaulted by her boss or colleague.

If the later happens, you will have to intervene and look for a solution.

Most of the time she may just want you to listen to her problems, and this can help you to create a strong emotional bond between the two of you.

#5. Touch the woman.

When you touch a woman, you entice certain emotions and feelings in the woman.

Emotions are highly contagious.

Have you ever been close to a person who is feeling negative? You will also start to feel negative in no time.

So when you touch a woman, you pass on the emotions you are feeling to the woman.

When you feel happy and excited, you will pass on these emotions to the woman every time you touch her.

Touch will help you to demonstrate and evoke emotions of love, sympathy, empathy and happiness in the woman.

This way, you will be able to engage the woman emotionally.


For a woman to be always be attracted to you, thinking about you, and sexually receptive she must be engaged emotionally.

To engage a woman emotionally, in summary.

1. Engage in emotionally relevant conversations

2. Playfully tease the woman

3. Be humorous

4. Do a lot of listening

5. Touch the woman.

I hope this article has helped you on how to engage a woman emotionally.

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