How To Engage In Emotional Conversations With A Girl: And Win Her Over

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Engaging in deep and emotional conversations with a girl will help you to build an emotional connection with the girl.

Emotional conversations with girls will help build a strong emotional bond with the girl that can make her fall madly in love.

Your girlfriend will feel like you understand her on a deeper and emotional level.

She will feel connected to you when you engage her in emotional conversations.

How do you engage a girl in emotional conversations?

Below are ways how you can engage in emotional conversations with a girl

#1. Conversations should be about emotionally relevant topics

You can simply do this by asking a girl open-ended questions that are emotionally relevant.

Emotionally relevant topics are the kind that will help you to engage a girl in emotional conversations.

Because you want to engage a girl in emotional conversations, you should avoid topics that are too logical and heavy.

Never ask a girl questions about topics that are heavy and too logical. You should avoid such topics in emotional conversations with a girl.

Asking a girl open-ended questions that are emotionally relevant will warrant the girl to describe the emotions and feelings she felt like excitement, joy, sadness, embarrassment, happiness, anxiety, fun.

Logical questions, on the other hand, require the girl to use a lot of reasoning and engage fewer emotions and feelings.

Logical and heavy topics you should avoid;

  • Politics.
  • Religion.
  • Business and Money.
  • Sports.
  • Software.
  • Pure science.

Emotionally relevant topics you can talk about

  • Cooking and Food.
  • Childhood memories.
  • Music.
  • Decorations.
  • Celebrity gossip and Pop culture.
  • Passions Tours, travel and holidays.

Some examples of emotionally relevant open-ended questions you can ask a girl

  • What do enjoy doing for fun?
  • What was your most exciting/embarrassing childhood moment?
  • Tell me about the most exciting holiday you’ve ever had?
  • Who is your most favourite local/international music artist and why?
  • Tell me about the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever done?

The good thing with emotionally relevant topics is that girls are usually more conversant in them than guys.

Girls enjoy and love talking about emotionally relevant topics.

So when you bring them up in your conversations with girls, it will be very easy to keep the conversation going and emotional.

#2. Listen to her.

A man listening to a woman

If you want to engage in deep and emotional conversations with a girl, you must make sure that you actively listen to her as she does the majority of the talking.

If you actively listen to the girl, you will encourage her to talk more about her emotions and feelings.

Listening is a skill that is hard to master. This is especially true for us men.

It takes some bit of effort to listen. Never think that all you need to do to listen is just sit and look at the other person talking.

If you practice and master the art of active listening, you will have separated yourself from so many guys out there.

How do you make sure that you actively listen to the girl during a conversation

  • Face her.
  • Make prolonged eye contact.
  • Touch her sometimes.
  • Notice her emotions.
  • Do not interrupt her until she has finished talking. The reverse is totally fine.
  • Notice her body language.
  • Avoid using anything like phones in your hands

3. Relate to her.

Relating to the girl’s emotions in a conversation will make her feel like her emotions and feelings are validated.

This will encourage the girl to keep talking about her emotions and feelings.

How do you relate to her emotions?

Share experiences where you felt the same feelings and emotions she’s describing.

For example, if a girl tells you about a childhood experience that made her feel embarrassed, you may also tell her about your childhood experience where you felt embarrassed.

If she tells you about a trip that made her feel tons of excitement, you may also share an experience where you felt excitement.

Your experience may not be a trip. It can be a different experience where you felt excited.

Basically, look for what emotions and feelings the girl experienced and relate to those emotions by talking about experiences where, you too, felt the same emotions.

However, you shouldn’t jump in to share your experience before the girl is doing the talking.

You shouldn’t interrupt her.

#4. Never judge her.

A couple frustrated with the other

When a girl feels like you are being judgemental towards her, she won’t feel safe engaging in an emotional conversation.

She won’t feel safe sharing her experiences for fear of being judged.

When a girl shares an experience where she felt certain emotions, never say statements like “why did you do that?” or “what the hell were you thinking?” or “where you out of your mind?”.

You should listen to the girl without being judgemental.

You should instead ask open-ended questions like “what happened next?” or “Tell me more” or “what did you do?”.

#5. Do not try to look for solutions.

Because we guys are naturally super logical when a girl talks about her emotions our instincts and problem-solving modes kick in.

We naturally start to look for ways to solve her problems.

We look for reasons why something happened and try to find ways to make sure it should never happen again.

If you want to engage in emotional conversations with a girl, you shouldn’t bring in a lot of reasoning and logic.

Most of the times, a girl just needs someone to pay attention and listen to her.

All she may need is to feel heard.

#6. Do not try to impress the girl.

Many guys try to impress girls with the cool stuff they have.

This is why many guys suck at engaging in emotional conversations with girls.

For example, when a girl has just started talking about the trip she went to, the worst thing you could do is to interrupt her and you start talking about the cool trips you went to.

As I said, you should always let the girl do most of the talking as you do most of the listening.

You will be doing the reverse if you start bragging to the girl.

Besides, it makes you look less attractive. Bragging is a kiss assy behaviour. It makes you look needy.

#7. Let the girl fully express her emotions during the conversations.

Now that you have known that you need to engage the girl in emotionally relevant conversations by talking about emotional topics, you need to let the girl express her emotions fully.

Many people are guilty of not letting the other person express their emotions fully because their emotional levels do not much.

When a girl tells you about an exciting experience, you should let her laugh to the fullest.

When she tells you about a sad experience whilst crying, do not stop her by trying to change the topic.

That sounds counterintuitive, right? But remember what you want: the emotional conversation to keep going.

For example, look at what Oprah Winfrey does with her guests. When a guest cries, she never stops them from crying, she lets them cry.

Perhaps, this could be one of the many reasons why she is among the best emotional connectors of all time.


Engaging in emotional conversations with a girl is very crucial if you want to keep your relationship with your girlfriend healthy.

Emotional conversations provide a bonding experience between you and the girl.

How do you engage in emotional conversations with a girl, in summary?

Conversations should be about emotionally relevant topics.

• Listen to her.

• Relate to her emotional experiences.

• Never judge her.

• Do not try to look for solutions.

• Do not try to impress the girl.

• Let her fully express her emotions in conversations.

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