How To Flirt With A Girl Via Body Language (With Examples)

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Hi Friend! You want to learn how to flirt with a girl using body language.

Well, am going to show you how to flirt with a girl without saying a word so that you can have girls start to chase you.

Believe me, it has happened to me a ton of times.

You want to know how I do it?

It’s not rocket science……

Here is one example….

I see a hot girl, let’s say in my social circle, I make eye contact with her, I follow it with a smirk (I’ll explain what it means later) until she breaks eye contact first.

Then I look away. And I go back to my business.

After some, time the girl comes to me trying to start a conversation or she starts checking me out all the time.

When you flirt like that, the girl will chase you because;

• It shows that you are a confident guy.

• It creates mystery creates mystery. The girl isn’t sure whether you find her attractive or not.

• You are different. Because few guys can maintain prolonged eye contact with a girl without cracking.

Let’s first get this for a second…

What does flirting mean?

Flirting means to insinuate sexual attraction in a girl using playful and subtle ways.

Flirting can also mean to subtly or indirectly show a girl that you find her sexually attractive.

For example, if you are interacting with a girl and you want to turn the interaction into a man and woman interaction, so that you never get friend-zoned..

you can introduce flirting into the interaction like playful teasing and touching.

This lets the woman know that you are considering her as someone more than just a friend.

More on…

Flirting With A Girl Via Body Language

#1. Make Strong Eye Contact.

Like I’ve said earlier, making prolonged eye contact with a girl shows that you are confident and strong.

So you should always strive to make prolonged strong eye contact with girls very often.

Make eye contact until the girl breaks it first. If you break it first, it shows the girl that you are weak and less confident.

It shows that your body language isn’t congruent with what you were saying.

And believe me on this…..

Hot girls will always test your confidence by trying to make or prolonged eye contact with you to see if you won’t break down.

But how can you master eye contact?

From now on……

• Start making a prolonged contact while you are talking to random people

• While walking on the street and any person looks into your gaze, maintain eye contact and let the other person break it first.

So that the next time you meet a hot girl standing the magazine section of the supermarket, you will make prolonged eye contact without even thinking about it.

#2. Smile At The Girl With A Smirk

Let’s assume you standing in a bar, or you are walking on the street or you are doing some simple shopping in the supermarket

You notice a hot girl….

Then all of the sudden, you make eye contact with the girl and she holds her gaze.

If you are like most guys, you will start to fidget, panic and break eye contact immediately.

And then try to look back. Only to realise that the girl has moved on and she’s back to her business.

So how can flirt in such a situation without saying a word?

Without saying anything make eye contact and accompany it with a smirk. And do not break eye contact until the girl looks away.

A smirk means smiling with your eyes with your mouth closed and not showing your teeth.

A sexy man putting on a smirk

You can tilt your lips slightly to one side or both sides.

You can lookout for a smirk with the following Hollywood celebrities;

• Ryan Gosling

• Brad Pitt

• George Clooney

• Bradley Cooper

Am I the only one noticing that these are the same actors most women find sexy and attractive?

#3. Touch the girl.

Touching the girl creates feelings in her that say “I like this guy”. You can touch the girl;

• During high points of the conversation like when both of you are laughing

• Hold her hand like while hanging out

• Touch the lower of her back like when you are leading her somewhere.

• Touch the back of her hand.

• Give her high fives

• Give her hugs.

• Place your arm around her shoulders

• Do not touch the sexual parts of her body like breasts, butt or anything like that. I mean while flirting, don’t misunderstand me.

Do not avoid touching her breasts during foreplay or sex and say that I told you not to.


Get me out of it.

Seriously, you do not want to do anything that will make the girl feel like she’s promiscuous. You want her to feel comfortable around you.

Make your touch look natural by not looking at your hand, for example.

Never make touching a girl seem like a big deal.

This will take practice.

So you should get into the habit of touching people in general.

And while speaking, do not do it like a robot. Speak with your arms. Use a lot of gestures.

This will make touching people seem easy, natural and fun.

#4. Get Close To The Girl.

Getting close the girl will help you to easily create the sexual tension.

Being close to the girl will make other ways of flirting through body language like making deep eye contact and touching the girl easy.

This could also mean that if you are hanging out, you will have to take coffee or ice cream or whatever you want on the same seat, if possible.

#5. Whisper In Her Ear.

For example, if you want to complement the girl you can simply get close to her and whisper the compliment in her ear.

This will also help you to break the touch barrier.

#6. Playfully Tease The Girl.

Teasing simply means to mess up with the girl in a playful way.

While teasing the girl, however, you need to let her know that you are just being sarcastic and playful with her.

You let the girl know that you are just having fun and you do not take your self too seriously.

You can do this by accompanying your teasing with

• Playful facial gestures

• Playful body expressions

• A sarcastic voice.

• Exaggerated mannerisms

You can tease a girl without saying a word by;

• Playfully pushing her away

• Pretending to bump into her

• Throw something like a rolled piece of paper at her.

Final Thoughts

If you want flirting to seem fun and easy, learn to not take yourself too seriously.

Focus on having fun and amusing yourself and everything will seem effortless.

Do not think that you need to work for the girl’s approval. If you do, you will get stuck in the head instead of flirting with girls.

You may end up acting like a clown because you want to impress the girl.

The girl doesn’t need anyone to impress her, she just wants to have fun. And so do you.

So my friend! That is it

To Recap.

How To Flirt With A Girl Via Body Language?

1. Make a strong and prolonged eye contact.

2. Smile at the girl with a smirk.

3. Touch the girl.

4. Get close to the girl.

5. Whisper in the girl’s ear.

6. Playfully tease the girl.

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