How To Greet The Girl On Your First Tinder Date

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So, you asked out that hottie you met on Tinder, and she accepted.

Congratulations bro!

But, you’re asking yourself how to greet her during the first date.

You can greet a girl on the first Tinder date by saying a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ to her, giving the girl a handshake, hugging her, and complimenting her. The method of greeting may depend on how comfortable the girl feels at the first Tinder date. So, you’ll need to look out for the girl’s body language, and posture before you decide on how to greet her.

Let’s look at the details of the methods of greeting the girl on your first tinder date.

How To Greet A Girl On Your First Tinder Date.

#1. Say Hello or Hi.

Sometimes the girl might be feeling nervous about meeting a guy for the first time.

So, during your first Tinder date, she may meet you with some kind of hesitation, and a negative body language like folding her arms in front of her chest.

But, you don’t need to worry about this because she’ll start to feel comfortable with time.

At this point, you’ll have to greet her with a simple hello, or a hi.

You can couple It with a smile on your face to make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

Another way of saying hello is by waving to the girl more so if she’s still feeling nervous, shy, and trying to keep a distance.

#2. Give the girl a handshake

This works if the girl is feeling kind of reserved, and when you didn’t build a lot of rapport during your online conversations.

That being said, you want your handshake to feel sexy.

You want a handshake that will be able to build sexual tension right off the bat.

That is, don’t greet her with a friendly handshake.

So, you might want to ask me…

“What is this seductive handshake that will build some sexual tension?”

Well, you’re in luck, my friend.

Ok, enough with the bragging.

During the sexy handshake on your first Tinder date;

  •  Hold her hand gently. You can shake it a little bit, but not like those business handshakes.
  •  Don’t look at your hand. You want the handshake to feel natural and not forced.
  • Look into the girl’s eyes while shaking her hand. Make strong eye contact with the girl and hold your gaze as you stare deep in her eyes. It communicates to her that you’re a dominant and confident male. It builds sexual tension. So, when you ask the girl out for a second date, she won’t be like… “I didn’t feel any chemistry during the first date, sorry!”
  •  Smile while shaking her hand and holding eye contact. It’s extremely important.
  •  Keep holding her hand – while holding your gaze with a smile – for a prolonged time (3 or more seconds).

If you are feeling nervous at your first Tinder date, It could be hard for you to pull off the above sexy handshake.

At this point, you might want to go with a friendly handshake.

No strong eye contact, and no prolonged handshake – Just a handshake with a smile.


Before going for your first date, you can first practice the sexy handshake in front of the mirror, or in a way that is making sense to you because it is super important.

Back to the number one tip….

If you notice that the girl has started to get less nervous, you can then shake her hand after you’ve said hello.

I’m emphasizing the handshake because it will help you to introduce TOUCH to the interaction between the two of you.

Touch will help you to create sexual attraction.

While shaking her hand, you can give her a genuine compliment (you might want to avoid complimenting on her looks) or ask her a question about her journey to the date.

We shall see later, the effective way to compliment a woman.

Just keep reading!

#3. Hugging the girl.

You can greet the girl on your first Tinder date by hugging her.

This will work for you if you built enough rapport before meeting up for the first Tinder date.


If the girl is so delighted to meet up with you by, forexample, having an open body language

the exact opposite of feeling reserved, keeping a distance, and having a closed body language.

When hugging the girl, make sure that;

  • The hug is slow.
  • Hold her a bit tightly, but not too tight.
  • Give her a full-body hug.
  • It works best if the girl wraps her arms around your neck as you place your arms around just above her lower back, or around her lower back.

If you can;

  • Hug the girl for a prolonged time (4 or more seconds).
  • Lift her up.
  •  Sway her side to side.

Hugging the girl is super important because

• It helps to communicate your sexual intent right off the bat.

You don’t want to ask the girl out for a second date for her to text you something of the sorts…

“You are such a nice guy, but we should just be friends!”

• You’ll be flirting with the girl.

• It helps to build sexual tension, so the girl will be much more likely to accept when you go for a first kiss on the first date, or if you ask her out for the second date.

Sexual tension is the intense desire, and sexual drive between a man and a woman to kiss or have intercourse when they come close to each other. The sexual tension can be broken if the two kiss, or have sex.

#4. Compliment the girl.

Complimenting the girl can work in all situations.

Whether or not the girl is feeling comfortable.

You can complement the girl…

  • After saying hello or hi. Compliment your first tinder date after she replies.
  • Say Hello, and immediately follow it with a compliment.
  • Compliment the girl after or while hugging her.
  • Compliment the girl and immediately follow it with a hi.

That being said, you should only compliment the girl on things she has put effort into.

Things like

  • Her dress.
  • Her shoes.
  • Her accessories.
  • Her hair.

You can say anything like

“Hello, you’re looking sexy in that dress tonight”


“You’re looking adorable in those shoes, hi”


“You’re smelling nice” while hugging her.

On the other hand, never compliment the looks of your first date.

Don’t say compliments like;

“You’re looking hot”

“Your eyes are adorable.”

“You’re cute!”

It will just make you look lame, bro!

The girl might say “Thanks, but she will have dropped you into the category of all the low-value guys who compliment her looks because they place her on a pedestal or just want to impress her.

Whenever you place a girl on a pedestal by complimenting her looks, for example, she’ll look down on you.

And girls are never attracted to guys they look down on.

In conclusion.

Greeting a girl on your first date can help you to build instant attraction to you.


It helps you to introduce touch into your interactions with the girl who is your first date.

Touch supports building attraction since;

• It helps to build an emotional connection with the girl on the first tinder date.

It is the emotional connection with the girl that will make her feel like kissing you, hooking up with you, and becoming your girlfriend.

BONUS TIP: You need to be touching the girl throughout the first date, and build sexual attraction.

The way you greet a girl shall depend on the context.

That is, how the girl is feeling during the first date.

And that’s it, bro!

How can you greet a girl on your first Tinder date, to recap?

• Say Hello or Hi.

• Giving the girl a handshake.

• Complimenting the girl.

• Hugging the girl.

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