Giving Your Girlfriend Too Much Value Is Bad. Keep Her Interested In You

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You are currently in a relationship with that wonderful girl, she is beautiful, hard-working, and has all the qualities you would ever need in a woman.

While she might currently be attracted to you 120%, there is no guarantee that your girlfriend is always going to be attracted to you forever.

This also applies to even men in marriage.

Many guys always let their guards down whenever they get into a relationship with a woman.

Actually getting laid and starting a relationship is much easier than keeping the relationship alive and satisfying…

Keeping a woman always attracted to you takes more game and hard work.

Here is the number one mistake that causes many women to disrespect their boyfriends and lose attraction to them…..

Thinking that your girlfriend is your soulmate and so special.

Always catch yourself whenever you start thinking that your girlfriend is a one in a million kind of girl.

I always see this fatal mistake with friends who tell me how they are dating a special girl.

They show the girl how lucky they are to be dating her.

But, all of the sudden, their girlfriend starts to pull away and becoming distant.

It always backfires when a guy gives his girlfriend too much value.

Thinking that a girl is a one in a million causes a guy to over-invest in his girlfriend without letting and encouraging her to invest in him.

This causes a girl’s sexual attraction to a guy to fall. A girl will pull away and eventually break up with the guy.

This occurs simply because it causes the girl to feel like she is in a relationship with a low-value boring boyfriend.

This is not intentional. It occurs at a subconscious level.

Giving your girlfriend too much value is the last thing you want to be doing.

Trying to do everything for a girl, trying to impress her because you think she is very special, is a terrible dating mistake.

If you want your girl to be always attracted to you throughout your entire relationship, you MUST always allow and encourage her to do things for you.

Then she’s going to respect you and she is going to want to be with you.

She is going to find you more attractive because she is treating you like something of value.

As people in general, we respect and will do all it takes to not lose something we value.

If you are always telling a girl that she is so special to you and that you are lucky to be with her, you will start – by default – acting needy, insecure and clingy.

Being needy, insecure and clingy will make you look unattractive. And your girlfriend will easily dump you.

Your girlfriend will always know that she has a higher value than you and that she holds the power in the relationship.

Even when you feel like your girl is so special, you should always try as much as possible not to show it to her for you will be sub communicating low value and weakness.

Beautiful girls always have a lot of options when it comes to dating.

So when she notices that you are a low value, boring nice guy then she is going to definitely dump you for a higher value exciting guy.

A guy who is not always on the urge to impress her and who does not put her on a pedestal.

And I don’t think there is any guy who really wants such outcomes with girls: being dumped by any beautiful girl he dates.

But this is what happens most of the time because it’s what guys always see in romantic movies and song videos…

Guys acting like children, begging, pleading and trying to impress a beautiful woman.

Being very logical beings as men, you might think that treating your girlfriend too special will make her want you more.

You think that’s what you are supposed to do for anyone you love dearly and I know you might think that it increases your chances of keeping your girlfriend and keeping her committed to you.

But that doesn’t work in the real world outside movies and song videos. It makes a girl lose attraction and respect for you.

It makes you less of a challenge and less valuable in her eyes.

It is how we humans were created, we do not always put too much value on things that are easily available no matter how important they are.

That is exactly how your girlfriend feels about you when you over-invest in her.

Never give a woman too much value and never think that she is too special.

So what should you do instead?

1. Let your girlfriend invest more in you and the relationship

This way, your girlfriend will value you and the relationship more.

Whenever your girlfriend wants to do something for you, let her do it.

Most guys, especially nice guys will always decline their girlfriend from doing them good things.

Never stop a woman from doing good acts for you. When she compliments you, never belittle it.

When she buys you an expensive birthday gift, don’t say “No! You didn’t need to do that”.

Instead, appreciate her with a mindset that you deserved such a nice treatment.

  •  Always challenge her to do offers for you.
  • Call her over to cook for you.
  • Let her pay the bill for your date.

This shall increase her good impressions of you.

As I said, we humans value our investments.

2. Have an abundance mentality

A group of hot girls

There are so many beautiful, young, exciting girls out there more than you could ever date.

You must always have an abundance mentality.

Never tolerate bad behaviours from your girlfriend just because you fear losing her attention.

Your girlfriend will never genuinely love you if she can walk all over you.

Withdraw your attention from her when she shows bad behaviour and reward her good behaviour.

Unfortunately, because most guys put a lot of value and over-invest in their girls, they always do the exact opposite.

3. Be genuinely willing to walk away from the relationship

You must always be willing to walk away from the relationship.

This keeps you a challenge to the girl.

When your girlfriend knows that she has to work to keep you, she will love you more.

She knows that when she misbehaves, you will leave her for other girls.

This causes the girl to always have respect for you and makes you have a higher power in the relationship.


Never try to give your girlfriend a lot of value if you want to keep her always attracted to you.

Let her do things for you from time to time. Let her invest in your relationship.

If she does this, she will value you more. She will value your relationship.


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